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Approved Location Dammon University

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The University's central business and social science library with the shuttle terminal to the left and the food court to the right


  • Structure Name: Dammon University
  • Classification: University
  • Location: Curamelle, Corulag
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Accessibility: Open to the public, also in the middle of Curamelle
  • Security: 100 police agents, sporting standard policing equipment
  • Description: Located in the northern areas of the capital city Curamelle, and south of the Sienar Advanced Research Division, Dammon University is a sprawling campus comprising dozens of buildings and over 10 kilometers of landscaped walkways and also known to be a city within a city as is the case with most major research universities with a well-defined campus. Enrolling, depending on the years, anywhere between 66,000 to 74,000 students, it is one of the largest universities on the planet, with roughly one-tenth pursuing engineering. The former Corulag University of Economics campus is now absorbed into the main campus and is located to its west.

The West Quad: To the north, the central business and social science library forms a towering Gothic spire, dominating the former Corulag University of Economics campus. In that capacity it also houses over 2 million volumes in topics ranging from law, business, economics to other areas of social sciences that were relevant to the study of business. On the west side of the quad is the food court, comprising over 50 restaurants, most of which are rather fast-food in nature. On the east side is the shuttle terminal, used for ferrying students from the University to the outside world, including other locations within Curamelle and other cities on Corulag, as well as the spaceports of the planet.


The Med-Beq STEM Library with the Engineering Garden to the foreground and the Jaemus Electronic Engineering Building to the right
Med-Beq STEM Library: Named after Jessica Med-Beq, who donated the money for its construction, the Med-Beq STEM Library houses the main collections of the university's scientific and engineering libraries, next to the Sienar Aerospace Engineering Building and the Jaemus Electronic Engineering Building. As such, it houses over a million volumes and several databanks are located in its basement, one for each STEM discipline taught at Dammon University. At the main foyer, one framed painting of Jessica can be found, painted by a Dammon University fine arts student in a campus-wide contest, as is customary for any named building on campus to feature artwork in the namesake's likeness. Thanks to its large engineering student body, the library is crowded and open round-the-clock to accommodate its needs.

Sienar Aerospace Engineering Building and Jaemus Electronical Engineering Building: Neighbors of the Med-Beq library, these buildings form one side each of the Engineering Garden, and respectively house part of the aerospace and electronical engineering classrooms, laboratories, faculty and student offices. They are sponsored by Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems, with a picture of Raith Sienar in the main lobby of the eponymous building. Several spinoff companies were even entitled to have a laboratory inside named after them past a certain value of research contracts fulfilled.

The sports center: it provides a variety of facilities for exercise and sporting, such as an athletics track with a gravball field in the center, a huttball stadium, where the Venomous Agendas play, with gymnasiums hidden underneath the seating of the huttball stadium, capable of hosting hundreds of patrons at once. Also, on the premises, is the university's fan shop for the Venomous Agendas, which, due to the lackluster popularity of its sports teams, sell merchandise at low prices, making it a favorite of the less fortunate students.

Dammon University was founded in the wake of the Ruusan Reformations, due to the need for additional higher education facilities around the capital of Corulag. By the time of the Clone Wars, it became well-known in galactic circles for aerospace and electronical engineeering and became a major research university, with the Sienar Advanced Research Division located nearby and routinely hiring Dammon University graduates in a variety of engineering disciplines. However, it was not without its risks for its students during the Imperial era: several engineering students had the audacity to report on the galaxywide news channels of the HoloNet about the strange sightings of prototype spacecraft produced and tested at the nearby Sienar Advanced Research Division were arrested by Imperial authorities until the Battle of Endor ended. Meanwhile, the nearby Corulag University of Economics continued to provide high-quality business education of all stripes, including law.

Over the centuries, Dammon University became famous for attracting bright minds and sometimes even visionaries, especially in the various domains of engineering. However, due to the intense intellectual demands studying there makes of the students (at the undergraduate level at least) its sports teams seldom do well in inter-collegiate competitions, and it also made it difficult to attract top athletic talent.

During the Four Hundred Year Darkness, the fortunes of the university declined as more students became infected: its enrollment was only a fraction of its pre-Plague heyday until 750 ABY, where it began a century-long return to its pre-Plague levels. Also, as a result of disrepair, several buildings of the original collapsed and were subsequently demolished to make way for new construction, such as the Med-Beq Library. By 849 ABY Dammon University merged with the Corulag University of Economics, citing economies of scale, and retained the old name of the larger of the two institutions, with the smaller Corulag University of Economics allowed to operate the institution's business and law schools alongside its social science departments under the Corulag University of Economics name. In recent history, one of its most famous alumni is Jessica Med-Beq, a Jedi Master who, as an undergraduate, studied mechanical engineering and, as a graduate student, was part of one of the last few classes of the Corulag University of Economics' MBA program.
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