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Did You Not Enjoy Paralysis?

Soliael sat in a bed in a small rundown motel on the planet known as Tattooine. Unsurprisingly there was sand everywhere and a frown had found its way onto Soliael's face. He hated this desert world, he hated its sand, he hated its heat, and he hated its inhabitants. Unfortunately his journeys had taken him here many times over the last few months and slowly he was beginning to despise this world.

Once or twice he had thought about cracking this planets core with his starship and ending its miserable existence once and for all. Realizing that such a thing would likely bring a frown to the faces of the leaders of the Confederacy Soliael had deemed it inappropriate to act on his inner desires.

Instead Soliael had no choice but to keep coming to this world, in search of his fathers artifact that he had so cleverly hidden within the deserts.

The son of the Dreadlord sighed slightly, and slowly he leaned back and reclined in his bed. Slowly he placed his hands behind his back and relaxed. The town he was in was tiny compared to even Mos Espa or Mos Ila. There was really only one Inn, a bar, and a small bank. Then there was a few residential houses and that was it. The town was a pitiful sight really, but it was also home of one of the more...interesting phenomenon that had been occurring on Tattooine. Mainly, the gathering of Krayt Dragons.

Dozens of them had been spotted around this small city, males, females, and supposedly even one greater Krayt Dragon.

To Soliael this could only mean one thing. The second piece to his fathers holocron was here, somewhere within the desert. Krayt Dragons were attracted to the power of the force, especially Darkside power. If there was this many Krayt Dragons here, then he was willing to bet his fathers Holocron was nearby.

Quietly he sat on the bed, yawning slightly as sleep simmered over him. He had to wait for nightfall to leave the town, lest the Sun burn him alive.

Nisha Decrilla

The cloak covered her skin protecting it from the sun, its hood concealed her face in shadow. A gust of wind filled with sand stung her face, tugging at the hood. she used the force to pull it back into place as she slipped into the alleyway at the back of the bar. The barkeep was waiting for her there, his eyes flicking form left to right nervously. "He's here alright." he told her in hushed tones. For months she had been tracking him, her spies had given her a planet, the rest she had done alone, leaving a wake of bodies behind her. Loose ends were not an option. "My boys, tell me he's staying at the Inn."

"Of course he is, no one would be fool enough to have their own home here, idiot." She siad with a bored tone, despite the excitment rising in her. "Thank you for your cooperation." The shadows around them grew at her words, if any were to look into the alley they would see only darkness. When the darkness faded, Anaya was gone and the barkeeps body lay crumpled on the floor. She had him now, she had started this hunt with the intent to make him suffer for paralysing her, yet as she drew near something stirred within her as she recalled their last meeting. Wrought with sparks and unanswered passion.

A spell concealed her in the force as she leapt to the rooftop opposite the inn's entrance and waited for him to appear. The twin suns beat upon her back as the lowered in the sky, though once they were gone, the temperature began to drop rapidly and Anaya's patience was beginning to wear thin.

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael slept quite comfortably in the run down inn, the tiny bed allowing him to get a surprising amount of rest. He awoke with a small start, jumping up and out of bed almost immediately a scowl already born on his face. His eyes fluttered open revealing the glazed over black orbs that now sat within his skull. The black of his eyes seemed to ooze slightly, as if moving from side to side. The scowl on his face grew as he stood from the bed.

His tunic predictably had sand in it, his gauntlets as well and his boots seemed to have formed a desert of their own. His scowl grew worse and worse as he assembled his clothes and found only sand inhabiting it.

Finally after replacing all of his gear Soliael exited the room, stalking past the innkeeper with only a soft growl. Quickly the Sith Lord moved into the open again, he only had a short time before he had to return back to The Crusade, his personal errands didn't count for much when one had an entire nation to run.

Nisha Decrilla

Excitement coursed through her as he came into view, she rose from her seated position, giving away her position at least in sight. She padded across the rooftop following him without subtlety. A few fast steps brough her ahead of him and she dropped down, blocking his path, the hood still concealing her face in shadow. Moonlight glinted off the blade in her hand, yet she found herself unable to strike. Mere seconds passed while they stared at each other before Anaya acted.

Three steps closed the gap between them and Anaya kissed him fiercely, her hood slipping from her head, the knife disappeared and she drew back, regarded him again for a moment before bringing her hand across his face.

