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Dealing with Kuat

"The White Nova" dropped out of hyperspace several leagues from Kuat. As he sat on the bridge of his ship he looked to the fabled Drive Yards that had supplied the galaxy with masterful starships for hundreds of years. Serenno had little in the terms of a defensive fleet or star corp, in fact they often sent excessive amounts of money contracting out to mercenary guilds. Now that Adron was a Count of his planet and held influence he felt it was time for Serenno to place it's protection in it's own hands.

The Captain of his ship stood beside him as a loud beeping erupted over the bridge. "Kuat's defensive fleet is hailing us, my lord." The man pointed out, clasping his arms behind his back as he spoke. Adron tapped a button on his command chair, bringing the image of a Kuati official to life in front of him.

"Unidentified vessel, power down all weapons systems immediately and state your business." The man said, little patience coming from his words. Adron looked to the Captain who was already seeing to the weapons systems. "I am Count Malvern of Serenno, requesting a shuttle's passage to your planet. Your people should be expecting me."

The Kuati representative turned from the holoscreen from a moment before crossing his arms and responding to the Count. "We have to run your codes, please stand by." With that the holoemitter died down, leaving Adron to his own mind.

[member="Hadleigh Purkis"]
At the heart of Kuat's defense fleet is a single, thousand meter vessel; the Contrivance.

The warship, along with its much smaller escorts, had their bows turned to the general point in space where the hyperlane met the system.

Surrounding Kuat itself was the shattered remnants of Kuat's fabled artificial ring, a massive complex of stations, shipyards, and defense platforms. Although it looked broken the larger pieces were being made functional again with several key shipyards still manufacturing starships efficiently and in droves. "Your codes check out. Deploy your shuttle and follow the specified route, any deviation will have consequences."

Certainly the count didn't need further details to understand the meaning of those words.

The route provided will take his shuttle beyond the defense fleet and towards one of the ring remnants, the station officially designated as KDY's headquarters. Once landed, a small escort of security officials will guide him and his followers to a large conference room where they'd be told to wait for Hadleigh's arrival.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
There was a momentary wait for his codes to be cleared. As they were processed Adron himself made his way down to the main hanger, his shuttle already in the process of being prepped. He moved through the halls with a small escort, four security officers from his House's personal security staff. They would be the only men he took with him during this visit, and more so out of tradition than caution. A Count was expected to be seen with a forceful guard, especially a Count of Serenno. Whether it was his young mind and inexperienced ways, or even merely his overestimation of his abilities Adron did not feel a need for such a compliment, hence the four men who joined him as apposed to the twenty his Security Captain advised he take.

He pulled his ebony silk cloak over his shoulders, keeping his hood down rather than dressing it over his head as he usually chose to. As he entered the main hanger he felt his personal comm device beep softly on his waist. Tapping it to silence the beeping brought the ship Captain's voice to his attention. "All codes have been accepted and you are cleared for departure, my lord."

"Thank you, Captain." He returned, stepping onto his transport shuttle with his men. After they had all loaded onto the transport and taken their seats Adron could feel the starship lift off the hanger deck, drifting out of the safety of the dock.

An odd mix of nervousness and confidence coursed through Adron as he contemplated the transaction to come. He had been groomed for such business his entire life, as a Count of Serenno it was in his blood. However, he was still only a seventeen year old man coming into his title, and that was enough to make anyone nervous. As the engine's gave off a slight hum he felt the shuttle rocket towards the Drive Yard's main headquarters.

From take off there was little delay in travel, the brief shuttle over to the headquarters, the quick landing procedure. It had all gone rather well in Adron's opinion, so far.

Adron's shuttle touched down in it's new home and immediately the rear ramp was lowered for the man. Two of his men took point, escorting him off the shuttle, the other two followed in tow to create an effective box surrounding their lord. Another painful procedure that Adron did not care for.

They had been met by a protocol droid with a compliment of security officials, who escorted them to a rather nice conference room. As soon as they entered the conference room Adron's men took defensive positions. Two men on either side of the door while the other two stood over the Count as he sat.

It was rather odd for Adron to be kept waiting, very odd indeed.

[member="Hadleigh Purkis"]

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