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Echoy'la par gehat'ik: Searching for Stories

I'm looking to start up some threads for the first arc of this character's story. I already have one planned out with another party, but I like to run simultaneous RP's when situations allow it. With literally nothing going on for this character I think that could certainly be said.

Taran Ge'Mav:
This guy is essentially a typical Mandalorian. Found as a child, he was adopted through 'gai bal manda' and accepted into a clan, which I still need to work on in his Biography. He spent nearly all of his life with his Mandalorian kin. He interrupted a duel to save the life of someone he cared for, both dishonoring the one he saved and marking himself as dar'manda.

Shortly thereafter he left Manda'yaim in shame. After a few years of drifting he now seeks to restore his honor, and rejoin the fold.

That all said, I'm looking for any type of thread. Whether it be combat oriented or social, I don't rightly care. I'm just looking for a good first chapter to this guy's story. As always I left IC determine my character's course. Do with that what you will.
[member="Taran Ge'Mav"] - Olarom, bur'cya. It might be interesting for Taran and Keira to meet, since she was in a bit of the same boat awhile ago attempting to recover her culture after walking away from it all. I don't have any particular ideas in mind - she hasn't been up to very much lately - but I think they could have an interesting story regardless.
[member="Keira Ticon"]
Sounds good to me! Any particular venue you prefer to RP in, or ongoing events you'd like to incorporate? I'm willing to start a thread and tag you unless you would prefer to.
[member="Taran Ge'Mav"] - Unfortunately Keira doesn't have many entirely ongoing stories at the moment, but I'm hoping to change that. Venue is of no issue to me, and I like to go off the wall with threads anyhow if at all possible. She can be just about anywhere, but she's mostly been hanging around what has become Mandalorian space - namely Dxun - but she's pretty flexible as to locale.

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