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Darth Name Feedback + Suggestions?

  • Darth Ardyti
'Destroyer' on a Sith translator lmao
  • Darth Ixion
King of the Lapiths
  • Darth Attalos
Adaption of a Greek King name.
  • Darth Ajanus
'Ajani' means 'he fights for possession'

These are some ideas I've had for a future name of this character once he becomes worthy of such a title. I'd like some of your opinions on them, and any methods I could use on finding a good 'Darth' name.

Feel free to discuss your own name choices here, I could really do with some inspiration.
[member="Drios Rapux"]

I'd rather look for symbolism instead of outright "LOL DESTRUCTION", but that's personal preference.

Whilst she was still a Sith faithful, Lassiter got the title Darth Drethi which is a name derived from a Jedi killing beast. It works too.
[member="Drios Rapux"]

All of these names sound just fine. If I had to point at one that sounds better, I would say Ajanus. It's not a name I've heard before, yet it rolls of the tongue nicely. Ardyti seems more like the name of a pawn than a player. It would do for a henchman, but never a villain in truth.

Taking on the mantle of Darth and a name of the Sith, is a very important matter. The name one chooses is the name that is etched into one's legacy. Legacy is at the heart of Sith Philosophy (See Darth Bane's Rule of Two; on apprentices). Therefore, be mindful of the name you pick, because it is a name for eternity.

Now, my general idea when picking a name is to look at 1: What my character does, 2: How she does it, and 3: Why she does it. The what and how is simple enough. It lends to your character's approach to problems, be they a schemer and manipulator, direct warrior, or a stealthy assassin. Generally, what is the theme of your character? Once you have an idea, you look at their motivations; the why. The why is very important. Motivations makes a character good, abilities are just the physical manifestation of said motivations.

When you have these things in mind, you may find symbolism and mythical figures that befit these themes. Don't jump on the first you find, keep looking and you'll find something great.

Now, I would like to quickly mention the "when" of a Darth-title. I for one, would never allow an Acolyte to bear such a title, because they have not proven themselves to be strong enough, yet. They are hopefuls, not darths. A knight may claim their name, and a Sith Lord, I would expect to enforce it.
This title should actually have a lot of meaning not just OOC but IC. Ascending to that point means leaving behind a piece of your self, it's as much rebirth as it is the claiming of a title. Your character decides what face he will show the galaxy from this day onwards, what name he will use to all but those close to him, if any.

It's not just about OOC symbolism either. Bane, one of the greatest, most cunning and most wise lords picked a name in basic because the meaning the word had to him, despite his masters and peers picking more exotic an extravagant ones. Think about that for a second. Bane was a simple man, not simple minded or anything but he had no need for grandstanding, arrogance and luxury. A simple name that got the message across was all he wanted. But it can also go in the completely opposite direction, for an eccentric sith with a high value placed on material possessions and appearances.

In the end it just has to feel right I guess. No one but you can decide what the best name for your character would be. When I typed "Darth Abyss" I just knew that I loved it, and that it was exactly the name I expected of him. If you get that feeling with a name, go for it.

[member="Drios Rapux"]

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