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Approved Starship Duquesne-class heavy frigate

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  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: Duquesne-class heavy frigate
  • Affiliation: Open market
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Alusteel hull

- Tensor field generator
- Inertial compensator
- 7 Jessica variable-geometry landing gears
- Marcia repulsorlift generator
- Castameer tactical display
- CHX 5.0 acoustic theater
- 4 Vanderhing linear ion drives

- Ship-wide neural net
- 6 Sabrina waste heat recovery devices
- Cap drains
- Double redundancy deflector shields
- Electronic warfare suite (ECM and ECCM)
- Medical equipment (hundreds of bacta tanks, thousands of medical droids)

  • Can land on planets
  • Strong hull
  • Heavy armament
  • Very sluggish compared to other frigates - some cruisers may be able to outrun it
  • Poor point-defense: relies on its fighter complement to fight off enemy fighter or bomber squadrons
  • Exposed aft tailfin: if the tailfin explodes, it triggers a chain reaction that may take the reactor down with it, and also disables the hyperdrive as well as its ability to land on planets

Consumables: 2 years
Cargo: 50,000 tons (stock configuration)
Passengers: 1,000
Crew complement: 140 (skeleton)/700 (optimal)

Built on the chassis of the Maersk-class to minimize development costs, the Duquesne-class frigate has four Toprawa heavy long-rage turbolasers in two double dorsal turrets for providing the long-range punch. Also, much of its space is taken up for reactors and hangar space, allowing it to store one squadron of fighters as escorts. For more short-range firepower, 22 rapid-fire turbolasers have been installed, with eight double turrets on the ship's broadside trenches allowing 180-degree firing arc, four on each side (port and starboard), and three of them aft, so that the traditional weakness of the dagger design is less present. Also three hypervelocity cannons are present on the ship's underside. Understandably, the point-defense is made up of 20 Korriban heavy machineguns, which fire tracer-less rounds so as to make it harder for enemy fighters to evade point-defense while within visual range.

Seven landing gears allow it to land on planets, thus enabling it to provide logistical support for planetary campaigns, and also to land on planetary surfaces to make emergency repairs. The ship's tailfin houses two systems that affect its mobility: the repulsorlift generator and the hyperdrive. For this reason, the reactor is situated close to the tailfin. If, for some reason, the ship survives a tailfin explosion, the ship must be towed for repairs and, once it has arrived to a location where repairs can be made, towed by other ships, the repairs must be conducted in orbit.
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