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Approved Starship DV SI-9 Interceptor

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Duke Kyle DeVoe

Head of House DeVoe
Alderaani designed DV SI-9



Alderaani designed DV SI-9


  • Intent: To create an interceptor that can engage multiple fighters
  • Image Source: DV SI-9 Interceptor
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Arma Tech Combat Systems
  • Model: DV SI-9
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market

  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Composite carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull
  • Classification: Long Range Interceptor
  • Length: 16 meters
  • Width: 20 meters full wing span
  • Height: 5 meters full wings deployed,
  • Armament: Very High Multi Missile launchers. 5 laser canons as pictured.
  • Defenses: Moderate Carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull, Extra shield power drawn from engines
  • Squadron Count: Very Low 4
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow 5
  • Standard shield generators
  • Long range sensors
  • Long range communications
  • 2x K-57B sub-light thruster engines
  • Astro-mech droid slot

  • Reactive armor ( can take some missile hits from other fighters)
  • Carbide/ceramic durasteel layered skin (can take some standard laser canon fire if shields weaken)

  • Fast response targeting computer.
  • Pulse code modulating comm, making it nearly impossible to jam.
  • Multi targeting computer


  • Slow hyperdrive: Very slow, can take up to 5 days to cross a Hex
  • An Albastros: Not designed to fly in atmospheres. The DV SI-9 looses maneuverability and makes it sluggish planet side, as it is heavy.. Does occasionally drop on the tarmac with a broken strut or two.


The Alderaani designed DV SI-9 is primarily a carrier deployed interceptor that is superior in open space and not too good planet side. It was designed to engage enemy squadrons with it's smart missile systems. It has foldable wings/foils, making it compact in ship's hanger. It's 2 sub-light engines make it a fast deployed and responsive sub-light interceptor. The DV SI-9 is the primary attack fighter group on the Alderaani Devo, that engages in-coming enemy fighters. The interceptors comprise 2 of the 8 squadrons of the SD Devo's 8 squadrons.
It's 2 squadron groups are color based. Ex: Red squadron, and Green.

Alderaani designed
Directorate Officer
Duke Kyle DeVoe said:
Manufacturer: Arma Tech Industries
If you'd please change this to the "Arma Tech Combat Systems" to match the approved company submission's name. Can you show me that [member="Draco Vereen"] is okay with you using his company to produce this ship? A screenshot of a conversation or having him simply liking this post will do for me.

Duke Kyle DeVoe said:
Armament: Very High Multi Missile launchers.

Duke Kyle DeVoe said:
5 forward laser cannons
If you'll move the 5 laser cannons to the armament section please.

Duke Kyle DeVoe said:
Smart missile system
Tell me a little bit more about these smart missiles. Most Star Wars missiles have at least some tracking capability at the starship level. What makes this different than the average missile?

Duke Kyle DeVoe

Head of House DeVoe
Ok, ommited smart missile system from advance systems, as you stated there already exists smart they are standard.

Corrected the manufacturer name'

Below is the PM I sent Draco on May 3rd, asking permission. As of today, he still has not read it yet. You can put this on hold until he responds to me or hits like (which I will ask him to do).
I went forward with this due to the fact that he supports Alderaan and Queen [member="Faith Organa"] and as I am arming Alderaan for Queen and Country, I expect his approval. But I'm game and can wait for his reply.


Edit: Update on this.
Just posted in the Arma Tech factory request thread. Didn't know there was one, but it appeared today on the board as someone had posted today and I saw it on the front page.
Anyway, explained that I sent Draco a message by PM.

Apparently he has not been on line. As thus, I requested in same post; [member="Laira Darkhold"] (sorry if spelling is off) to consider my request to manufacture my subs it in the absence of Draco.

Post 342 in the thread
Directorate Officer
[member="Duke Kyle DeVoe"], no worries, let me know when he gets back to you. Alternatively, you could find another company to make this. If there isn't a Chaos company that you have available (or if you don't want to make one), you can use an unclaimed canon shipbuilding company, like CorelliSpace instead.

Overall, this is about one rating too high. As always, you can balance this by lowering a rating, adding or expanding a significant weakness (like the atmospheric performance), or lowering production level.
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