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Approved Tech Delphus.6-class Shielding

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  • Redundant multi-layer Ray Shielding
  • Redundant multi-layer Particle Shielding
  • Redundant Molecular Shielding
  • Solar Radiation Shielding
  • Rad-Dampening Shielding
  • Relativistic Shielding
  • Atmospheric-friction Shielding
  • Ion Shielding
  • Micropoles
  • Extremely powerful multi-layer, multi-projector shielding system
  • Extremely Expensive - Can only be equipped on Semi-unique and unique starships
  • Power intensive - The shield projector systems require massive amounts of power to operate cruisers five hundred meters and above can equip them.
The Delphus.6-class shield generator focuses the shielding coverage from three hundred meters down to two hundred meters making its coverage thirty-three percent more powerful giving it five hundred and thirty-two SBD of coverage over the two hundred feet shields area.

Each individual projector is based on the previous Delphus.4 projector utilizing its frame and core design. A central main shield projector is encased in an Alusteel frame with an Agrinian mesh layer providing protection from ionic and electromagnetic energy. Each projector is equipped with an array of shield

This main layer projector includes protection from various sources of damaging effects by incorporating a series of special projector arrays. A ray shield array protects from energy-based weapons and spacial effects. A particle shield array protects from kinetic weapons that fire projectiles and from space debris and solid matter. A relativistic shield array is included to protect from temporal effects. a rad-dampening shield array protects from harmful radiation from weapons and spacial anomalies. An atmospheric-friction shield array to protect the ship from entering and exiting a planet's atmosphere. An ion shield array protects from harmful ionic interference such as Ion storms and Ion Cannon fire. A tenth smaller projector is built into the base of the structure, below the main projector, which emits a smaller field that offers the projector itself its own shielding. The field only extends out around the projector and offers no protection to the vessel outside defense for the projector. In addition to the previous systems shield types the Delphus.6 adds are a pair of Molecular shield projectors that give the shielded zone a double redundancy molecular shield. This shield works to aid the energy systems in feeding the shielding and equipment aboard the vessel with needed energy. This shield siphons a percentage of all forms of energy from incoming fire. It then feeds this energy to the systems array of capacitor banks. these massive power capacitors then regulate the power and send it to other systems which may need more power via triple redundancy power regulated cable systems. A new Solar Radiation Shield has also been added to the projector to assist the shield system in dealing with solar radiation and solar-powered weapon systems. In addition to the multiple projector system a system of Micropoles are installed at each point of the hexagon to aid in defensive coverage.

Around the main shield projector, eight double strobe shield projectors. These projectors each contain a Ray and Particle shield array adding further protection from energy and kinetic damage. Each of the eight projectors works in a set of two projectors that modulate the shield harmonics. This alternating frequency shielding provides the four redundant layers. The total output of these shield projectors is less than the main projector usually projecting a bubble of one hundred SBD over the same two hundred meters. These projectors are equipped with lateral control systems that allow the projectors to focus their shielding into one arc rather than a bubble. This can increase the defensive power by two hundred SBD into the focused shield arc.

A grid array of seven projectors is laid out in an overlapping hexagon configuration one hundred meters apart. At each of the six points of the array, an additional Projector is installed overlapping the central shield projector. These hexagon shield grids then continue overlapping covering the vessel in a grid-like layer of shield projectors

Power for the system is provided by an advanced dedicated capacitance systems. Power loop capacitors direct power from the vessel's reactors core boosting the shield arrays power which is then supercharged by Capacitor Overchargers that store the power in dedicated Capacitor Banks built into the base of the projector. This power is then distributed to all ten of the systems projectors by redundant Power Cables, giving them the constant power needed for peak operational defense. Redundant Cooling Cables are run throughout the system maintaining optional temperature around the capacitance and electrical systems.
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