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Approved Tech Darth Vader's Armor

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Out of character information:
Intent: To give Kyrel Ren a new set of armour, using the shell of the ancient Sith Lord; Darth Vader.
Image Source:
Canon Link:
Restricted Missions:
Primary Source: Vader's Armor

Manufacturer: Doctor Cylo, Suravi Teigra (Repair Work and Enhancements)
Model: E-3778Q-1R
Affiliation: Kyrel Ren
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique (Canon Item)
Material: Ablative Plating, Beskar, Carbon, Durasteel, Neutronium, Obsidian, Plasteel, Protera Rybocoarse, Triadex, Internal Components.

Classification: Heavy Power Armor/Life Support Armor
Weight: 40kg
Quality: 10

  • Force Imbued

[*]Electronic Voice Processor and implanted Enunciator
[*]Air pump, Ventilator connected with backpack that supplies air to the lungs
[*]Utility Belt

[*]Integrated Mandalorian Power Shield (Chest)
[*]Rybocoarse Underlay
[*]Magno-grip Boots
The E-3778Q-1R system is the personal power armor of Kyrel Ren of the First Order’s Knights of Ren. It had once belonged to Darth Vader as his personal armor and life support system, It was built in 19 BBY by Doctor Cylo and his team of scientists, who worked frantically to save Anakin Skywalker's now Darth Vader after his fateful duel with his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on the volcanic world of Mustafar. After sustaining the severe injuries that were acquired he was transported back to Coruscant where he was worked on for hours on end. When it was finished emerged what would later become the face of the Empire, and would serve as the mechanical prison for Vader, for nearly 20 years before having it changed sometime between 5 BBY and 0 BBY for a different Variant of the same design.

Long after his death, the armor would be locked within a storage room, not being touched by time within the bowels of Lord Vader's Castle. It would remain in a black box for 850 years. The Knight of Ren Kyrel Ren who was very much obsessed with Darth Vader wishing to fulfill his legacy, and being a Cyborg himself wished to find such an armor to better inspire fear to the First Order's enemies, and to gain a new set of armor for himself. His journey to finding such an armor led him straight to Mustafar where it was occupied by the Galactic Alliance, as if the force willed it. The First Order Invaded Mustafar with the Knights of Ren being sent to Vader's Castle to combat the Jedi. There Kyrel faced off against Jedi from the Firemane Order, Ancient Tuk'ata hounds, Sith Training Droids, Darth Vader's Personal droid army of Commando Droids. He was also nearly possessed by the ancient Sith Lord that was awakened from the conflict and was a Lord of Mustafar the Sith known as Darth Thaxsis. He even faced off against the Jedi Masters of the Galactic Alliance as well.

After the Battle was won, and both the Jedi and Alliance forces were driven from Mustafar, and the surrounding systems of the sector, Kyrel visited the Castle, and Sith Temple below to finish what he started with Lord Thaxsis as he knew that the Ancient Sith would know where such things were, and so allowed him to possess Kyrel. Kyrel than went through a series of trials within his mind, which looked to be a replica of the Bastion of Ren on Virgillia. He underwent a Trial of Skill, and Spirit, a Trial of Insight, and a Trial of Sacrifice. After the end of the trials Kyrel faced off against Thaxsis in a battle for Kyrel's mind. Kyrel won the duel and so trapped Thaxsis within himself gaining some of his power, and after deeming Kyrel to be the victor Thaxsis helped Kyrel with his task by leading him to a set of underground tunnels that were entered from a secret passage out of the tomb.

Kyrel walked along the tunnels not having a sense of direction, or where he was going, but only the force as his guide. He followed along the path of one of the tunnels, which eventually led him to a catwalk surrounded by the lava river below that went through the castle. It was guarded by two commando droids which Kyrel dispatched with ease, and made his way inside the room that they were guarding. The room revealed itself to be a storage room holding a number of items, and spare parts. Kyrel than came across a black box which he sensed the power of the dark side radiating through it, he removed it, and saw the set of Vader's armor. He touched it and received bits and pieces of memories or visions of Vader he couldn't say but that was when he knew he found what he was looking for. He than placed it back within the box and made his way back to First Order space with it.

The entire suit was in a deplorable state upon the time of recovery, so Kyrel would issue a request to relevant agencies repair it for his personal use upon his return from his quest. Moff Teigra, then minister of Science and Health within the First Order, would take on the Ren’s request as a personal project, the private collector quite excited by the thought of handling such an iconic piece of Sith armor. All of her initial efforts would go toward in depth scans of the remains of the suit, including collecting small samples of the alchemized armored bits for her own ends.

Later, she would go above and beyond the initial requests of a simple repair job, going at great pains to enhance the suit so that it could stand up to the modern rigors of combat while still adhering to the exacting specifications of Kyrel to maintain its original appearance.


Aesthetically, the construction of Vader’s suit had been inspired by ancient Sith Armor and elite Sith War droids, but in actual performance, it was little more protective than a basic space suit, and thus vulnerable to the likes of lightsaber blows and even basic blasters. Suravi fixed that, first creating a bleeding edge armorweave that matched the performance of high grade Beskar'kandar with a host of innovative features.

