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Approved NPC Dark Jedi Knight Kovrun Rexargo

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  • Age: Thirty Two
  • Force Sensitivity: Yes ; Knight Level Proficiency
  • Species: Dathomiri
  • Appearance: A Dathomiri zabrak decorated in the deep crimson
    red tattoos and markings of a night brother ; Kovrun is a physically
    imposing man. Standing at the height of 6"5 with a build honed and marred
    by both the martial trials of his people and later the training of a Sith Knight.

  • Name: Kovrun Rexargo
  • Loyalties:
    The Sith Empire
    Irveric Tavlar
  • Wealth: Negligible.
  • Notable Possessions: Two red lightsabers
  • Skills:
    • Marauder: Practiced in the ways of the Sith Marauder and raised amongst the nightbrothers of Dathomir ; Kovrun is a cunning and deadly warrior versed in melee combat.
    • Perception: When acting as the bodyguard to his Sith-Imperial Officer counterpart Kovrun channels force insight in order to sense and read the environment and people around him.
  • Personality: Forlorn and detached, Kovrun is a man with a muddied past and uncertain future. It is reflected in his personality ; being a man of profound honesty in those he trusts which are a select few. Not unlike most of the people Irveric surrounds himself with he has a frigid and borderline pessimistic view of most he encounters. Though in stark contrast to most who adhere to the dark side of the force he carries himself with mild manners ; speaking only when he deems completely necessary.
  • Weapon of Choice: Lightsabers and the force.
  • Combat Function: Bodyguard | Bruiser
  • Ferocity: Kovrun channels his hatred into his combat, making him a tenacious and incredibly dangerous fighter in the thick of battle. Though with a deeper calculating nature his rage isn't collateral but instead exact, precise and often fatal to his opponents.
  • Cunning: Unlike a great deal of his pure Sith adherent counter-parts ; Kovrun is less prone to escalate tensions into outright combat instead waiting for the moment to strike surgically and lethally.
  • Overwhelmed: Like any other force-user he is capable of being overwhelmed by other light-saber wielders or merely hordes of troopers. Bringing a less than dramatic end to the Dark Jedi.
  • One Foot In One Foot Out: Wholly dissuaded by perputal cycle of the Sith, Kovrun eventually took to learning the way of the light side of the force, leaving him deeply internally conflicted and a mere adept on either side of the spectrum as opposed to his pure Sith or Jedi counter-parts.
Offered to the Order of The Sith as part of a tithe from the world of Dathomir after it was conquered by the Sith Empire. Kovrun was inducted into the ways of the dark side but felt slighted ; denied of living the same life of his forefathers who carried the ancient traditions. Even though Dathomir was a nigh medieval world of ancient, esoteric tradition its perspective of existence was all Kovrun the only path Kovrun knew and when his Sith Master attempted to seduce him with delusions of grandeur and power fantasy he often rejected them ; resulting in harsh punishment until eventually his life was attempted by his Sith teacher. Barely managing to escape with his life he fled in self-imposed exile ; retreating into obscurity among the ruins of an ancient jedi temple he harnessed the force echos left behind from old teachings and lessons ; centering himself within the force and breathing a second wind upon his existence when he realized how he would utilize his own force potential. Kovrun had carved his own path through the force.

His life of exile came to an end when the SIth-Imperials discovered him once more ; pressing him into military service assuming he was still adherent to the ways of the Sith he was assigned to the personal legion of General Irveric Tavlar. Ever distrustful of the Sith, Tavlar had the Dathomiri; now considered a Dark Jedi included in his personal retinue as his bodyguard. A crucial asset, able to lock sabers with opposing Jedi and potentially Tavlar's Sith peers. The mutual skepticism of both paths of the force quickly sewed a mutual trust between the Dark Jedi and Irveric.
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