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Darryl Montreux


Name: Darryl Montreux
Alias(es): Too many to list
Title(s): N/A
Homeworld: Bespin
Current Locale: Deal hunting around this quadrant of the galaxy
Force Sensitive: N
Force Rank: None.
Force Alignment: N


  • Himself
  • Part-Time Independent Asset Analyst Contracted to FO
  • Part-Time Masters' Student in New Habat University (7th attempt at graduation)
  • Lately job hunts in Underground territory

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 82kg
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian


(+) Adaptive: A man that has learned skills of totally different areas is a man capable of flexibility and adaptability .

(+) Charismatic: Despite his rather laid-back and careless appearance and approach to things, Darryl can be very charismatic when needed.


(-) Jack-Of-All-Trades: Being an all-around man certainly comes with the obvious drawback of not being a specialist. In one field where others would excel, he would simply to do good to very good at most. He achieves excellence in being an all-arounder rather than excellence in something specific.

(-) Can't Fight: He runs fast though.

(-) Vices: Gambling, Alcohol and Cigarettes. Living the dream comes with a price.

(-) Clumsy/Bad Luck: Self-explanatory.





Tell me more about yourself? Really? I've fabricated so many stories and lived them that I am not sure if I am lying or telling the truth.

Yeah, it can be really bad sometimes.

Anyways, I will give you something and then you can decide whether I lied or told you the truth.

Born on Bespin to an accountant mother-

Oh you don't want all that? Okay, so moving to the teen years when I got my first girlfriend Jade- Not this too? What the feth do you want then? More interesting stories? Um, I am not a really interesting person. I was actually the nerd in class. Loved gaming. Okay, stop making faces, I will be more relevant, I promise.

So. A few years down the road and I am the guy who learned slicing through practice. Thought that'd be cool but the only way I could follow that up was in the military and I as sure as hell was not joining the military. Even if it meant free education.

There am I, enrolled into New Habat Uni, majoring Finances. See, I was good at calculating things and solving things. Pretty good, I know I don't look the part but I was pretty good. That's when I started hanging out with some rebellious overthrow the government anarchists. Not the best decision in my life but definitely learned a lot about slicing into things, like overriding door lock mechanisms, deciphering information and mainly tapping into all sorts of communications.

Hell, I learned too much about comms that I failed my first year in uni.

Which ended up as a good thing.

Already indebted and with no support from my parents no more, I had to grind through the first year again meaning that I didn't have much time to hang out with my government overthrowing friends. Luckily, studying took me out of that hole, killed my ignorant passion for coup d'etat and gunpowder plots.

By the end of that year these friends of mine got rounded up by the Order's Security Services and sent away somewhere.

Lucky me, right?

With that out of my way, I kept on studying while acting for a local theatre on New Habat. Wait what? No! I didn't do it because student actresses tend to be open-minded! How did you conclude that? Geez. okay, maybe.

Fine, fine. Fast forward, I graduate! Surprise, surprise.

I start my first job and three months down the road I realize this is not for me. No, seriously.

Okay, it didn't go that way. I had a problem. But it's not a problem actually. I mean people will say it is but it's not. Yeah, gambling. How did you guess? Ok, moving on.

So I got in debt with the wrong people and the office job wasn't helping me out.

I figured out I had to do something else. What was I good at? Nothing in particular if I am honest. I realized I had done many things, or learned a lot of things but I wasn't a master in any of those. So what did I do? I mashed them all together.

Acting gave me new faces, finances helped me evaluate things and slicing got me information.

That's right, I became a- CRIMINAL? Whoa there, buddy, strong accusations her. I consider myself a galactic entrepreneur.

Moving on- What do you mean someone is looking for you? Debt? Oh.

Well, I will have to be leaving then.

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