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Dxun; A Hunter's Destination

Sir Hammerlock

"Damn this damned weather." A rather gruff voice spoke before the squeaking of an oil can took its place. A few bits of scraping and screeching came soon after. Finally though his arm was no longer locked up, which seemed to have happened right after he had just managed to fix his knee. At least his hat was keeping his eye from the light rain that was falling upon the camp that had been set up in a small cave on Dxun. The party had originally been a larger group, though the dangers of the jungle moon had weeded out those that let their guards down. Along with a few that went mad and ran off, not to be heard from again.

If that wasn't bad enough, the matter of a wet and torn up engine was preventing a proper leaving of the planet. It had been at least two, no maybe three months since he had arrived on the jungle moon. If anything his previous scrap with a Gundark really helped him keep up his guard. Though his over confidence in this had caused him to nearly lose the functioning of his right arm; which would have really put him up poodo creek without a paddle. For the moment he managed to salvage some cable from what appeared to be an old speeder bike. It was difficult to tell with the pieces strewn about and the vines overgrown. A snap of bone beneath the boot was enough knowledge to understand that the rider hadn't made it.

All he needed to do was get back to Onderon, though from the few transmissions he was capable of picking up on; he was able to deduce that there seemed to be some kind of conflict above. Help might not come for a good while yet, that is if they even heard the mayday before the vessel had gone down. Or if there had been any scans taking of the jungle moon that revealed a down vessel. It was likely though that if there was a battle above he may end up with visitors from their own downed vessels. Either way they would all be trapped on Dxun for a time until things could settle or a way could be found off.

Sitting quietly before his fire that was protected within the small cave; located further back from the mouth, he looked out towards the entrance of the cave. He had managed to push a couple of larger rocks into the way, along with a few bits and ends of old parts he found. This allowed him to manage in the creation of a small choke point that would make it difficult for larger beasts to make it in. For the moment he returned to skinning the Cannok he had caught earlier that day and cut into pieces. The skin was hanging on a rack not too far from the fire and being dried, while the meat was being cooked and preserved for later use. It couldn't hurt that much to have a small surplus supply hidden away for a dire time or in the case of guest now could it?

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Noah Corek

Factory Judge
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Dxun,great for a few things. Hunting and hiding being one of them,if you were smart enough that is. While Noah didn't particularly like Dxun,he did like the thrill of hunting,for it came with being a trained sniper. Noah lined up his sights on a Gundark that had been feasting on unfortunate Cannok that it had captured. After making sure all his calculations were correct,he pulled the trigger of his Hekler'Kok AMR-1 Anti-Materiel Rifle and squeezed a 12.7mm rifle slug off and put it straight through the beast's head.