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Defense Against the Dark Arts (Josiah)

Sophia Walsh

Captain Walsh
She had studied the works of the Jedi as a child wishing that one day she too could be like them. Sophia had tried so hard to learn to move objects as a child in order to make her mother happy. She failed miserably each and every time and was left out of everything. It was terrible that nobody even tried to help her out. The only reason she was at the temple was because it was where her mother was and thought it best she be there. Since she couldn't play light sabers with everyone else Sophia read for something to do.

Later she completely gave up on the Force user thing and joined the academy. She felt it useless to waste her energies on something that was never to be. Sophia never really gave it a second thought even through her different interactions with various Force Users. It wasn't her, she was a pilot and a mechanic. That however didn't mean she couldn't learn to protect herself from Force Users. If she was to ever get over her fears Sophia needed to learn to protect herself when the Sith came a knocking again for a third time. She knew in her current situation it was only a matter of time until they did and this time Sophia wanted to be prepared. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful for the protection she received. It was only that she wished to be able to protect herself as well and prove she was much more than a delicate flower which needed protection.

The best place she thought to learn was from a Force-user themselves which was why Sophia had come to the Sanctum today. If anybody knew how to protect themselves from a force-user it would be another one. Hopefully she could entice one to help her with the basket of homemade cookies she had brought with her. She knew everyone was busy but hopefully they could make a little room in there day for her.

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Meetings, training sessions, and everything in-between. This was what cluttered the schedule of the young Master known as Josiah Denko. As he walked along the halls of the Roon Sanctum, his mind was quite literally scattered; for he did not know which task to undertake next. Ever since his elevation to Master, the responsibilities and burdens he had to bear were at least tripled. Now he was no longer a Knight seeking additional tutelage and conducting missions on the part of the Crusaders, now he was a Master in charge of the Templar Rangers. Simply put, he was stressed, tired, and could use a break...and a nap.

It was then that the sweet aroma seized and captivated his attention. T'was the intoxicating scent of something warm, sweet, and freshly baked. It was then that Josiah displayed one of his more uncanny abilities: the capacity to discern baked goods via smell! They were not his personal favorite, puffcakes, nor were they cakes at were freshly baked cookies! The young Master could not simply ignore the presence of quality baked goods, so putting on his dazzling smile, Josiah strode along following the aroma. He was going to attempt to sate the burning lust for baked goods which consumed every fiber of his being...

Upon rounding the corner, he was greeted by the stunning Sophia Walsh. He had encountered her indirectly a few times prior, on various missions, and thereby did not have the greatest opportunity to get to know her. She was a multi-talented individual from what he knew, capable of following him into a Sith Temple and then commanding the heavens through exceptional starfighter piloting. However, her presence came as a surprise, as it was not too often that those insensitive to the touch of the Force made trips to the Roon Sanctum.

Regardless, the young Master inclined his head in greeting.

"Hello Captain Walsh, it's been awhile! How are you?"

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Sophia Walsh

Captain Walsh
Sophia had met Master Denko on missions but had never really been given the chance to meet him. She knew the newly minted Master was very busy try to settle into his position. He was impressive from what she had heard being mastered at his age and being put in charge of the Rangers. She hated to bother him with her issues as she was sure he already had a ton on his plate. He could at least have a cookie though.

"Master Denko, what a pleasant surprise. I'm doing well. How are you? Cookie?" She smiled holding out the basket in front of her. The thought of her doing well was laughable but the last thing she wished to do was burden anyone with what had gone though yet again. This type was different than the last as it wasn't over and he was waiting for her.

It was what triggered her want to learn and train more. Sophia needed to learn how to better protect herself from the Sith. The reason for this however was still unclear as she had yet to decide if it was to get away from him or show him they were equals. In due time she would figure that one out.

She would love for Master Denko to help her but she knew he was far too busy to take on anyone else but perhaps he could find her someone than. "I was looking for someone to help me. I need to learn how to defend myself against the Sith." She didn't exactly explain why as she was sure he knew a bit about what had happened plus she didn't want to go through her sob story. The Jedi, her parents had been too "busy" so now finally Sophia was taking her future in her own hands. She no longer would she be a victim.

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