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Elizabeth Sunrider, Freelance Gun Bunny

Belle of the Brawl
"I really don't like you. You bit my leg and ruined a very expensive jacket. But when I'm hired to do a job, I do it right. ...It's the reputation that people care about."


NAME: Elizabeth Alki Sunrider
FACTION: The Sith Empire
RANK: Independent Contractor
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'5" (1.65 m)
WEIGHT: 130 lbs. (58.9 kg)
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Fair
FORCE SENSITIVE: Not in this lifetime


Traits & Skills
  • + Combat Pragmatist. Somewhat necessary for a non-Force sensitive soldier. Liz is smart, quick-witted, and isn't at all afraid to fight very, very dirty. Honor on the battlefield gets you killed. She ambushes, uses explosives, hidden weapons, and specialized gear designed expressly for specific enemies (heavy armor, Force users, etc). This applies double to CQC, where she normally goes for kidneys, knees, the solar plexus, and other very painful places to be hit.
  • + Combat Medic. Liz is both a very talented sharpshooter and a functional medic. With a little field gear she can patch up the average blaster burn or fragmentation wound, or counteract stim overdose. Just being able to shoot straight makes her more valuable than the average Imperial trooper, even without considering her trauma training or...
  • + Wrench Wench. Back on her parents' farmstead, it was Liz who kept most of the advanced equipment running. She quickly figured out that she was a gearhead in other ways, too, and she makes a respectable quartermaster and field mechanic when necessary.
  • - Glass Cannon. Elizabeth is a damn good shot, but she tends to keep lightly armored to offset all of the gear she winds up carrying. She's not exactly a martial arts master, either, which means getting her in close is often a very good way to mess her up. That said, she's not defenseless. Just squishy.
  • - Drives Like Crazy. Oh for the love of Yoda, don't let Liz drive.
  • - Ice Queen. It's generally a bad idea to send her in for negotiations, too. Liz is competent and sane; that doesn't make her friendly. Or personable. Or capable of basic human manners. Really, she's kind of a queen.
  • ~ Deadpan Snarker. More vitriolic than a bathroom in a Kaas nightclub.

Elizabeth is a professional, and as such she tends to spend a little more money on her gear than a normal soldier. Conveniently, the amount of money she spends on guns almost directly correlates with how much money she makes off of those guns, so she rarely skimps and often just gets the best Blas-Tech models on the market.

Her workhorse is a hefty BTI-HPBR Harbinger. Liz loves the sheer stopping power and relatively decent close-quarters maneuverability of the weapon. She swapped out the scope for a holographic laser sight, since she normally isn't able to set up position and carefully aim when she's in surroundings tight enough that she doesn't want to use her sniper rifle. The Harbinger hits like a truck and caters to her preference for single shot kills instead of spray-and-pray. It is, however, prohibitively heavy, so she normally doesn't carry it unless she's going into urban deployment or something similar.

She much prefers the BTI-LRBR Reclaimer in more open environments. In her heart, Sunrider is a sniper, and she likes taking steady aim and putting down her target in a single ludicrously powerful shot. She's upgraded the scope on her Reclaimer to function at mid, long, and extreme range without any noticeable decrease in accuracy, and she keeps the shock-absorbing stock tuned up to par to allow her to fire from a crouch instead of requiring her to be fully prone.

No matter which of her guns she's carrying, Liz always has her BTI-WB Woebringer heavy pistol and two combat knives, normally one on her belt and one in her boot. CQC isn't a place for playing fair. The Woebringer has enough stopping power to put a Wookiee on its arse while still being portable enough to let her keep her knife free for closer work, and together the pair of them aren't even a third as heavy as either of her other weapons.

Elizabeth also wears a full utility belt at all times and tries to keep a tool kit and medpack handy when on intensive deploy, but with so much heavy gear she doesn't find much use in armor. Plus, if she does her job right, she doesn't get shot at at all.

Liz flies an XR-95 "Vector" half because it's a reliable and versatile ship, and half because I really like them. Modified to be her mobile base of operations, the Thirty Silver is externally very similar to every other XR-95 in the galaxy, only sleeker with a cunning silver paint job. On the inside, she's converted her prison into a full armory, keeping a suite of weapons and modifications on-hand at all times, along with her medical supplies. The Silver's cargo hold has been largely converted into another workshop for handling bigger projects, and she's added an advanced sensor suite that allows her to play a support role in starship confrontations.

Mostly, though, the Thirty Silver is Liz's home. Its cabin has been converted into a luxury suite, and she's gutted a noticeable amount of floor space to put in a casual lobby. As a result, her ship isn't exactly the best in a firefight, but it serves every other purpose she needs it to serve flawlessly. The Silver is her baby, and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

There are a bunch of very old, very illustrious names in the galaxy, so it can't be assumed that every single one of them is following tradition or legacy. If Nomi Sunrider was alive to see what her thousands-of-years ancestor Elizabeth was doing with her life, she might die of shame.

Elizabeth Alki Sunrider was born on a speck of dirt and steel in the middle of a vast galaxy, and she didn't spend any more time at home or around her parents than was strictly necessary. Not all Imperial colony worlds are fraught with corruption and wickedness; some are simply boring as balls. She spent her youth going through the motions of what might be considered normal for any other girl in the galaxy, and practiced some important skills in her off hours. Field medicine, sharpshooting, vehicle repair, hunting...if her parents had cared to look into her activities, it would've been pretty obvious what she was grooming herself for.

When she was old enough to leave her nowhere-world, Liz got a job as a mercenary. Most young hired guns don't last a few seasons, but Sunrider managed to do it. She hasn't made an actual name for herself yet, on account of not taking legitimately insane jobs in search of a little renown or a few credits, and she normally only takes as much work as necessary to live comfortably.

Recently, she's been on Imperial retainer more often than not. The Sith pay well but care extremely little about their mercenaries, which works out just fine with Liz; she functions more in a support role, which keeps her out of direct line of fire and allows her time to earn her pay, too.








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