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Approved Tech Darasuum Heavy Armor

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Intent: Get Kurayami some beskar'gam so he isn't out of place with the other Mando'ade

Image Source: Here

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: plate composition)


Manufacturer: Kurayami Bloodborn

Model: Dara'suum Heavyy Armor

Affiliation:Kurayami Bloodborn

Modularity: Yes(On-board weapons can be mounted if preferred)

Production: Unique

Material: Insulated reinforced shell spider silk bodysuit,Reinforced Duraplast, Crystadurium, Carbon fiber


Classification: Multi-purpose

Resistances:Anti-energy(limited), Anti-ballistic(limited), Anti-lightsaber(limited),Anti-toxin/poison(full)

Weight: 20.0kg

Quality: 8


-Highly Resistant to blasters, heat, and pressure

-Enhanced sensor suite(MULTI enhanced vision system, sound suppression/amplification, and optical zoom up to 25x)

-360 degree HUD

-Helmet includes a rebreather/atmospheric filtration system and can be environmentally sealed to the suit

-Encrypted commlink and Holonet access

-EMP hardened helmet system

-Limited lightsaber resistance(Plates/helm)

-Knuckleplate Vibroblades

-Personal molecular shielding system

-Mandalorian Crushgaunts


-The bodysuit itself is carbon fiber reinforced shell spider silk, giving a solid enough defense against glancing blows and stray blaster shots and is insulated to help maintain a constant body temperature.

-The plates and helmet are composed of carbon fiber, crystadurium and reinforced duraplast, providing high blaster and EMP resistance as well as solid protection from heat and pressure as well as granting limited lightsaber resistance.

-The helmet boasts a personalized sensor suite that is tuned for combat as well as battlefied diagnostics. Information is fed to the user through a 360 degree HUD display and the user is able to communicate through an encrypted commlink and Holonet system. Included is a rebreather and atmospheric filtration mask that is environmentally sealed to the suit once in place. In addition the helmet is protected by a faraday cage to help minimize the effect of EMP or electrical attacks.

-Knuckleplate vibroblades were taken from an old set of commando armor.

-A personal molecular shielding unit is utilized, but due to power draw cannot but used for long periods. Each time it is activated it will remain in place for 15 seconds before needing to recharge. The recharge time is decreased by the energy absorbed being shunted to dedicated capacitor banks, even with this once the capacitors are fully charged and diverted to the system the recharge time two and a half minutes, if the capacitors are disabled then it takes five minutes to recharge from use.

-Mandalorian crushgaunts are included on the suit to give an addition engagement option as well as help in the removal of stubborn obstacles.


The Darasuum armor was made to take a lot of damage, as is shown by its construction. The basic plate composition is the same as Kurayami has utilized before, granting solid protection from most any weapon on the battlefield, it is heavy, clocking in at the same weight as a full suit of Mark III Katarn armor. The HUD and sensor suite were tuned for combat and battlefield diagnostics. However unlike the plates of the old commando armor, these leave larger gaps to allow for a greater ease of movement comparatively. To help offset this a personal molecular shield generator was installed, though the power draw necessitates that it only be used for a short time before being given time to recharge. The bodysuit is similar in function to a standard armorweave suit, however it is made to take a greater amount of effort to breach and is environmentally sealed.


-Tanky: Highly resistant to blasters, slugthrowers, and lightsaber strikes and can take several blows before failing.

-It's electric!: EMP hardened helmet

-Tough customer: Molecular shield to help get out of unfavorable situations

-It's beautiful: Personalized 360 degree HUD-Purpose built for combat and battlefield diagnostics.

-Galaxy spanning: Environmentally sealed and the helmet includes sonic dampening and enhancement technology, a rebreather system, as well as atmospheric filtration.

Weaknesses :

-Walking tank: Heavy and vulnerable at the joints/gaps in the plates, the bodysuit can't take nearly as much abuse as the plates can

-Feeling a bit down: Molecular shield is only a short term solution and take a long time to recharge between uses.

-Combat oriented: This is not a stealth armor, nor is it made for such. There is no stealth technology of any sort on this suit.

-What's this?: Repairs are not able to be performed in the field due to the specialized composition of the armor.

-All fight, no flight: The armor can mount a jetpack, though this is only to soften the blow of an aerial insertion. Otherwise it is too heavy for a jetpack to be of any real use as it would consume the limited fuel far too quickly.
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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