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Dominion of Kad V: Game Plan

The Black Flame
We are finally on the map ladies and gents! We are that pretty little blue blob on the map and I think it is high time that we do a dominion whilst we invade the Sith. The Dominion will be of Kad V, the user created planet just to the top left of Sith Space. Kad V is only inhabited by animals and, since it is more than a single hex away, will cost us 150 quality posts.

So, here is the game plan. The Sith research teams that reside on the planet have caught wind of the Fel attacks and rebellions in Sith space. In response to this they have gone reclusive and hardened their defense with the assistance of Sith Apprentices who are being lead by one Darth Traxius (an NPC Master of the Sith). As apart of the Fel campaign to hunt down the Sith to extinction, Ronin has ordered that the Fel send a detachment to the planet to hunt down the Sith loyalists.

Here are the goals for this dominion -

1. Navy Oriented characters will destroy the loyalist fleet, capturing or killing Admiral Corvix (The Chiss leading the Sith Loyalist Fleet)​
2. The Phoenix Legion will be sent to secure the research station clinging to the side of a moon fragment that is circling the planet's orbit.​
3. A ground team, led by Archmaster Josiah Denko, will infiltrate the research base on Kad V's surface and capture or kill all Sith Apprentices within. Darth Traxius is considered a High Value Target and, since he is a Darth, is considered too dangerous to be kept alive.​
SO! This thread will be our official OOC staging area for this dominion! The IC thread will be up soon!​

Atlas Kane

I shall follow Archmaster Josiah Denko into battle and prove myself as a worthy ally.

Also, why do you never include my characters in the @mention section :C


noob empath
I'd be more than happy to help capture/kill Sith Apprentices with the rest of the Imperial Knights (I assume). I just need a lightsaber to swing wildly at a target.


Like Lightning
Ronin Fel said:
lol, well if your going to be an IK, start a thread in the archives andd start your thread to create the lightsaber and i'll call it good for you to have it in the dominion.
I'm sorry but he can not do that. he has to have three training threads per the rules of starting out with out knowledge of using a lightsaber.
Just another face.
@[member="Jared Starchaser"]
Try using the Artemis-class fighter I have approved and is listed in our armory area. I'll be joining shortly to decimate an NPC Chiss and take his fleet to hell and back.