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Darth Proeliator

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Name: Darth Proeliator​
Faction: Lords of the Fringe​
Rank: Sith Knight​
Species: Human​
Age: 30​
Sex: Male​
Height: 6'4​
Weight: 235 lbs.​
Eyes: One blue, one orange (cybernetic)​
Skin: White, tattooed​
Force Sensitive: Yes​
Force Abilities are as follows:​
Force Speed​
Force Sense​
Force Persuasion​
Force Illusion​
Force Push​
Force Pull​
Force Masking​
Force Choke​
Force Lightning​
Force Throw​
Force Jump​
Force Control Pain​
Force Levitation​
Force Shield​
Force Resonate​
Force Dark Aura​
Force Shadow​
Force Telepathy​
Force Absorb/Dissipate Energy​
Force Enhancement​
Combat forms:​
Darth Proeliator is skilled with unarmed Echani combat, learning it from his partner Kiara and her husband, Raien Keth. He is a master of Form II, and highly skilled with Form I, Form V, and Form IV as well. Also skilled with Jar'Kai and a saber staff.​
Even though he is proficient with all of those powers listed above, Darth Proeliator is truly more combat focused. As a consequence, he is not as powerful with direct Force combat as are most. In a confrontation that never crosses lightsabers but is fought solely trough the Force, Darth Proeliator will almost always lose. In addition, he is arrogant, merciless, easily angered, paranoid, and extremely judgmental.​
Darth Proeliator was once a powerful Sith Lord in 22 ABY. His parents had been Jedi, who the Empire had killed as a part of Order 66, while Darth Proeliator, then known as Daniel Aldan, had watched from a secret passageway. He had vowed revenge, and discovered his Force Sensitivity, joining the Sith to pursue this goal. Once a Sith, he grew strong and skilled in the Dark Side, but his true talents la with the lightsaber. On the Sith homeworld of Munto Codru he helped orchestrate the takeover of Dathomir and Korriban. In 23 ABY, while on a mission to the Unknown Regions, he vanished. He was kidnapped by the surviving members of the Rakatan race, once rulers of the Infinite Empire. Placed in a stasis machine, he was supposed to be used as a way for the Rakatans to rediscover their ancient Force Powers. But a war between the tribe that captured him and another tribe, that left both groups destroyed, and he forgotten. But the power supply on the stasis machine was long, and he remained there, forgotten by the galaxy, for almost a thousand years. When the power supply finally failed in 836 ABY, he awoke. The prolonged coma had left him without any memories or knowledge of who he once was, but his training and skill with the Dark Side remained.​
He found his ship, still on the world, and upon finding his belongings that included several Sith scrolls, he slowly began to understand that he had been a Sith Lord, known as Darth Proeliator. This, and months of rigorous physical training put him once again at the peak of his power. With this, he easily took over the world, which was inhabited now by the primitive survivors of shipwrecks over the centuries, the surviving Rakatan tribes having long since left the world. Tragically, he was still imprisoned on the world. He would have likely remained so, had the galaxy not had the fortune to have a pair of researchers land on his world, searching for evidence of the Rakata. Without mercy, he murdered them and stole their ship, flying out into the Galaxy to follow the old Sith goal of mantra and strength.​
An ancient Wayfarer-class transport.​
Personal items:​
His lightsaber, Umbra, with a black blade. In this style of Exar Kun's lightsaber, though it is the size of a normal lightsaber it can produce another blade. As well, he has Sith armor, made of black beskar and rarely worn save in battle.​
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