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Darc's Warhammer

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

Image credits: http://www.southernswords.co.uk/ekmps/shops/southernswords/images/paladin-warhammer-3553-p.jpg
Intent: To create a warhammer for a jedi master as per request to Sasori research
Development Thread: Hopeing one is not needed but willing to do
Manufacturer: Sasori
Model: Warhammer
Affiliation: Darc/Jedi/Republic
Modularity: Can be enhanced with force weapon
Production: Unique
  • Durasteel (Handle)
  • Permacrete (hammers head)
Description: After the invasion of Dac the jedi master Darc came to Sasori and requested a weapon. Something that could be used to fight the evils of the sith but the ability to smite evil with it was beyond Matsu Ike's abilities to create. She couldn't think of a powerful enough crystal to combat the darkside or a material but she was able to make some progress with it. Using durasteel to the shaft and reinforcing the head with permacrete so it could smash into most things. The weight is there and made to provide heavy strikes while for the jedi master who is a known user of force weapon. Allowing himself to enhance the weapon to strengthen it to use in lightsaber combat. The blade without force enhancement can survive maybe two strikes against a saber on the head but the shaft is vulnerable to being sliced.

Classification: Warhammer
Size: Two handed
Length: 1.1m
Weight: 5kg
Other Features: Can be enhanced with the force

Valiens Nantaris

Head Admin
@[member="Matsu Ike"]

OK, couple of things.
24kg is an excessive, and unnecessary weight for any weapon. The heaviest war hammers used on Earth were less than 5kg, and usually much less. A weapon this heavy would be impossible to use after a couple of swings because the user would be so tired. I suggest 5kg if you want something REALLY heavy...but mention the fatigue factor in doing so.
How can the weapon be enhanced with the Force? It's all a bit vague. We need details.

Valiens Nantaris

Head Admin
@[member="Matsu Ike"]
Better but HOW is it enhanced through the Force? How does the user do this? Why is this weapon special enough to do so?

Ashin Varanin

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@[member="Matsu Ike"] - Archived due to inactivity. Feel free to resubmit if you feel like tackling this project again.
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