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Dancing In The Moonlight


I like rough edges...
- Corellia, Coronet City, Blue Sector, 8 years ago -

''Goo ritke banag bai chakaph uba, Blue''.

The huttese words uttered by the Kajain'sa'Nikto made the twenty year old twi'lek snort as they exited the mag-lev train station close to Treasure Ship Row, the open-air shopping mall of Coronet's Blue Sector.

''Youkesa! Jeejee bacdop bla da ah meseu upee. Goo doth ritke jealous. Tanee panweba kaee...'' she replied to her guardian for the night while they entered the mall. The two had known each other since before she got together with that green-eyed, distrustful, violent scoundrel. They could speak quite freely around each other and they both knew protection was not the reason he had sent the nikto with her. If he would find out however, there sure would be hell to pay.

Treasure Ship Row gleamed of colorful neon-lights, advertising holo-screens and shop signs. The mall was not as fancy as them in the wealthier districts of the Corellian capital, but it still attracted lots of people to make more or less legal deals. Here it was rare to spot a uniformed CorSec patrol. Even if they had uped their game to use undercover agents, the Blue Sector were flourishing with criminal organisations, street gangs, fencing, spice dealing and alike.

A few years ago she had been introduced and hooked into one such gang, soon after joining the band she now played in, which leader and members was doing more than just making tunes to music in the studio. The criminal activities had proven a good money-maker and with a relationship on top of that, it had became a part of her life. Her name surely was on some list with CorSec.

As so many other early nights, the mall was well crowded with a wide variety of species. A buzz of different languages filled the air around them, mostly huttese or basic as the two most common languages in the galaxy. Huttese also being known for the criminals tongue. Vendors trying to lure you inside with ''special offers'' and smells from fast-food joints were inviting you further into the mall. Some shops have already closed but for many there were still a few hours til closing time.

She reached into her black swoop biker leather jacket and pulled out her hand-held holoprojector which signaled for incoming message. Great! A pre-recorded message from him. It was hard to tell how their relationship was going now a days, many parameters played a major role. She knew too well she couldn't just leave though. With a slight sigh and a roll of the eyes she shut it down before it ended.

''Haku doth fa?'' the male nikto wondered curiously as he had not heard it from behind her in the crowd of people.

''Tanea. Tanea... Uba chahsa che wa yocola? Jee bla Jee woy.'' she said and moved on through the crowd with the tall alien keeping up with her confident steps.

Beneath the leather jacket she wore a grey tank top and a simplistic silvery necklace. In between her navy blue slim fit trousers and a pair of black knee high boots was a vibroknife inserted. A KYD-21 blaster pistol hanging in its holster on her right hip. The traditional rylothian headpiece on her head. Her nikto friend having chosen a more protecting attire for the night consisting of a grey battle dress uniform with black combat boots and a darker protective chest plate with shoulder pads. Armed with a modified DT-57 blaster pistol.


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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
It was getting closer, his contract with the local government was coming to an end. He had a lot of plans with this money and at current that plan was to get drunk and probably fight the largest man in the room. That was his life now, fight for ever paid him the most, use that money to get drunk, and fight more people for free, till he was broke and then do it all over again. Was not much of a life, but it was something.

One of the patrons at the outside bar he was at tried to start something, yelling at him something in Rodian or something. He was too tired and just sat down, so instead of making a rush to a fight, he slammed the badge of the One Sith Military on the bar. The Alien quickly shut up and seemed to apologies. Then he ran away as quickly as he could. The contract with the One Sith had its perks, though he did not much care how they treated the civilian population.

He wore his normal street close, a leather trench coat long enough to his his short Blaster rifle that hung from his belt and black jeans. It was a darker night, and he was here because one of the Stormtroopers stated there was a deadly alcohol mix at this bar. That alone was the reason he was at this shitty part of the neighborhood. Well he was also here to meet a contact to get his stolen GS3 Blaster Rifles off the planet and to his buyer in the Hutt Territories. The planet was still a little too hot to get such merchandise off the planet, and overall, the One Sith were not friendly to their mercs stealing their weapons for a marge sum of side cash.

Once the bartender walked up, he looked the human in the eyes, "I hear you sell Starshine Surprise here, I would like to try it." A devilish smile came across his face, a smile the human did not argue with. In a matter of minutes, a tall drink was brought to him, and inside was what the stormtrooper suggested, a Starshine Surprise. He did not care too much, and instead took a huge swig of the drink, throwing care out the window. It was thee most burning and disgusting thing he had ever tastes and his body made attempts to throw it up. Jaster was stronger however, and held it in, and he LOVED IT.

When he took his eyes off the bottle he notices a women walk in that caught his eye. [member="Tan'yill"] just entered and behind the women was a slightly scary looking Nikto Male..... He wanted to fight him.


I like rough edges...
A quiet nod and a wink was given to the bouncers at the enterance of the nightclub at Treasure Ship Row. Many bars and other businesses in the Blue Sector were either run by or had some sort of other connection to the criminal networks operating in the district. Also having performed at the place, she could take advantage of it.

The towering nikto guardian entered close behind her, having a look out for any trouble as well as unwanted people or outcast former members.

They made their way through the crowds. A wide variety of alien species that visited the club this night. Heavy and loud beating music through the speakers. Flashing lights and strobes of different colors matching to the interior. This was truly a night out in the Blue Sector.

Tan spotted an empty booth they settled down in just as a waiter came to take their order. Each one ordered a bottle of Ebla beer and Tan added a shaak and cheese sandwich for herself. Leaning back in the booth awaiting their order, the beating music didn't bother her at all. Quite the reverse, she enjoyed it.

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]