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Dreams among Ruins - Jedi

Tacky Thing

She was not used to being out of Outer Rim Space, but here the girl was. She needed to get away. Alliance ships were coming into the Coalition space. She had heard what had gone wrong, but the little Starchaser was not feeling welcome there. Did she always agree with her father? No. She thought his methods were too far askew. He was supposed to have retired, become a Warden of the Sky like her. She knew her father was a brilliant pilot, and a cunning warrior.

Then why didn’t he come home?

She didn’t know. All she knew was that there were mantles to be picked up. And that was something she could do. Her father loved taking Jedi out, to show them the ropes of the galaxy. She had gotten dragged along a number of times to a few worlds. What did it all mean now, though?

Were the Jedi under fire? She could hope not. But she wasn’t sure.

The Starchaser had used her father’s contacts and reached out to the Jedi Academy Network and the new Jedi Praxeum that was being led by one of the Coalition members. After the war that had just hit the Alliance, people were going to need a little of simple R&R. But there was more to it than that. Word was that this world, this planet she had to land on, had a Jedi training ship crashed through into the surface. And where she had set up her beacon? There was definitely overgrown wreckage, and enough had fallen into the water.

Her personal freighter had touched down, loaded with Frontiers Corps edition hazardous environment suits, as well as self contained underwater breathing suits for deeper diving. She was getting better about being out of space. And right now?

She needed to be around people.

Looking around, she shook her head at her droid. “Silly, right? Inviting the Jedi? But… they all need something to get their minds off the war.” She thought. The dark haired woman was not in any armor, merely light clothes, and a small cloak to protect her face and skin from the sun.

But what she knew right now? A message was sent, detailing an ancient Jedi Training Vessel wreck, and to bring air tanks and anti-mold sprays if they intended to be here long.


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The good news was, Zak had discovered headphones.

Head-tails whipped side to side, the boy's feet sliding and shuffling as he moved to the drop of a sick beat that only he could hear. Hips swaying, body moving, as the youngling was chained to the rhythm.

The Jedi had come in search of... well, something. Zak really didn't know what. Adventure? Probably not. Jedi Knights weren't half as adventurous as the stories made them out to be. Most of them just hung around old libraries, debating the holocron of Some-Dead Brah, who had been the padawan of the great Old-Dead Brah, who had studied at the feet of the Grandmaster-Dead Brah.

If they were here for some old books filled with words and absolutely no pictures, then Zak was officially throwing a flag on the play. Because that would be nerf chit.

But, from what he could see, it looked like there was a lot of water on this planet.

That was promising at least.

Without looking where he was going, the small Nautolan twisted and turned in an attempt at a pirouette that would have incorporated a pop-and-lock into the spin.

Instead, the boy tripped over his own feet.

Somewhere between squealing like a 9 year old girl and giggling like the happy moron that he was, Zak went stumbling forward. Throwing his arms out in front of him, the boy managed to stop his fall by slam-hugging some random broad who had been standing there.

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