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Approved Starship Delta Droid Fighter Prototype

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Intent: To make a cool droid body for Chip to use, and to test out the new FJ.
Image Source: Macross
Canon Link: NA
Restricted Missions: Stygium
Primary Source: Vulture Droid, Hyena Bomber, B3 Battle Droid,


Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Delta VGSP Droid Starfighter (Prototype)
Affiliation: Chip
Modularity: Moderate (variable loadouts via hardpoints)
Production: Unique
Material: Mandalorian Steel


Classification: Starfighter
Length: 18 meters
Speed: Extreme
Maneuverability: Very High
Defense: High
Armament: Average
Hyperdrive: None


  • 2x Laser Cannons (nose mounted)
  • 2x Dual Light Repeating Blaster Cannons (wing/wrist mounted)
  • 1x Light Bomblet Generator
  • 5x External Hardpoints
  • 2x Decoy Drone Launchers (8x each, in-gravity use only)

  • Molecular Shields
  • Individual Field Disruptor
  • Stygium Cloak
  • Sensor Jammer
  • Signal Scrambler
  • Efflux Diffusion Baffles
  • Auto-degaussing Frame
  • Reflec
  • Cap Drains
  • Tractor Shroud
  • Ion Shielding
  • Etheric Rudder/Atmospheric Flaps and Fins
  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Repulsors
  • S-Foil mounted Thrusters (+1 Maneuverability / -1 Speed)
  • S-Foil mounted Blasters (+1 Armament / -1 Speed)
  • Chaff and flares
  • Standard Combat Sensor Suite
  • Advanced Tracking and Targeting Computer
  • Standard Combat Communications Suite

The Decoy Drones launched by a Delta Fighter are typically only capable of operating in-atmosphere and in low orbit. However, these drones can sometimes be used in dense nebula, asteroid fields, and while very close to an active artificial gravity source. Each probe is capable of 15 minutes of operation and can mimic the flight patterns and energy signatures of a wide range of starfighter-sized craft, including a number of ordnance payloads. In addition to this, each drone is capable of projecting a holographic duplicate around itself of whichever craft or ordnance it is mimicking. Capable of storing 12 different configurations at a time, each probe must have it's current files updated before each battle and will mimic whichever of these files is selected upon launch. Only equipped with the most basic of sensors and processors, the drones do their best to respond appropriately to their environment, but sometimes struggle to react appropriately to fast-paced combat situations. These "piloting mistakes" can sometimes give away that the drone is just a decoy, but often not until after they have already served their purpose by distracting a hostile.

Capable of swapping between Fighter mode, Walker mode, and a Hybrid of the two, the Delta Fighter is capable of displaying a wide range of performance profiles in combat. While in it's pure fighter configuration, the Delta operates as normal. When it's legs are deployed, the fighter improves in maneuverability at the cost of speed. When the arms are deployed, the fighter receives a boost in it's overall offensive punch thanks to increased accuracy, but at the cost of reduced speed due to a loss of aerodynamics. Similarly, if the Delta Fighter disables it's shields in order to activate it's active camouflage or disruptor field, the ship suffers a moderate reduction in durability for the duration of it's inactivity (-1 Defense).

There is a single external hardpoint under each wing, and a single external hardpoint on the back of each wing. The most common ordnance equipped to these hardpoint are large, unguided bombs and cluster munitions, missile racks (4x small, 2x medium, or 1x large warhead each), Nano-missile pods (36x, grenade-scale, Brilliant Missiles), secondary blasters cannons, and additional thrusters. Additionally, a reinforced hardpoint exists on the dorsal superstructure of the Delta Fighter that can support large, specialized equipment, at the cost of a marginal reduction in top speed and acceleration.