"Bastard." she spat.
Soliael was quite confused by the turn of events that happened before him suddenly. First an imposing figure dropped down before him, his black eyes unable to tell who they were his entire body immediately tensed. He prepared to fight, the force screaming to him and pulsing out a wave of sight for him. He saw the figured outline, the smooth feminine form within the force, he frowned expecting an agile blade to speed towards him.

What he got however was much sweeter.

A single kiss was planted upon his lips, powerful and passionate. A smirk crossed his lips as he returned the kiss, instantly recognizing who it was before him. “Ana-”

A hand struck him a cross the face stunning him for a brief few seconds. Slowly he turned to regard the figure before him, black glazed over eyes seeing only an aura before him.

“Well I suppose I deserved that.” Soliael said with a slight shrug.

Nisha Decrilla

She hit him again. "You deserve a lot more. By my standards you should be dead, but i decided to be merciful...or merciless." she smirked "It depends entirely on how you look at the matter."

Her red eyes shifted to their surroundings, suddenly very aware of their exposed position. She pulled her hood back up and clicked her tongue in irritation. "Why are you here? This planet is disgusting."
“What? No second Kiss? No warm hug and a little sensual play with the Lekku? I'm disappointed.” Soliael couldn't help but tease her, he rarely got the chance to do so anymore and Anaya was one of the few people that he could probably get away with doing it. He smirked at her, and took the second hit with far less surprise. He was surprised she hadn't deemed it right to kill him, perhaps she was still tempted to do so though...he would have to keep that in mind.

He smiled again when she asked him why he was here. “Predictably, its because of Moridin.”

Soliael said revealing nearly everything to her in one go. Anaya was one of the few people Soliael expected well enough to not lie to. She was intelligent, and she would have figured it out eventually. There was really only one reason for a Sith like him to be here, and that was an artifact...other than hunting a Krayt Dragon for fun of course.

Nisha Decrilla

Her smirk rapidly folded into a scowl at his remarks, though it was hidden beneath her hood. "Don't push your luck, Sol. I've a history of being fickle you know."

The mention of Moridin changed her mood however and she drew close to him again. "Fascinating. He's had you running in circles for some time then, if my sources are correct...which they generally are. Would you like some help?" She tilted her head to oneside, knowing Soliael would be able to translate her offer of help to something along the lines of 'Are you willing to share?' She didn't give him a chance to answer. "Of course you do. Its the least you can do after leaving me high and dry."

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
“I hardly left you dry.” Soliael said with a smirk splitting his face. He slid his arms around her and pulled her close against him, a slight thudding noise erupting as she hit her chest. The Sith looked at her with deep black eyes, the Tatooine wind picking up slightly behind them, rustling his cloak.

“I suppose I could use some help though.” He paused for a second “There are Dragons out there you know.”

He said the words with a wink, as if either of them would be scared of Krayt Dragons. Of course Soliael wouldn't be willing to share Moridin's holocron, that was unthinkable. However if they were going to find one of Moridin's chache's...well then there would be far more than just a holocron here. Not to mention the value of a Krayt dragons corpse, he was sure they could kill one or two on the way.

Anaya's help would be most welcome, provided she didn't try to kill him.

Nisha Decrilla

Anaya tsked as her pulled her close, refusing to react in kind. "No, not dry. You just led me on and then paralyzed me. So much better." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm, but she didn't push him away. Anaya's problem was clear, she simply couldn't help herself. If a dangerous prospect could be linked with fun in any manner she was unable to resist. Her nose brushed his her hands finally sliding about his neck.

"Hmmm, dragons you say? How terrifying." She studied the unreadable black orbs carefully and came to the conclusion that this was not likely to end in her favour. It gave her all the more reason to try and make it so it did. "Why don't you lead the way and fill me in as we move?"
Soliael gave a slight shrug in answer to her. Anaya was fully aware why he had done what he had done, she was dangerous, far more so than most of the other Sith Lords out there. While they were just as strong and perhaps maybe even stronger Anaya was different. She was a predator, a skulking spider within a web. She would spin a web around you and constrict you within it in a heartbeat.

He simply had not wanted to get caught.

In a flash Soliael suddenly grabbed onto her and spun her around within his arms. He pointed her towards the desert, his arms wrapped around her stomach and his hands resting gently upon her hips. “Its out there. Don't you sense it? The dark presence within the desert?”

Soliael whispered into her ear almost seductively, his voice like a serpent. He held Anaya in that position for the longest time, and then slowly allowed himself to slip away from her. With quick steps Soliael marched passed her, turning back for only a second.