The innermost layers consist of comfortable and hypoallergenic triadex and insulating shock absorbing gel layer creating a protective hermetic seal against environmental hazards and vacuums. Next comes a layer of rybocoarse that functions both to pressurize the underlying layers and also greatly boost the strength and endurance of the wearer. On top of that comes several protective sheets of force-imbued carbon-nanotubes sandwiched with liquid layers of ferrofluids comprised of particles of beskar and magnetized neutronium. Small force field generators embedded in this layer, powered by graphene based ultracapacitors capable of wireless charging, creating fields that can form the liquid layers into a solid plate-like composition akin to real beskar armor, greatly reinforcing the carbon-nanotube sheets and dispersing energy from attacks. The outermost and visible layer is a blast resistant and fire retardant quilted layer made in large part from recycled materials of the original bodyglove.

The helmet, mask, girdle, crushgaunts, and armored sections were able to be repaired and their protective qualities were enhanced by telepathically infusing these pieces with force imbued lattices of diamond micro-crystals, then given a new finish of black ablative coating. However, the underlying electronical components purpose built for Vader’s life support systems were stripped out and replaced with more advanced components that better meshed with Kyrel’s particular makeup as a cyborg. However, the electronic voice processor and implanted enunciator would remain the same to help with Kyrel's damaged vocal chords, and the air pump and ventilator connected with the backpack located within the suit that cycled and filtered air through Kyrel's lungs would still remain in place, allowing him to have an easier time breathing through his damaged lungs, despite the rasp it would make as it once did in his old life support armor. Adjustments were also made to the pieces to ensure that they conformed to Kyrel’s physique.

A Mandalorian power shield was integrated into the control panel to create an additional level of defense, capable of stopping both energy-based and physical attacks up to the level of small explosives.

Just about the only thing that couldn’t be completely recovered was the armorweave cape, but a new one would be made out of tough black protera fabric with a similar level of protection.

  • Armor materials are imbued with the Dark Side of the Force to improve protective qualities and strengthen the user’s connection to the Force.
  • Strength and endurance is greatly enhanced by rybocoarse underlay.
  • Armor is completely sealed-off against hazardous environments with its own inbuilt life support systems.
  • The armor is designed off of traditional Sith armor, and the iconic skull look of the mask provides a sense of fear to enemies.
  • The Armor is protected from Electrical attacks thanks to the modifications but is also could be damaged through EMP or Ion attacks making it a hard time for Kyrel to move in the armor.
  • Force-imbued enhancements can be wholly nullified or weakened by Force Light and related techniques, and anti-Force countermeasures like Ysalamir or Void Stone.
  • In an unpowered state, say from something like a power surge, the total weight of the suit can be greatly restrictive to movement.
  • Without power to the force field generators, the soft armorweave sections become highly vulnerable to attack.
  • The heavy shoulder piece greatly restricts arm movements above the shoulders.
OOC: I would like to thank [member="Suravi Teigra"] for collaborating with me on adding upgrades to make this armor work, and give her credit for the help she gave me in this sub. :)
[member="Kyrel Ren"]

Alright, upon first review my concerns are the following:

Kyrel Ren said:
Intent: To give Kyrel a new set of armor, and show the Galaxy Vader lives.
By far the most important item the Factory reviews in the submissions. Chaos rules states that no canon characters can be played, and while I understand your character has a bit of an obsession with Vader, this intent will need to get cleaned up. Having his armor won't make you Darth Vader and i want to make that explicitly clear.

The second concern is that you are pretty much copying and pasting the wiki -- bits and pieces are understandable, but this is the entirety -- much of which i doubt actually remained functional after 800 years.

Please rewrite your description to suit how you found it and what it's properties are _after_ based on what Kyrel Ren needs -- not for Vader.

Once you are done please tag me and I will review the submission once more for any further edits.

Okay so I understand it and I fixed it with some help in figuring out what Kyrel would need so the description was completely rewritten and Intent was made clearer than it was, as for what it was originally I apologize and hope this is now easier to review. So it is now fixed. :)
[member="Kyrel Ren"]

No problem. Looks good. Okay, just a few questions.

Kyrel Ren said:
insulating shock absorbing gel layer creating a protective hermetic seal against environmental hazards and vacuums

Does this mean that this insulating shock absorbing gel layer is only for creating a hermetic seal against environmental hazards and vacuums?
[member="Kyrel Ren"]

If there is resistance to electrical discharge then that is a strength.

However you state in your weakness that in a power surge the total weight of the armor can be greatly restrictive. So at what point is this weak against electric discharge/ emp/ Ion?

Ah yes I forgot to state that in there and will add that in as a strength but as far as that weakness goes it can yes be weak due to the heavy weight but it is weak lets say when lightning hits it and damages the systems. Like for example without the systems than Kyrel will have a harder time moving as he would be moving slowly if the armor is damaged from an electrical or ion attack if Kyrel weren't able to react in time.
Alright, then make sure you add in that while it does have some protection against electrical attacks. it can be vulnerable to EMP and Ion attacks.

Once that is done I should be able to approve this.

[member="Kyrel Ren"]
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