For each pair of attachments (or single large attachment), the following stats are changed.
  • Bombs and Missiles (-1 Maneuverability until expended)
  • Nano-Missile Pods (-1 Maneuverability / +1 Armament)
  • Extra Cannons (-1 Speed / +1 Armament)
  • Extra Thrusters (+1 Speed / -1 Maneuverability)
  • Large Weapon Mount (-1 Speed / +1 Armament)
  • Large Utility Mount (-1 Speed / +1 Defense)

  • Stealth Suite
  • Can bypass planetary shields
  • Can swap between Fighter and Walker mode
  • Numerous combat/utility augmentation options
  • Can only have shields, cloak,
    or field disruptor active at any one time.
  • No Hyperdrive
  • Must fly at Average speeds to maintain stealth or safely fly through a shield using field Disruptor, and suffers a defense rating reduction when doing so

The Delta Variable Geometry Self Propelled Droid Starfighter, or Delta Fighter for short, is an experimental starfighter designed to achieve maximum maneuverability via a unique s-foil actuator system incorporated into two of the fighter's three primary thrusters. Likewise, the starfighter forgoes a humanoid pilot in favor of a much smaller crystal lifeform that is significantly less vulnerable to the effects of G-forces. Designed to perform elite hunter-killer operations in support of a wider offensive operation, the Delta Fighter incorporates impressive offensive and defensive specifications into an extremely fast chassis with unrivaled maneuverability, forgoing a Hyperdrive to achieve such a feat.

Initially inspired by the ancient Vulture Droid Starfighter and the larger bomber variant of the craft, the Delta Fighter is likewise able to shift it's superstructure to support terrestrial walking, repulsor-assisted hovering, and near-aquatic operations. Possessing a pair of long, backward-bending legs, the Delta is capable of a lumbering walk or a very agile 'skimming' through terrestrial environments. These hyper-mobile 'legs' actually contain two of the droid's primary thrusters and function as a form of extra-durable S-foil, enabling the fighter a wide range of thrust vectors along it's ventral axis, including the capacity to fly 'backwards' nearly as fast as it can fly forwards (one point lower than it's current speed rating). Capitalizing on the look and mobility of the extra-durable S-foils utilized in the 'legs' of the variable geometry fighter, another pair of S-foils designed to mimic the asthetic look and feel of blocky arms are incorporated into the design and each end in a pair of light repeating blaster cannons. Underneath these weapons, a pair of dexterous manipulators are fashioned to mimic the look and function of humanoid hands, enabling the Delta to grapple with other walkers and large terrestrial beasts. Though not advised, these actuators possess a tensile strength sufficient to match a Bull Rancor in a wrestling match.


Though the Delta Fighter may find itself in a number of situations where it cannot safely or effectively activate it's Stygium cloak, the ship comes equipped with a number of secondary stealth options that can supplement or add to the effects of the Stygium cloak. The more mundane of these systems are a suite of degaussing systems, ion trail dispersing systems, and sensor absorbing paint. Together, these three passive system are always helping to minimize the Delta Fighters visibility on magnetic, energy, and ion-tracking sensors. Further supporting the stealth of the craft, as well as it's overall combat utility, are a pair of active suites that provide local sensor jamming to other nearby craft as well as a signal scrambler that helps to hide any wayward emissions from the Delta Fighter among the background noise of either space or inhabited planets.

While the Delta Fighter sports an impressive speed and maneuverability and a competent durability, the offensive punch of the Delta is, at best, average. To compensate for this during periods where increased firepower is essential, the Delta Fighter comes with several hardpoints capable of supporting a number of after market augmentations. While most often used to equip single-shot ordnance, these hardpoints can also be used to mount rocket pods, additional cannons, secondary thrusters, and more specialized equipment such as dorsal turrets, artillery weaponry, additional shields and sensors, and innumerable more exotic options available upon the galactic marketplace.


