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Darth Zuhkzo (WIP)

Darth Zuhkzo

The Kind Sith

NAME: Zuhkzo (Formerly Zaijar Gregblev)

FACTION: Sith Empire

RANK: Darth

SPECIES: Human (Naboo)

AGE: 45

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

EYES: Dark Green

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Pale White



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Mechanical Body
After losing many of his limbs in a duel with a fellow Sith Lord Zuhkzo's legs and arms we're replaced with cybernetics. Specifically cybernetics that would allow him to fight in combat more effectively, his legs in particular we're made to climb onto walls with mechanical talons able to pierce nearly any surface.

Form IV: Ataru
From a young age Zuhkzo had been training intently with Form IV also called "The Way of the Hawk-Bat," is an aggressive, acrobatic style. A practitioner of this form channels the Force to achieve high-speed movements, impossible leaps, and deadly strikes.


Respiratory Issues
During his trials as an Apprentice at the Sith Academy Zuhkzo would suffer from severe burns from Force Lightning brought on by his Overseer er who punished him severely for failing one of his trials. The lightning would effect his lungs and Respiratory system making it much harder for the Sith Lord to breathe without the need of a helmet.

Mechanical Body
While his legs can give him a unique advantage by allowing him to climb on nearly every surface, his mechanical body is incredibly susceptible to Force Lighting and Force Crush.

The one thing that instantly stands out from Zuhkzo from many Sith aside from his mechanical look, is his dark purple robes that he wears over his cybernetics. Without his mask on Zuhkzo would resemble a normal human male with pale white skin, dark green eyes, dark brown beard and a large burn scar that covers most of his face and neck caused by Force Lighting that was shot at him some years ago.

Zaijar Gregblev soon to be known as "Darth Zuhkzo" was born on the planet of Naboo though he was taken from his parents only a few hours after his birth by a group of Jedi after his Mother and Father we're convinced that the infant would live a far better life under the guise of several Jedi Masters.


Zuhkzo's lightsaber hilt was made of a highly resistant metal alloy
The blade itself was purple rare in both the Jedi and Sith alike



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