“We'll have to walk i'm afraid. The Dragons don't like speeders.” And with that Soliael stepped into the desert with a Sith that likely wanted him dead.

Nisha Decrilla

A sharp gasp escaped her as he spun her. She tensed slightly in his embrace, heart hammering, his whispers sending shivers down her spine. She closed her eyes and extended her senses feeling the call of the darkside. A tongue flashed across her lips as her lekku quivered with excitement. She hesitated for a moment behind him, reassessing the situation. She could ruin his day when they found the artifact, but he would expect no less from her. Solaiel was smart than the average man, he did not trust Anaya and that kept him alive.

For now.

She moved after him, her barefeet silent, her cloak billowing softly behind her. "The dragons don't like anything."
“My mother would have something to say to that.” Soliael replied to Anaya almost instantly. Krayt Dragons were strong, but they were just another beast. Someone skilled enough could dominate the creatures mind and bend its will to themselves quite simply. Unfortunately Soliael did not have that ability. Despite many days of trying he simply did not have the talent for beast mastery, he had difficulty bending even Tuk'ata to his will.

No, unless Anaya had some hidden talent in Beast Mastery they would have to kill the dragons they came across, and that would be quite an adventure.
The cold descended upon Tattooine quickly, the icy winds striking Soliael and biting at his lips. Before long they had wandered nearly a full dozen miles, trudging across the sands completely unhindered. Soliael led the way the entire time, his senses guiding him. He could feel the darkside within the desert, the pulse of it ran beneath the desert sands as though it were a living organism.

They drew closer and closer. The Desert began to fade away into boulders and cliffs, massive limestone formations breaking out of the sands.

Around them the sands began to shift and move about, Krayt Dragons swimming beneath the desert as though it were a massive ocean. Their tails flicked into the air now and again and Soliael wondered when they would begin to strike.

Nisha Decrilla

If there was one thing Anaya hated more than Tatooine it was the cold. Her anger pulsated from her potent waves as she moved in Soliael's wake scowling at his back, wondering why she hadn't just killed him. There were very few people in the galaxy that would dare to make such a sly move on the twi'lek. Perhaps that was it, perhaps she was enticed by his deceit and rejection. Saying no to Anaya was like leaving an open invitation for her. She always wanted what she couldn't have.

She stopped as the limestone cliffs loomed before them, gnarled fingers reaching for the starlit sky, a smile splitting through her scowl. If she closed her eyes she could almost feel Moridin in the dark that thrummed through the air around them. "Hello Master." she breathed. The sand to her left shifted loudly, a grumble rising from beneath her feet. Anaya let out a burst of force speed to catch up with Soliael, falling in step next to him she smirked eyes glittering with the anticipation of a fight. "I count at least four, not full grown, but that can only mean that mother is around and she will be incredibly upset when we kill her children."
Soliael smiled, he had also sensed the five Krayt Dragons moving beneath the sands. He had wondered if she would mention them or lure him into their nest so they could do her dirty work. His smirk grew slightly as she mentioned a mother, likely a greater Krayt Dragon. The Sith Lord could practically feel them racing beneath their feet. Killing one of them would be no small feat, killing them all...well that would be quite legendary.

The Sith looked around with his dead black eyes, as if searching for something beneath the sands, then suddenly his left eye popped open wide.

Without a second thought Soliael let out a pulse of darkside power. The sands beneath him blackened and shifted sightly, a web of dark fingers spreading out from where he stood. It quickly encompassed a massive orb around them, practically throbbing with Darkside energies.

Soliael turned about to face Anaya, blood dripping from his left eye as tears would. Then a second later a rumbling shook the desert sands.

“Ladies first.” He said with a smirk as the sand behind him broke in a wave. From the epicenter of the wave rose the huge maw of a Krayt Dragon, letting loose a loud roar into the cold desert night.

Nisha Decrilla

In that moment, when the dark energies pulsed from him, Anaya realized why she hadn't killed him. She had loved Moridin in her own way, like she imagined a daughter would love a father. Soliael reminded her of what had been lost, of what she could get back. She moved to him as the dragon roared, a hand reaching to brush the blood from his cheeks. "Ever the gentleman." she purred. She turned towards the dragon, and ran towards it, dropping her cloak behind her as she went, revealing the loose fitting pants and crop top beneath. Red sabers came to life in her hands the beast let out another roar as she drew near.

