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Disciples of the Force: The Je'daii Order

A thread for training and socializing within The Je'daii Order.
The Silent Temple is open to all who come with a peaceful heart and conscious mind.
The Silent Temple of Qigong Kesh was a marvel of the natural world surrounded by the forests of Svivren whose roots had grown into the facility and strengthened the presence of the Force that surrounded the area fueled by life and the loss of the ages. Here, the Je'daii Order had dedicated this land to the path of Qigong Kesh for the obvious benefits of the Nexus that lay over the place; here the Force was rife in it's presence and Students and Masters alike would find little trouble connecting to it in the hopes of progressing their pursuits of knowledge and experience.

It had been three years now since Caedyn Arenais had first been brought to the temple alongside his Master [member="Asha Hex"], she of whom had been gifted this site by the boys father once it had been re-established and repaired to it's former glory so that students like Caedyn himself might flourish in their journey of self discovery in the Force. The structure itself had been built within the center of nature where Caedyn had come to find a love for the land, the purest form of the Force in full effect; the Temple built of stone and marble, lined with illustrious carpets and fabrics that hung from the walls to show the sigil of the Order. The share size of the Temple was rather astonishing though the aura of the people that lived within lacked all in the way of intimidation for they were here to respect and cherish life around them, as the Je'daii sought to do in their means of study and exploration.

Today, life in the Temple was little different from any other day; Students coming and going under the tutelage of Je'daii Journeyers whom had a moment to offer a guiding hand where the Rangers might otherwise be unavailable. The equivalent of the Jedi Knight, Rangers were the majority of tutors within the Silent Temple, though Je'daii Masters were also present, their duties often meant advising and serving the Temple Steward and Temple Master.

Of course, not all lessons were taught one on one and today there were a number of scheduled classes that were being offered to those whom wished to learn. Being the Temple of Qigong Kesh, these were naturally lessons in the Force, whether practical or theoretical, there were abilities the likes of Curato Salva, Tutaminis, Telekinesis and Telepathy among many others. The freedom of choice within the Je'daii was something to be admired, students not held to any one specific path of training but able to tend to all that their Order was capable of, providing they had the heart and mind to overcome the challenges that learning often presented.

Lothar Lundgren

Steward of Mahara Kesh

Lothar Lundgren had been at this temple just once before, and that was when the temple was first opened. That seemed like forever ago now. The Mahara Kesh Steward had spent so much time dedicated to himself and his temple as of late, trying to perfect his abilities in healing. He spent most of his time learning conventional medicine rather than force healing, yet he was still far, far from being worth too terribly much. However today was not a day to focus on Mahara Kesh, today he meant to focus on his subpath, Qigong Kesh.

Now, Lothar Lundgren stood alone inside of the temple of Qigong Kesh. He watched silently as students and teachers passed along in front of him, his cyan robes set him apart from the rest. He wasn't sure where to head first, to be a student or teacher here on Svivren.

[member="Caedyn Arenais"]
"And breathe out... Slowly, now, don't undo all of that hard work."

Before her sat a hodgepodge of students, young and old, green and bloodied, men and women and Force-knew-what gathered within the Force heavy courtyard at the heart of the Silent Temple. All around the structure various workshops were in order, some were utilizing unconventional methods to get their point across, while others were explaining - in immense detail - the intricacies of the most mystical energy which flowed so freely around them.

For her own part, Jyn had decided to go back to basics. Learning how to forge a strong connection with the Force was something so many often overlooked. So quick to rush headlong into all of the fancy things it enabled them to do, they forsook the foundations themselves which she knew from experience only led to future hardship. It was much easier to keep a level head when you were not fighting with it, when it came naturally, at least in her mind it was.

"Feel it around you, it seeps into the land beneath you, through your veins, carried on the wind. With each breath witness its current, allow it to envelop you, trust it to guide you... Do not force its path, simply let it be and observe."

The Steward of Kaleth watched as those before her continued in their meditations, sensing the flickering of their Force presences as they reached out to grasp at it. Some with more ease than others, of course, but all had something to learn from this.

Even Jyn herself.

[member="Lothar Lundgren"] [member="Caedyn Arenais"]
Second Brother
I can understand now, in hindsight why the woman had entrusted so much to me. How it seemed that she spoke highly of me and my time with the Order of the Je'daii.

Jyn was a sight to behold while teaching others in what some would consider, a trivial task on the part of a Journey for a Force user who wished to find control of their abilities. Ever since I had first met her, She always seemed... hesitant about some aspects of the force. Even when I gave the dark holocron to her, she refused to touch it. Fearing almost that she herself would lose control. Only right that she taught me how to control my own thoughts, and was continuing to do so now.

While I myself was not teaching any of the students right now, I was just moreover observing how others went about their teachings. Not because I was "supervising," but more so to see how others taught, and possibly get a few tips and tricks so I could teach others to a better... proficiency. I was always nervous around students. I didn't want them to have the same problems I had gone through. Nor did I want them to see and experience my own failures. Yet, I knew that if I didn't, then they would.

I smiled to myself as my thoughts continued to wander. Just spacing out as Jyn continued. Feeling through the force, as the students slowly would find their way to the proverbial river and flow of the always mysterious, yet all powerful force. Just letting them sit there and experience it.

"Oh how much has changed, and yet stayed the same."

[member="Jyn Lorr"], [member="Lothar Lundgren"], [member="Caedyn Arenais"],
Having spent so much time traversing the Galaxy with his Master, Caedyn found the comfort and confined spaces of the Enclave to be reassuring; there was a certain kind of comfort that came with being back home where the majority of his training within the Order came from. Wandering the temple corridors, he knew the building intimately now, his home he could recite the floors off the top of his head and had even come to recognize and be familiar with many of the occupants despite not really knowing whether or not he could class them as personal friends.

Turning the corner, Caedyn moved to step in to the students residential quarters, there the area was divided into numerous rooms with numbers set upon each of the doors to the dorms, shared rooms for two students per dorm encouraging co-operation and support for the youth and up and coming Je'daii should they find themselves at a loss, or struggling by any means. Caedyn's roommate wasn't in today, Jaden, another boy older than him by four years had a scheduled class on in the archives if Cae remembered rightly.

Changing into a fresh set of robes, Caedyn decided to don the colors that represented the path of Qigong Kesh. For so long he had wished to learn how to fight and the way of Stav Kesh had more or less seemed to be his major within the Order, yet when it came to wanting to respect and honor his tutor, [member="Asha Hex"], he had decided that the Force could empower his abilities to far greater heights and thus, Qigong Kesh become his primary focus.

Once changed, he moved to retrieve his belongings, returning his Datapad back to his belt alongside his Training Lightsaber. The weapon itself was something that his roommate had teased him a little bit about. For most students, the creation of a fully functioning and full frequency lightsaber was a rite of passage and yet Caedyn preferred to keep hold of his first. There was the reassurance of the training blade in that he could still defend himself without the ability of having to kill someone. While he could easily defend himself from incoming blaster fire, the low frequency blade would merely burn and bruise the skin of another were it to land a blow on his opponents...

Leaving his quarters, Caedyn decided it was time that he commit to a lesson. As there were numerous on offer all across the Enclave and his schedule had been freed up due to his recent traveling, he began to head towards the training wing silently questioning what sort of subject he'd like to focus on that day.

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