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Dynetech Industries

"You have to follow your own path."

What's up guys. So I really enjoy submitting to the Factory, however I find myself in need of some practice. What better way than to get some requests from the people in my faction? So here is what I'm looking for. Requests for submissions on Weapons, Vehicles, Armor, AI, Starships, you name it. Anything produced over a Semi-Unique Production will be automatically affiliated with the CIS unless you tell me otherwise. Also, I'm trying to breathe quality into these submissions, so if you want a rush job rifle for your next Dom or a complex Star Destroyer that takes three it's up to you.

Consider me your contractor and employee. I'm doing this for YOU so even if I pitch an opinion or idea, don't be afraid to turn me down or counter it. I want you to love what you have at the end of the day.

The final thing is threads for my company expansion. These are strictly voluntary and I don't require you to do them, however if you're ever low on threads and don't mind doing a thread of your char or group icly buying these items, it helps me out a lot. Again it's optional as progression is all too easy.

Below is a template I'd like you to fill out when requesting a submission. Just to keep me organized! I look forward to any and all requests I get! You guys can always msg me on discord if you have any requests of questions!

Factory Request:

Item Category: (Technology, Vehicle, Starship, Company)
Production: (Unique, Semi-Unique, Limited, Minor, Mass-Produced)
Canon Item: (Yes/No)
Restricted Material: (Do you have one in mind? Do you want one? Does it matter?)
Other: (Any and all information that is pertinent to the submission. Gear you'd like, functions, and systems for the submission. Links to similar products or materials always help.)