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Dynetech Industries

"You have to follow your own path."

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Corporation Name: Dynetech Industries
Headquarters: Maramere
  • ​Maramere {Headquarters & Main Office}
  • ​Ryloth {Primary Research and Development}
  • ​Weapons Manufacturing
  • ​Armor Manufacturing
Tier: Tier I
Dynetech is a relatively new company built on the back of Asher Malvern. The Companies beginnings are born from the works of the Techno Union. Several lead scientists came together, to create a new arms manufacturing company that could ignite a new arms race within The Confederacy. The company has been active for nearly three years, and thus far it's contracts have all been with The Confederacy. Though the company began with mainly manufacturing weaponry, it has recently moved it's ventures into a new department, Armor construction.

Asher has had a knack for weapons manufacturing most of his life. Starting with simple weapons created in his dorm room in the university, to larger, grander ideas funded by The Confederacy, he built Dynetech from the ground up. Though his last name holds some weight in the galaxy, nearly all of his accomplishments are purely based on talent alone. When the company was formed three years ago, there was no question who could lead them to a great future. While his skills in diplomacy and contracting are not the best, he stands the esteemed CEO of Dynetech.

Subsidiaries: None

Parent Corporation: None