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Daella Apparine

Important Notes: (that people that would not know Daella might know about her)
Bounty Hunters: Daella is the Black Sun's fourth most wanted with a bounty worth 7 million of the Black Sun's currency.
Jedi: Daella is on the High Council and Selena Halcyon dubbed her as Voice of the Jedi.


[Daella Apparine]

"Her saberwork is without peer, but she has problems with groups and tends to isolate herself."

NAME: Daella Apparine
FACTION: The Republic
RANK: Knight
AGE: 18
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'5"
BUILD: Athletic and fit



Strong despite her petite size, Daella Apparine excelled in close quarters combat exercises during her time as a Padawan. Her fighting style was quick and frequently involved using her own opponents' momentum against themselves. Earning high marks for both single combat and against groups, Daella deserved recognition as a fighter despite her graceful appearance.

In Daella's Force training exercises though, it had been noted by Jedi instructors that she lacked the ability to manipulate the Force in a precise manner. She seemed to have the basics of sensing and pushing through the Force. However, there was no refined ability in telekinesis and other techniques of altering the environment. It seemed as if she had some mental hurdles as far as tapping into the Force as the Jedi taught it.

The most obvious hurdle might have been her mentality. It served to her advantage at most times, though. Her stoic appearance hardly seemed to be disturbed and she carried herself with ease. The trials of her mind were hardly a challenge, leading instructors to believe she might have had previous experience before her time as a Jedi that lead to her icy demeanor. Yet when faced with stress and temptation, the instructors believed she would have no issue in continuing a straight, rational course.

However, the very independent mindset Daella held, while an asset against the contact allure of the darker aspects of the Force, proved to be detrimental in team exercises. As she kept to herself, Daella would usually attempt to complete the exercise by herself. At times, she would leave her own teammates behind - a habit her instructors found worrisome. Not only would this have presented the issue of her potentially abandoning her fellow Jedi and others in pursuit of the objective, but many times that she did this often resulted in Daella being unable to complete the exercise due to the courses inherently requiring multiple people - no matter their skill. She adapted to this fault with time, though, by simply performing duties as were demanded from her by her teammates. While this passive approach to team work was effective in contributing to her team's success, instructors noted her total lack of leadership and how she was still likely to attempt training exercises by herself.

BACK STORY (818-836 ABY):

Sent to the Jedi on Coruscant at just the age of twelve (830 ABY), Daella spent most of her adolescence under the care of Jedi instructors. Jedi documents state that her home world was Balmorra and that she was sent to Coruscant upon the police discovering her ability to manipulate the Force. No record of her family from Balmorra could have been found, and the Balmorran police never disclosed if there were people that were searching for her. Blood and DNA analysis suggested that she had human ancestors somehow from the region of the galaxy near Bakura and that her parents were also adepts in the Force.

In little time, it became apparent that Daella had combat training beforehand. The instructors deemed her as extremely precocious for a thirteen-year-old, as she could even use a practice saber beyond what was normal for her age. Upon questioning if she had previous training, Daella's answer was that her father did so. This reinforced the theory, started due to her blood examinations, that her parents were Force adepts. Investigations into the Apparine family name did not turn up conclusive results, leading to the conclusion that Daella's father was likely never a Jedi. Further inquiry on her father resulted in no definitive answers from Daella, with most of her answers being addled with uncertainty on her part - even to the question of whether or not the individual she regarded as a father was truly her own.

Though such a fact would have distressed the instructors, it was comforting that Daella did not seem to draw power from passion - as one would expect of one trained by the Sith. Even as a young teenager, Daella demonstrated an extreme purity of will derived from reason and responsibility. When Daella was the age of fifteen, the instructors placed the Younglings through a week-long training regimen meant to push their patience to the breaking point. Daella was one of the few Younglings that did not break down.

