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Approved Tech Dove suit.

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Suit with some slight rips. However it will be colored purple. Spikes are like this on his gloves.
Intent: To create robes for Black Dove.
Development Thread: Will if asked.
Manufacturer: Black Dove.
Model: Angel Wrappings
Affiliation: Black Dove.
Modularity: yes.
Production: Unique
Material: Body glove made of cloth strips like a mummy, SureGrip boots and gloves with an attachment of Glove spikes made of durasteel.
Description: The clothing was made to give some protection to BD (Black Dove) as flying he needs to keep his identity a secret as an assassin. He wants to make armor that is skin tight to resist drag when flying to let him move at faster speeds. It also allows him full movement. Because DB does not carry ranged weapons all the time he rather likes melee weapons. Therefore he had spikes put onto the gloves to create a better punch and allow him to add some protection to his hands as people will be less likely to grab or attack his arms in close quarters.

DB can fly and sometimes you can’t find the best hiding place being perched or hidden. So sometimes the cliff or an edge can be helpful. Buying climbing equipment to be used as items to allow him to grip onto vertical climbs. The cloth strips can reach all the way up to his neck and mouth covering them to prevent cold, and to hide his face if needed.
Classification: Other
Weight: 1 Kg
Quality: Class 2
Other Feature(s): Makeshift flying suit. Made for people with angel wings.
Not open for further replies.