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Approved Tech Dragunov - Force Sword

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The Hunger

  • Intent: To create a custom sword for Amax-I5 Amax-I5
  • Image Source: [X]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Sith Vibro Sword
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Combo blade: This blade combines the effectiveness and use of a vibrosword with the mystical and force-related applications of a sith sword, making it well rounded and very usuable.
  • Force Siphoning: Though it is only a crude way of doing so, the sith sorcery and alchemy utilized on and in this blade allow for it to siphon off the force either from its user or from it's surroundings, collecting it within the Artusian crystal embedded within it's spine.
  • Force Cleave: As long as the Artusian crystal has managed to absorb or siphon off some force from either a person or its surroundings, it is capable of allowing th user to extend the range of their weapon's motion, thus making it so that at a range of up to fifteen meters, the weapon can cleave through the air, utilizing the force to seemingly extend the range of the weapon greatly.
  • Lightsaber Resistant: This blade due to its use of songsteel and sith alchemy is capable of withstanding a lightsaber blow for blow, making it a very useable weapon in combat against force sensitive individuals such as jedi or sith.
  • Flexible: It's unique setting of being able to launch a devastating mid range attack during combat makes this one flexible blade, which can turn the tables on any opponent when used correctly.
  • Incredibly strong: Not only in regards toits material, but also it's general resistance to damage is incredible, all thanks to the meticulous use of sith magic and alchemy to create a truly remarkable weapon.
  • Dark side aura: As expected of a weapon made by utilizing sith alchemy and sorcery, this blade is surrounded by the dreadful aura of the darkside which force sensitive people can easily pick up on if not properly masked through external means.
  • Purification: Certain powerful purifying techniques from jedi or witches are capable of removing the sith alchemy and magic from this blade, turning it from a perfect weapon into a... regular, ornate looking vibrosword.
  • Cumbersome: No untrained man or woman can hold this blade properly due to its weight and size, thus limiting its use to the experienced and the non-human to start with.
Though not a master craftsman persay, Credius is still a master force sensitive, trained in the arts of the sith over the course of a long period of time, as such he did not have any qualms with the request to design and create a weapon for an anonymous client. The weapon, a longsword with the apt name of caliburn was crafted out of alchemized songsteel, making it an insanely valuable blade which could very well be exchanged for a sizeable frigate in regards to its monetary value. The songsteel was further adjusted and strengthened with sith magic and embedded with a artusian crystal, to further strengthen and expand the use of the blade, a slim spine of Infinium 013158 was welded and grafted onto the songsteel blade and the hilt, with a miniature ultrasonic vibro generator also embedded to further allow for greater use, with or without its inherent force powers. The blade's alchemized spells and magic were made in such a way that it would be capable of slowly siphoning the force either directly from others or just from the surroundings or even the wielder, storing said siphoned force into the embedded artusian crystal to when enough was gathered, allow for a ranged attack with the force to hew and cleave far beyond the blade's initial range and thus act as a very useful surprise mechanic.
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Credius Credius

Your image source is missing.

And the name will be require to be changed as this is grounds for plagiarism. Namely due to the name coming from a Mythical sword, but also utilizing the "Alter Saber" image from which is taken from Saber in the Fate Series, who is using "Excalibur"
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