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Dominion of Ithor and Ord Mantel

These two planets are still outside of the Republic's sphere of influence. They both are huge planets to the Republic in Star Wars lore.

I'd like to see which planet everyone would be up for first. Also, I got an idea for the storylines of the Dominion:

Ord Mantel: There is a civil war (again) and the Republic is stepping in to bring peace to the planet and incorporate it into its sphere of influence.

Ithor: A significant group of Ithorians inexplicably fell to the dark side and are causing strife for the Ithorian's floating cities and their precious jungle beneath. The Republic goes to Ithor's call for help to restore peace and order, with the (important) objective of also establishing a military base in the Ottega System.

Sound good?
Valde of the Vitae
Hmm... I wonder if there should be an Amaran senator. evidence points to them being in republic space, albeit near mando space, but still within our borders.
edit: If anyone can show me where to find the airon sector, or better yet, the Amar system on a galaxy map, I'd appreciate it. All I know is the Amar system is in the inner rim and is part of the slice.