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Deus Otiosus Skin Underlay



  • Intent: To create a precurser to later organic armors produced by The Slave and his company.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Hierophant's Entity
  • Model: (Example: E-11 Blaster Rifle. For submissions where a model wouldn't be appropriate, such as a custom walking stick, put 'N/A' for 'Not Applicable'.)
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
    ​Custom Order: Closed-Market

[*]Modularity: (Can components of this submission be swapped out for other components? Is it especially easy to modify? For most submissions, put 'No'.)
[*]Production: Minor
  • Custom Order: Semi-Unique

[*]Material: Firrerreo DNAHssiss DNAHouk DNA │ Augmented DNA Fragments of Various Species

  • Classification: Biological Underlay / Muscle Replacement
  • Weight: Varies according to user, however far more dense than normal muscle.
    Average 1.82m Male would go from 99.79kg to 158.75kg, without changing appearence.

[*]Quality: 2
  • Custom Order: 4

  • Force Stealth
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Healing Factor
  • Natural Resistance
  • Enhance Reflex Time
  • Connectivity to Bio Armors
  • Force Stealth
    Utilizing the Hssiss DNA naturally present within this muscle replacement, force users and otherwise have an almost natural dimished aura in the force. While negligable in the level of perhaps a master, the simply fact that those who utlize this underlay are somewhat hidden within The Force itself can lead to a substantial advantage, especially when hunting regular force sensitives. At the very least, users are able to get closer before being sensed; though this all depends on the situation.

[*]Enhanced Strength
  • With Houk DNA spread through the entirety of this underlay, users are given the chance at utilizing an extreme increase in power. Effectively, by having dense muscle structures spread throughout the interior structure of the host, there is an almost immediate response in muscles that are able to torque far more powerfully than normal. Even those species known for their strength despite their size are often dwarfed by the augmentation that is given by this; easily able to allow its user to rip the joints off of a number of creatures.

[*]Healing Factor
  • With either Firrerreo (Or Gen'Dai DNA in more specialized versions), Users are equiped with an almost unmatched ability in regerneration. While not to part with either of the donor species, and only viable in the muscles that are replaced themselves, most wounds given to the user are able to be healed within moments for smaller wounds, and hours for larger. The downside being that an almost unreal amount of nutrients need to be brought into the mix, while Gen'Dai underlays suffer from substantial 'hibernation' issues when under severe distress.

[*]Natural Resistance
  • Although not hyper effective at stopping arms of any degree, the underlay itself is given some credit in terms of natural defense solely because of the density of its muscular structure. Blasters, slugs, and even standard blades can often find themselves stuck within the structure itself; effectively creating a thick substance most simply can't blast through without some extra force or firepower. This does not however exclude damage, only offers the slightest bit of protection to major organs and otherwise.

[*]Enhanced Reflex Time / Connectivity to Bio Armors
  • The most important piece of this armor is the replacement of the nervous system with something heavily augmented, not only establishing the ability to connect to the bio armors that are intended to be created at a later date; but also creating what could simply be referred to as 'wider nervous highways', creating not only the ability to perform far more complex motions with ease, but also an increased response with each. The simple fact is, to actually respond with each muscle fiber that exists within the newly developed arm, for example, it requires far more cellular response capacity that normal. This in turn requires not only requires a more plentiful nervous system, but a far more advanced one as well; which is exactly what this underlay is able to commit itself to.

  • Blurred Vision │
    With a natural ability to cloak itself within The Force, those who utilize this underlay can find a subtle, but still notable resistance to being sensed within The Force. Although not able to resist masters of the art, the slight advantage it allows is amplified by distance, creating an opening for Force Sensitive and otherwise to get closer to Force Users. Most who witness this phenomenon liken it to witnesses a creature through a slight fog.

[*]You won't like me when I'm angry... │
  • With extreme muscle density, comes massive power. Hosts of this augmentation are able to pull with them strength that is often likened to Wookies, although this is mostly in myth. Most are still able to tear asunder enemies with their bare hands, and should always be considered armed and dangerous when given this almost synthetic advantage in the brawling arena. Although not a keep all, as anytime the muscles are pushed too far there are notable drawbacks.

[*]Project X │
  • Natural healing is something many dream of, but few ever truly realize; this armor is one of only a few that are able to offer this to the 'general' public. Effectively this gives any Joe Schmoe the chance at recovering from a slug to the chest, assuming it doesn't actually breach the muscle. Scars, knicks, cuts and scratchs are all nothing to the replication factor of the cells, and heavier damage is met head on with a massive undertaking.

[*]Cat Like Reflexes │
  • Due to the manufactured nervous system that falls in line with this underlay, any physical actions take nare often doubled, if not tripled, in speed and connectivity. Once impossible tasks are made far easier using the additional support of the system, and the far lower resistance it has to otherwise high voltage responses that rush from the brain itself. This is able to be amplified through parallel structures, like those found in the Sraosha, but for the most part are able to work in full efficiency by themselves.

Weaknesses :
  • Heavy as it is Dense │
    Although some may not consider it as such, the fact that the underlay is so heavy is extremely perverse to those who focus on stealth for example. Unless the focus is straigiht forward assault, this underlay is extremely ineffective at anything else. This can also effect more agility focused abilities, such as acrobatic skills, balance, and more; being an entirely endurance and strength motivated augementation.

[*]Seizures │
  • Should the body pushed too far, or too hard for that matter, muscles will begin to spasm. This is due to the brain having no acceptence of the less than traditional complexities that reside in the newly founded synthetic systems. Simply put, when muscles are either torqued too far, too many are pushed in a singular movement, or damage comes with any combination of the two, there is an almost definite possiblity the muscles will go into a heavy set twitch, or an all out seizure where all control is lost in not only limbs, but up to the whole body in one go.

[*]Too Tired │
  • Without the Bio Armor exterior the armor is meant for, users will easily become overwhelmed when put into prolonged combat or exercise. When strained too far, the same seizures and twitching can occur, but are far more likely considering general tiring and its equivelent strain. All in all, this is not an underlay meant for anything more than a symbiotic relationship with the bio armor it is meant for, and should be always treated as such.

(Describe some of the histories behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are. This is where you talk about your idea, flesh it out over at least a good-sized paragraph, and address some of the ways it might be used or abused. For especially powerful or ambitious submissions, a very thorough description is recommended.)

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