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Decline Liberty; Chose Death

Zahori Denko
Slavery is such a blasphemous trade. Quite frowned upon in Confederate space. Slavery in a nation based upon freedom was something that had and would be stomped out. Sure, Vael'roth was a dark sider but he still believed that no living creature should be forced to work inhumanely.

A Confederate mission, accepted by Vael and his ally @[member="XV-265"], prompted them to set course for Ryloth in order to stomp out the flames of slavery on the planet. "So some twi'lek thinks he can get away with his heinous crimes. Pity. He's probably a great businessman. Sad that he'll have to lose everything today." Vael commented as his ship came into orbit of Ryloth. "Let's hope we get to him before his saviors do. C'mon." he stated to XV-265.


This mission would be great for XV. He would get to kill organics, destroy buildings, kill more organics and then get paid. He didn't even mind his teammate on this mission. He hadn't killed anything for too long and now he would finally do it again.

''Is the Twi'lek's escape route a ship capable of interstellar travel?'' If so, then they could maybe destroy it before it even lands and trap the slave that way. Then they would have much more time to complete their mission objective and much more time to kill organics and destroy other things.

@[member="Vael'roth Kon"]
Zahori Denko

THe lone ship touched down onto Ryloth far off from the target's home. "I would assume so. When his means of escape does come to the planet, we must ensure he does not leave on it. By any means necessary." Vael replied. Immediately, he went for the ship's ramp and disembarked onto the planet's surface.

It was a fairly warm afternoon on Ryloth with slight wind. Vael's cloak fluttered lightly upon the breeze as he began walking toards the home of the Twi'lek slaver.