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Approved Tech Drax's Armor

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  • Manufacturer: Drax Malachore
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Drax Malachore
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Armorweave, Dura-armor, KIG, VT-Sharkskin
  • Classification: Multi-prupose
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Quality: 9
  • Helmet:
  • -360 degree HUD
  • -Oxygen tank (1 hour worth)
  • -Comlink
  • -Macrobinoculars
  • -Heat sensor, night vision, targeting system
  • -Voice modulator
  • Body:
  • -Jump Pack
  • -Magno-Grip Boots
  • -Dura-armor Plates
  • -Shockboxing gloves
  • Forearms:
  • -Retractable Vibro-blades
  • -Heavy dura-armor plating
  • -Slugthrower (10 rounds)
  • -Wrist laser (Used for cutting through walls)
  • Belt:
  • -6 grenade pouches
  • -Grappling hook
  • -various holsters
The helmet of this armor encloses a heads up device that gives the user greater battlefield awareness. The plate armor used is meant to protect the wearer from blaster fire by re directing the energy. This leaves the wearer more vulnerable to slug throwers. The sharkskin design used on the arms of the bodysuit allow the wearer to catch the blade of melee weapons, while the gauntlets provide easy access to a slugthrower, wrist laser, and vibroblades. This armor is designed in a simple way in order to protect the wearer from heavy fire in a combat scenario.

This armor was designed by Drax for the purpose of resisting blaster fire and attacks by various different weapons. The jump pack that is included allows the user to travel large distances at great speed, thus allowing the user to navigate a battlefield easily. Magno-grip boots allow the user to resist the forces of gravity via magnetic fields. The armor itself is made of heavy dura-armor plating that is designed to protect the user from blaster fire and other energy based weapons. The armor is made to be worn with a bodysuit that is made of a combination of armorweave, kinetic impact gel, and VT-sharkskin. VT-sharkskin placed on the arms of the armor gives the user the ability to catch melee weapons using the scales and stop them. The shoulder plates of the armor are designed to catch various blades and melee weapons in order to prevent decapitation.
Made in an almost medieval fashion, this armor is extremely heavy and would wear down the user over time. It is meant to be used only by Drax and accommodates for his extreme size and strength.

  • Highly Resistant to blasters and lightsaber strikes and can take several blows before failing.
  • Built in Jump Pack
  • Intimidating
Weaknesses :
  • Heavy and difficult to move around in.
  • Vulnerable at the Joints
  • Can make the user a target
  • Difficult to remove in the event of an emergency
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