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Approved Tech Eavesdropper Armor

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Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
Eavesdropper Armor

  • Intent: To provide Arken Lussk with what is essentially an armored harness for all of his gadgets, and to increase his life expectancy in dangerous situations.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Aegis Systems, contracted armorsmiths.
  • Model: Eavesdropper
  • Affiliation: Arken Lussk
  • Modularity: Attached and integrated gadgets; software; aesthetic alterations.
  • Production: Unique, with spare parts components for repair.
  • Material: Dura-armor, Reflec, SecondSkin Supplementary Underlay
  • Classification: Infiltrator Armor
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Quality: 4
  • Computer Interface Visor - Similar to a HUD. Lots of important data streams.
  • Integrated Microcomputer - Built-in computer, used for HoloNet access and information handling. Also contains an anti-malware program and VPN.
  • Integrated Powercell - For powering the numerous systems of the Eavesdropper armor.
  • Xcalq-3GA Portable Computer - Primary tool used in slicing.
  • Scramble Key - Electronic lock pick.
  • Slicer Chip - Enables the slicing of other information systems and automatons.
  • Anti-Security Blade, Hatch Cracker - Security countermeasures; the hatch cracker allows entry aboard a starship through an external hatch.
  • VoiceBox, False Eye, False Touch - Countermeasures for biometric authentication systems.
  • Communication Wave Descrambler - What the namesake comes from. Can receive and decrypt transmissions from foes.
  • Audio/Visual Recorder w/ Playback - Self-explanatory.
  • Polarized Anti-Flash lenses, Low Light Imaging - Self-explanatory.
  • Sonic Dampeners, Aural Amplifiers, Annunciator - Self-explanatory.
  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System - Increases visual acuity in less than desirable conditions.
  • Multi-Spectral Target Assessor - Processes data to increase the wearer's accuracy with ranged weapons.
  • Broadband Antenna - Extends the range of internal comlink and other communications devices.
  • Macrobinoculars (x10) - Self-explanatory.
  • Sensors (Visual, Motion, Audio, Thermal) - Self-explanatory.
  • Scanners (Infrared, Sonar, Radar, X-Ray) - Self-explanatory.
  • Encrypted Internal Comlink w/ HoloNet Uplink - Self-explanatory.
  • Environmental Control Board/Heat Regulator - Self-explanatory.
  • Nutrient/Water Dispenser - Self-explanatory.
  • Reserve Oxygen Tank - Afforded by SecondSkin Supplementary Underlay.
  • Oxygen Filtration System - Self-explanatory.
  • PSG-8487 View Masker - Passive stealth system. Helps obscure wearer from view both to the naked eye and scanners and CCTV systems.
  • Sound Dampening Stealth Unit - Dampens sounds the wearer produces. Doesn't dampen speech, or the firing of weapons.
  • Sentinel-series Utility Belt - Multipurpose belt.
  • Grav-Boots w/ Magno-grip soles - Enables repulsor based flight and magno grips for stability.
  • [+] Silence - Reflec, sound dampening systems, and a passive stealth array make it hard to detect the wearer of the Eavesdropper armor system.
  • [+] Security begone - Lots of technobabble and gadgetry afoot here. Most of them are security countermeasures, slicing equipment, or communications devices.
  • [+] Like a glove - Fits like a glove. Lightweight, ample mobility and flexibility, and a fair amount of comfort. It's also quite easy to put on and take off.
  • [-] Make malware, not war - This isn't meant for combat whatsoever. While the dura-armor provides some resistance to energy weapons, its anti-ballistic properties are abysmal.
  • [-] Batteries - Yep. This thing runs on electrical power. Not all of the systems can be run all at once and during operations, the power can only last for just a few hours.
  • [-] EMP - An EMP will most likely knock out most of the gear on this bad boy.

Specially commissioned by Arken Lussk for his personal, covert operations, the Eavesdropper armor system is quite unique. While sacrificing much of its defensive power in terms of physical protection, it makes up for that by becoming a wearable workbench from which Arken is to perform from. It boasts a mighty impressive arsenal of security countermeasures, computer systems, and slicing equipment. Composed entirely of dura-armor and coated with reflec, the Eavesdropper does its job quite well.

The most outstanding parts of this armor system are not the armor itself but rather all of the gadgets attached to it. Numerous electronic lock picks, decryption equipment, jammers, integrated computers, and other countermeasures. Many of these systems have been explained above but the primary two pieces of equipment are the Communications Wave Descrambler and the Xcalq-3GA portable computer. The CWD is a device that allows the wearer to intercept and decrypt comm transmissions from external sources, namely being that of his/her foes. The portable computer is the wearer's primary tool used to connect to networks and information systems and do the actual slicing part of the operation.

All in all, this is just a glorified and wearable toolbox for Arken Lussk and/or whomever he allows to wear it. He wanted it to obscure his face, leave no trace of his presence behind, and have enough toys and gadgets to get the job done right the first time.
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