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Drayus Siodmak

Calo Shan

Chasing down the devil.
Drayus Siodmak, as seen on Korriban with a Twi'lek slave.
NAME: Drayus Siodmak (originally Calo Shan)
FACTION: The Sith Empire.
RANK: Sith Knight.
SPECIES: Epicanthix.
AGE: 28.
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 198 lbs
EYES: Yellow-gold due to the corruption of the dark side.
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale.


  • + Lightsaber Combat: Drayus Siodmak is an extremely proficient lightsaber duelist due to his innate physical strength. He had spent years in the Jedi under several Battlemasters, and had continued his training after his fall to the Dark Side. His techniques are vicious and merciless when it comes to cutting down his enemies, and his tactics incite fear in all who dare meet him in combat.
  • + Manipulation: For as skilled as Siodmak is with a blade, it's on par with his skill with words. His snake-like, deceitful approach towards others can twist the minds of even some of the most experienced Jedi.
  • - Cryptic Past: Much of Siodmak's past is shrouded from his knowledge due to his years delving within the Dark Side, save for a few gut-wrenching memories and the fact that he loathes the Jedi.
  • - Hot-Headed: Despite being calm, cool and collected on the exterior, he has a short fuse, and a quick temper. If provoked, while he might ensue a horrific assault on whoever's in his way, it often leads to quick decisions that weren't as well thought out as they could have been.

Drayus Siodmak has a standard TIE fighter, issued to him by the Sith Empire to do their bidding across the galaxy.

Calo Shan, the once altruistic and revered Jedi Knight of the Republic has been turned into Drayus Siodmak, a reviled, fearsome Sith Juggernaut of the Empire. Although much of his past is unknown to him and those around him, he does remember where this undying hate for the Jedi Order had stemmed from...

"No! NO!"
The edge of Calo Shan's green blade had sliced clean through the layers of flesh and bone along the neck of Vale Caedus. Although she was in fact a Sith Sorceror and it was his duty to kill her as a Jedi Knight, he still felt it was unnecessary. He had redeemed her before, surely he could do so again... but such was the wish and demand of the Jedi Council, she posed "too much of a threat to the Order", according to them...

Still, he was in shock. After all, he had just murdered his best, and perhaps only friend he had. It was their fault. Their fault. If he just would have listened to reason, he realized. He became so blind, so terribly, awfully blind due to the teachings of the Jedi. And suddenly, the message was crystal clear. There was clarity in that one moment, that he was able to see the truth about the Jedi. They'd only do the same thing to anyone else who sought redemption.

It was their fault Vale Caedus had fallen again -- all she wanted was a second chance. The Jedi Knight brushed the dirt off of his robes as he rose from the ground, and made up his mind. He must be that necessary evil to bring balance to the order, to rid corruption where it was at the heart. To do that would be to prove a point to the Council, perhaps then they'd see the error of their ways. As he continued to walk towards his small starfighter, away from the body of Vale Caedus that now laid lifeless upon the atmosphere of Tython, his resentment for the Jedi and what they stood for grew stronger with each step he took...

Vale Caedus, Sith Sorceror. (

Why, hello there old friend. Long time no see...
... A fellow deceiver now, are we? What happened to the Jedi Knight I used to know?
~ All the same, welcome to Chaos, Josh! <3

Calo Shan

Chasing down the devil.
Saeldar said:
Why, hello there old friend. Long time no see...
... A fellow deceiver now, are we? What happened to the Jedi Knight I used to know?
~ All the same, welcome to Chaos, Josh! <3
I could say the same for you with Kara, ahah. Thank you!

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