Dropping to her haunches she slid beneath its head, pushing herself along with the force as she drove the sabers into its chest and dragged them down to its tail. The dragon screamed, its eye rolling with pain and madness as it whirled to face Anaya once she had emerged. It lunged for her, jaws only snapping around air as she leapt aside. her sabers bounced scored new lines in the beasts face, its swung his head in reaction to the pain, head colliding with her and sending her flying. A gentle nudge in the force found herself landing on her feet and she deactivated her sabers. The dragon staggered slightly as it realigned itself with its prey. Energy crackled in Anaya's hand, great sparks of lightening curled about themselves forming a ball of kinetite. The dragon charged, and Anaya unleashed the ball sending it flying for the dragons snout.

Flesh and sinew exploded on impact, the dragon dropped without a sound. She had time enough to offer a smirk to Soliael and a bow before the sand erupted beneath her feet.
Soliael watched Anaya's display of butchery with a slight smirk. He could not actually see it of course, but he could sense the waves of energies, feel Anaya's movements, and experience every nook and cranny of what she was doing. He smirked back at her as she landed, the dead Dragon falling beneath her. The Sith Lord let out a loud upward whistle, sounding rather impressed.

“Butchery has its place I suppose.” He taunted her as the sands once again shifted beneath her feet, another one of the massive Dragons tore from beneath the sands behind Anaya, its massive jaws tearing and biting at the Twi'lek. Soliael moved before Anaya could react, like his father before him he became a blur, intense speed surging through him. He was atop the Dragon in seconds, standing before its jaws in almost an instant.

Unlike Anaya however he drew no lightsabers, instead he used his fists.

The phrik gauntlets that covered his hands began to spark with bright red lightning, mimicking that of his father. It sparked and bounded to the sand, Soliael himself, and the snout of the dragon. The palm shot forward, digging into the great dragons face and tearing away its hard scales.

The Krayt Dragon roared and reared away, bounding backwards and attempting to snap at Soliael, its massive claws smashing into the ground and tearing at the sand. The Sith Lord moved through the sands, sliding and bounding from place to place, each time narrowly passing through the Krayt's grasp.
Then he took one final leap.

With a great bound Soliael rushed forward, puncturing the tips of his fingers into the exposed flesh of the Krayts snout.

Something surged from his palm, a dark evil taint. Before the Krayt could bite back Soliael pushed himself from the Krayts jaws once more, landing next to Anaya with an easy thud. He looked at her for a brief few seconds blood now pouring from both eyes, then with a simple wave of his hand directed her to watch the massive Dragon.

The Krayt began to rage, it rolled through the stands, swinging and bashing its tail against the limestone rock. It tore at the sand, at the cliffs, at everything. It became enraged, thrashing about and clawing at its own skull. Then suddenly a massive metal spike erupted form the Krayt Dragons skull, a piece of thick steel that seemingly came form no where. Then another, then another. It happened over and over again until the Krayts skull was entirely covered in thick metal plates.

Slowly the plates spread over the Dragons body, until finally its entire body was consumed by thick metal plates. Then it collapsed, seemingly dead.

Nisha Decrilla

Anaya moved as Soliael appeared behind her, giving him and the dragon the room they needed, eyes following his every move, pacing slowly, still yearning for the fight. Soliael still had so much more to grow, she could feel the power within him, power she could use. One did not subdue a son of Moridin, she had to prove herself of equal worth before she could get any form of alliance from him. With the blood running down his face, black orbs seeing more than just her Anaya shivered with delight before turning towards the dragon, its agonised cries echoing off the limestone caves.

"Mechu-deru vitae." she mused as it died "Impressive." The three remaining dragons hung back beneath the sands, reassesing the threat. Anaya took the moment of quiet to be bold, allowing her hunger to get the better of her. Lips locked in a fierce kiss and she used the contact to drain Soliael, not enough to have an effect on his abilities, just enough to get a taste of his power. Drawing back with a smirk she turned away, black tendrils of dark energy spreading from fingers. They weaved together rising up before her like a great net. The third dragon burst from the sand, and the force net dropped over it. The darkness burned the skin of the krayt as he thrashed against the threads. Every strand snapped by tooth and claw regrew, the net grew till it had engulfed the beast entirely.

