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Darth Erebos AKA Menoetius


Anzat's How it's Done


NAME: Menoetius
RANK: Knight
AGE: 171 Galactic Standard Years
HEIGHT: 202cm.
WEIGHT: 98 kgs.
EYES: Dark red/crimson.
HAIR: Black.
SKIN: White.



Due to being an Anzati, Menoetius possesses some natural traits that have proven to be very beneficial. For one, his regenerative capabilities far exceed that of any regular humanoid, allowing him to heal minor wounds in minutes and major wounds in hours to days, depending on severity. Secondly, all Anzati are naturally telepathic - allowing Menoetius to toy with other people's thoughts and in some extreme cases, completely shut down their mental functions, allowing him to feed easily. 'Feeding' can also be considered a strength, mainly because the consumption of a force sensitive's brain will increase Menoetius' own connection to the force, therefore increasing his power. Also worth a mention is Menoetius' lightning fast reflexes and physical strength, which is on par with professional athletes. This is also thanks to his Anzati heritage.

Menoetius can be considered an exceptional force user, with his force powers his main form of offense. Proficient in Force Drain, Force Lightning and Telekinesis.

Strengths in short:
  • Natural regenerative capabilities outmatch that of a human by far.
  • Naturally telepathic - can toy with thoughts, persuade people, communicate, dig around in people's minds, all with the power of his mind.
  • Consuming a force sensitive's brain will increase Menoetius' own connection to the force, thus increasing his power.
  • Lighting quick reflexes and physical strength which is on par with professional athletes.
  • Proficient in Force Drain, Force Lightning and Telekinesis.

Weaknesses in short:

  • Tempted by anything that can increase his power or are in his interests.
  • Not too great with a lightsaber.
  • Suffers from a supernatural hunger, much like Darth Nihilus but on a weaker scale.
  • Weapons of any kind can kill him if used correctly.


Menoetius grew up among the stars. His people are nomads, traveling from planet to planet, moon to moon, station to station. All in search of knowledge, power and prey. Anzati have been known to live entire lifetimes without tasting the 'soup' which is a sentient being's brain matter, but the majority of the population fed on sentients at least once a week. Menoetius had his first taste when he was merely fifteen years old.

Being fifteen was not a good time for the young Menoetius. He was separated from his mother and had to fend for himself. An exiled Jedi Padawan took Menoetius under his wing and that worked out fine for a few months. Unfortunately for the padawan, Menoetius' instincts kicked in one night when the padawan was asleep. He watched his own two proboscises unravel from pockets within his cheeks, suddenly feeling an overwhelming urge to direct them into the padawan's nostrils.

Menoetius did so and feasted upon the padawan's brain. This first taste of a force sensitive immediately made Menoetius feel stronger, more grounded. It also made the young Anzati addicted to the sweet soup and soon after, he was travelling to the stars like most Anzati. Since then, he has been obsessed with one goal; more power.

He's also left handed.





Diving into Dagobah (Ashin) - Menoetius meets the former Empress on the backwater planet of Dagobah. Sith training ensues.
Vagrant Fleet: The Meet and Greet (Moreau Station) - Menoetius participates in a meeting with the other members of the Vagrant Fleet, leading him to form a partnership with the then Sith Knight Jacen Cavill.
And So it Begins - Menoetius and Jacen raid a prison facility, kidnapping the convicts to be used as crew on their starship. They find lightsaber parts in the process, leading to creating their own lightsabers.
I seriously need an assistant - Menoetius and Jacen visit the Sith Master Reyven Samoth to further their training and knowledge in the Dark Side of the force.
Crimelord Blues - Menoetius and Jacen travel to Tatooine and steal the assets of a crimelord, killing his daughter and ex-jedi in the process.
Surgical Precision [Taking Borosk: Mandalorians] - Menoetius indulges in some senseless murder with Jacen on the world of Borosk.
You Have Ten Minutes (Jacen, Menoe) - Menoetius and Jacen visit Ashin Varanin aboard the Peregrine and are both given Darth titles.
SSD Showdown / Kryptus VS. Erebos - Darth Erebos and Darth Kryptus duel in the bowels of a wrecked Super Star Destroyer in a not-so-friendly duel.
Peace is For The Best - Manipulating senators is just your average day-to-day activity.
The Ghostship - A discovery on the edge of known space leads to acquiring a new ship.
Discerning the Transmundane - Menoetius goes about his business on Dromund Kaas.
I'm The Monster In Your Nightmares, Baby Girl - Menoetius' feeding is interrupted by Jacen's soon-to-be apprentice.
So I Hear You Eat Brains - The Sion is approached by former Sith Knight Mikhail Shorn. He is inducted to the dynamic duo's powerbase.
Possibility - Menoetius meets his soon-to-be apprentice.
The Legion Assembles - Menoetius attends a meeting on Hoth.
The Dreadlord's Trail - Menoetius seeks out Darth Moridin to pledge himself as his apprentice and further his own knowledge of the force.
I will show you a true Sith - Training with Darth Moridin ensues.
Attack of the living food (Empire Dominion of Anzat) - Menoetius witnesses Anzat's integration into the Sith Empire firsthand.
A Kindness - Kryptus warns Menoetius of impending danger.
In the Presence of mine Enemies - Menoetius is approached by Jorus Merril, which leads to his re-integration in the Vagrant Fleet.
Baby Come Back!! - Jacen attempts to convince Menoetius to come to the Empire.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend - Menoetius visits 'Cade Lee' in the BlasTech HQ.
Not a Matter if it Isn't Grey - Menoetius meets the Sith Emperor, Tyrin Ardik, on Rusaan.
I'm Bad For Digestion - Menoetius meets the son of Darth Moridin, who becomes his apprentice.
A Haunting Apparition - Menoetius follows his soon-to-be apprentice into the tomb of the Sith Lord Quothin.
Alchemic Adventure [Kaine] - (LOST IN THE SERVER CORRUPTION) Menoetius travels to Nelvaan with Kaine to unearth a Sith Holocron.
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Republic Invasion of Metalorn - (LOST IN THE SERVER CORRUPTION) Menoetius duels the Jedi Grandmaster.
Battle Above Plataea - (LOST IN THE SERVER CORRUPTION) Menoetius leads a fleet in a space battle over a planet.
Darkest Darkness - Menoetius makes his return to the galaxy.
My Friend the Anzat - Gerion Ardik, AKA Tyrin, approaches Menoetius on Anzat.
Into the Jaws of Death [OP Invasion of Sith-Occupied Coruscant] - Menoetius disables explosives planted on the temple exterior and pursues the Lord Protector.
Mud Stingers - Dagobah shenanigans.
The Wrong Side of Heaven - Republic Invasion of Alderaan (Knights, Padawans, NFUs Only) - Die, die, die!
The Howling Ruins - Unfinished.
The Branching out of Zugurk Industries - In Progress.
Reunion - In Progress.
Void Station 2.0 - In Progress.
The Foundry; Part 3 - In Progress.

Run to the Hills! - In Progress.