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Doctor, Doctor I think I am a ... Sith Lord


Thus Saith the Lord
Lucien had been bedridden since the republic assault at O'reen. His hip, shoulder, Jaw and some ribs had been shattered.The army doctors bandaged his wounds and put a cast on his shoulder. It had been but a few days but Lucien was becoming bored of the pain and the lack of intellectual stimulation. I had been nice for a time just lay in bed propped up whilst his servants tended his needs, but he quickly realised that doing nothing got old quick. Lucien stretched out his good arm pushing the button on the wall that summoned servants. His butler arrived almost immediately "My Lord?" He asked politely stood just within the threshold of the room, Lucien turned to him "I'm bored go and fetch a healer ... a real one I don't care who they are or were they come from so long as they can do the job" The butler nodded and Left to circulate the message. That was how it came to be that an announcement would reach @[member="Katrina Garnier"].It read:
Dear Healer/Doctor/ other medical Professional
You have been recognised as a skilled Healer/Doctor/ other medical Professional. His Grace Lucien Cordel, Governor of Zaadja and Skye, requires the skills of a skilled Healer/Doctor/ other medical Professional. He is willing to pay quite handsomely for these services. Please Present yourself on Skye if you are willing to tender your servises.
The Office of the Governor of Zaadja and Skye

Katrina Garnier

Mother of Akk Dogs
She hadn't come Skye with the hope to be bad handsomely. Credits had never really been something she sought after but she wouldn't mind some. If she wanted a place out of the city well she needed some as she was broke but that wasn't what Katrina was doing here. The Jedi Master was here because someone had requested the presence of a healer it was that simple. She knew the Fringe and the confederacy were not on the best of terms but that didn't have to keep her from being nice.

The letter hadn't specifically told her where to go but she assumed since the letter came from the Governor she assumed that the place was the governors mansion. She had never been in one of those before so that would be interesting in of itself along with meeting him. Taking a deep breath she knocked at the door.

@[member="Lucien Cordel"]


Thus Saith the Lord
The door was opened by Luciens butler, behind him the protests of the last respondent to Luciens message was dragged down the cellar stairs. The butler looked grave as ever "I trust that you are here to respond to the message circulated around the members of your profession" He paused a brief moment not enough for a answer to be given before continuing "Come in a gaurd will take you up to Lord Cordel shortly" He stood aside to allow Katrina access. She was the third respondent today, the other two had failed to meet the requirements and were waiting in the cellar dungeon whilst Lucien decided how best to deal with them.

A gaurd came down from downstairs "You ready" she mumbled looking down at the healer. In the gaurds hall they had been making bets on how long each healer would last, Her escort didn't think Katrina would last more than ten minutes.