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So recently we've had an influx of fantastic, and I do mean fantastic dominion ideas. I'm gonna be totally honest I love organization... love it.....LOVE IT... as such I figured I'd try to organize it all here. Now the sad truth is we can't put our exact dominion plans out in the open.... sadly other factions can sneak in and look etc. SO what I'd like to say is thus: if you have a dominion idea, and an idea on what the dominion should be about PM it to either Ashin, Jared, or myself so it can get placed on the list. I'd like to place a special note out to Zaiden who's had some great ideas in particular.

Let us know via PM so we can try to add it to the list of dominions. We currently have a set path of growth to net us the largest net influence could per planet gained. However every member's voice and thoughts matter so we want to hear from all of you. I"ll be the first to throw up ALOT of the discussion in Skype so we as a faction need to get more info up here on the board. SO all that said please pm away ideas so we can get them in line!

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I...ya know what? Ima be honest. I agree with Shinj. Sex slave him up! Lmao

Seriously though, any time you need ideas you know I got em for Valhalla, the Red Nebula, and now even 2 more I was thinking about that will remain mysterious for the moment.

Personally, per what was mentioned in our other threads, I think the Red Nebula best as we can get the up in defense for our future Temple.


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After going back and double checking the map, I believe OP may have the same idea i did as they are nearing the nebula. We need to get into there and take it. In my opinion anyway.

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