Once a top of the line military prototype, the Delta Fighter is designed to utilize sentient crystal life-forms in a Droid Starfighter body for both air superiority and ground support operations. Once testing was complete, it was destined to revolutionize starfighter combat for whichever military was investing in it's creation. However, that all changed when a rogue crystal named Chip happened upon this prototype in his travels. Noticing the crystal interface port on the back of the craft, and finding that his BEEP-XD chassis could juuuust barely squeeze inside, Chip decided to take the faux body for a ride.

And he loved it.

And has no intentions of giving it back.

Also, he accidentally blew up part of the facility while pushing buttons... So he couldn't really give it back even if he wanted to. Which he doesn't. Because he likes it.

Also... Robot hands!

[member="Felix Hardy"]

Come young one.

Touch my body.

My cold, hard, robot body.

It is ready for you.

It can bend and shift-
Has legs for days-
big, strong hands-
and plenty of bolt-on attachments for extra fun times.

You know you want it approved and ready for interaction.

Challenege Accepted.

First on the list, Phrik is a restricted item ash shown Here and requires a Mining Operation, a raid, excavation, steal phrikite ore from the planets listed or suffer a major defeat from a non-force user.

If you could provide a place where you got phrik we may proceed.
Felix Hardy said:

Challenege Accepted.

First on the list, Phrik is a restricted item ash shown Here and requires a Mining Operation, a raid, excavation, steal phrikite ore from the planets listed or suffer a major defeat from a non-force user.

If you could provide a place where you got phrik we may proceed.
[member="Felix Hardy"]

I thought that Unique submissions no longer required dev threads for restricted materials?

Technology Rules
Here are the general rules and guidelines for Technology.
Fully constructed lightsabers are restricted to a maximum of semi-unique production.
The Armor Rating 9 & 10 will require the submission to be UNIQUE. These armor ratings are considered very strong and are usually dealing with unique items that should be restricted to Player Characters only.
Technology that has a restricted material (Beskar, Phrik, Cortosis, Songsteel, Echani Graphite, Ionite, & Pyronium), will no longer require a completed ‘restricted material’ objective thread as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as UNIQUE.

That only applies to the Technology part of the forums, for Ships and Vehicles you need a thread to use the restricted material.
[member="Felix Hardy"]


I'll be karked....

Alright. Let me mull that one over a bit... See what I can pull out my backside.

For now, let's move onto the rest of it while I figure out what I want to do about the armor.
[member="Felix Hardy"]

Fairly accurate. That particular gif shows an in-atmosphere operation with arms and legs deployed... So High Speed and Extreme Maneuverability. But in the gif the starfighter is at a near-stop before and after the maneuver. So he's basically just doing a High Yoyo, but backwards and at low speeds (and very tight).

High Yo-Yo
The high Yo-Yo is a very effective maneuver, and very difficult to counter. The maneuver is used to slow the approach of a fast moving attacker while conserving the airspeed energy. The maneuver is performed by reducing the angle at which the aircraft is banking during a turn, and pulling back on the stick, bringing the fighter up into a new plane of travel. The attacker then rolls into a steeper pitch turn, climbing above the defender. The trade-off between airspeed and altitude provides the fighter with a burst of increased maneuverability. This allows the attacker to make a smaller turn, correcting an overshoot, and to pull in behind the defender. Then, by returning to the defenders plane, the attacker restores the lost speed while maintaining energy.
Speed that maneuver up and turn it around and a agile TIE Fighter could do similar. Maybe not quite as tight... But close. Especially in space.

Good thing Crystals don't have to worry about G-forces. :p
[member="Felix Hardy"]

I thought that was between different writers? Why would I bother doing a trading thread with myself when I could just as easily solo a thread to get the restricted material itself?

All restricted materials need a thread; if someone grabs it from someone else's we need it. We also make clear in contests that the reward is for the character, not the writer. This is nothing new.
It isn't hard to go. "Here is the thread the RM material was found." "Here is the thread where it was traded", "here is the market sale where I gave it to my alt." It could even be the marketplace but we need a paper trail.
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