Red eyes glowed and a dark smile appeared on her lips. "You are nothing." she breathed. Fingers closed pulling the tendrils together. Inch by inch they sliced through the the dragons skin until it stopped fighting. It just lay, despair in its eyes, unable to move. Moving forward, Anaya place a hand on its snout, the dark tendrils retreated draining the beast of what life it had left, replenishing the energy she had used to kill it, slowly the light faded from its eyes. Butchery did have its place, and it was at its greatest when in Anaya's hands.
Soliael simply smiled at her, she was brutally effective, something that he rather enjoyed watching with his senses in the force. Brutality of course was unquestioningly effective. Blood and blade mixed well together and the slaying of Krayt Dragons in such a rough manner had its own sort of appeal to it. For Soliael however, elegance was the true way to battle. Another pulse of the darkside left him, and the Krayt Dragon beneath his feet shifted and moved about.
The massive beast roared and jumped from the sands, biting and snapping at Soliael.

The Sith Lord turned slightly towards the creature, a smirk on his face. Most used the Force entirely incorrectly in Soliaels opinion. They used rough and harsh techniques, throwing things, bludgeoning people, and trying their hardest to break everything in sight. Early in his study of the force however Soliael had discovered that the force could be far more subtle. All it took was a little knowledge, a little bit of concentration.

The Sith Lord closed his eyes, concentrating harder than ever before. He let the noise of the stampeding Dragon fade away, he allowed the rushing winds and whirling sands to fade from his mind. He reached out with the force, touching the Dragons mind, not to control it, no. To map it.

Soliael created a map of the creatures brain, where its stem was, the cerebral cortex, the frontal lobe, everything. Soliael placed everything in the right place, and then he simply opened his eyes. With a pulse his right eye spat blood again, and then he simply snapped his finger.

Spikes of pure darkside energy ravaged the creatures mind, they tore through its mental faculties and severed parts of the brain from others. The Spikes tore the creatures mind asunder, rending its brain into a thousand pieces and killing the Dragon almost instantly.

The Krayt fell to its stomach, sliding along the sands and stopping directly before Soliael.

He smiled slightly, and let out a soft gasping sigh. He drew breath in and out for a few minutes, recovering from his massive use of the force.

Sweat rolled off of him in tiny beads. He looked back at Anaya and smirked. “If you want to kill me, I suggest you do it now.”

He was only half joking.

Nisha Decrilla

Silence fell about them, punctuated only by the howling winds. She considered his words, a strange look coming over her face.


Her arm raised, before the blade came to life, its point stopping less than an inch from Soliael's throat. Whatever madness that had risen on her face faded as she smirked, though she did not lower the blade. "I keep asking myself why you're still alive, because by rights you should be dead. You should have been dead before you walked out of my club." She moved round him, the lightsaber still poised at his throat. "But you see, I have a weakness, one that your father took great pleasure in exploiting time and time again." she deactivated the saber, "I'm a sentimental fool." she turned away from Sol stalking towards the caves.

They still had one more dragon to kill and she was not half grown like the others. Anaya could feel the beasts fury as it moved through the sands beneath. She closed her eyes as she walked giving herself to the darkside, opening herself to the force. The dragon erupted from the sands ahead of her its bellow lifting sand and pelting it at Anaya like tiny needles. It peppered her flesh but did not slow her advance. Her lips moved in a silent chant and darkness rose from the ground around her. Un-penetrable by moonlight, like a black fog it engulfed the dragon and her.

She vaulted above the beasts head, coming to land upon its back. Another roar came in protest as it sought to throw her off. Her lightsaber came to life, the only light in the darkness, it disappeared again as she thrust it deep into the dragons spine, it screamed and thrashed even more. Anaya pressed the hilt of her second saber against its back, thumbing the activation switch. A scissor movement severed the dragons spine, leaving only its front legs and head capable of movement. The fog dropped, the need to keep it there was no longer evident. The dragons eyes fixed upon the only adversary it could see and began to drag itself towards Sol.

Anaya tsked as she pulled free her sabers, moving with light steps up the beasts neck coming to a stop atop its head. One lightsaber turned point down and she drove it with full force into the mothers dragons skull. Lightening erupted from her hand, dancing across the dragons head. Still it pulled itself forward, and Anaya growled before driving the second saber home into the beats brain. It dropped, smoke rising from its nostrils no more than three feet from Soliael. Anaya sat down and closed her eyes again, breathing deeply hands trembling slightly with exertion. "I dread to think," she said between breaths "What your delightful father has in stall for us now."