However at the age of seventeen, there was little more than the Youngling instructors could provide. In order to further develop her abilities in the Force and create a sense of moral obligation in her, it was time for Daella to be assigned to a Jedi as a Padawan. It was expected that she would grow as a Jedi with real experiences instead of further exercises.

((Writer Note: If you wish to incorporate the backstory of Daella Apparine's into your own character's, feel free the contact me. I am open to having other characters have previous relations with Daella Apparine, provided they are not in conflict with what other characters have incorporated. I am also amendable to creating original backstory content to get around such conflicts.))


Starting with the Battle of Metalorn, Daella would go on through a series of challenges that most Padawans had to go through. In the failed Republic invasion of Metalorn, a possession of the Empire, Daella was at first assigned to support the troops still behind the walls of a prefabricated garrison base that the Republic dropped on the planet. The Jedi Master she was assigned to, Master Ettevy, had gone out to fight in the front lines. It was assumed that Ettevy died. Daella eventually fell from the walls of the garrison and landed outside of it after being saved by Fabula Cavataio. Afterwards, Daella and Fabula had a brief duel against Sith Master Anaya Fen. Eventually though, the Republic retreated from Metalorn and signed a peace treaty with the Empire.

In a tiny display of Daella's ingenuity, it was noted that she managed to kill a Gorgodon on Ilum without the use of an actual lightsaber. She lured the beast by using herself as bait. This managed to help save a fellow Padawan from having to deal with two Gorgodons. Noticing that a pipe on the wall was broken, Daella grabbed hold of it and used it as a pike against the Gorgodon. Due to not being sentient, the Gorgodon charged toward Daella and impaled itself. After that incident, Daella continued to support the Jedi as they regained control of the ancient Jedi facilities on Ilum.

The Jedi Masters that had taken notice of Daella decided it was safer to be cautious and perform extra surveillance on Daella. Many of the Jedi Masters that Daella had been assigned to during early 836 ended up either dying or going missing. Verified reports have confirmed that Daella was never the direct cause of these incidences, yet the fact that she remained the common link to many of them only added more suspicion from what was already there due to her unknown past. As a result, one of these Jedi Masters gave Daella a datapad to record her memoirs on. She was expected to keep a diary with the confidence that such recordings would remain secret to just her. Yet, the suspicious Jedi Masters would have the ability to read Daella's memoirs. Seemingly oblivious to the true intentions of such a gift, Daella began recording a Holo-Diary.

Having participated in several battles and critical missions for the Republic, Daella was eventually considered to have passed the Trials through the challenges she faced in real experiences. Even through the group of suspicious Jedi Masters still kept an eye on her, they had no choice but to witness her ascension to Knighthood in the Jedi Order. After her promotion, Daella decided to go down the path of a Jedi Guardian - most likely due to the fact that her skills were heavily lightsaber based.


Daella's lightsaber has a hilt that seems to be much like one of a vibroblade due to the crossguard. Except for the crossguard, the hilt functioned just as a normal lightsaber. The blade was yellow and of standard length. The crossguard itself was made of a cortosis alloy much like a vibrosword. This allowed for it to temporarily block a lightsaber blade. Due to the size, this allowed for the lightsaber to be relatively cheap. The natural modularity of lightsabers allowed for Daella to easily replace the crossguard whenever it expired.

Those familiar to how Daella fought in blade-to-blade combat would have been able to tell how valuable the crossguard was for her ability to be a danger to opponents much stronger than herself.

  • @[member=Vulpesen]
  • @[member="Karin Dorn"] [She got better]
  • Action Girl: One of the better fighters that the Jedi Order has to offer.
  • Badass: Rated top of her Initiate class, fought the Sith Emperor and lived, and helped blow up the planetary shields of Nar Shaddaa.
  • Cleopatra Nose: Sports a distinctive aquiline nose.
  • Death Glare: Gave @Karin Dorn one to give the Sith Master chills.
  • Determinator: She holds a strength of will and resolve higher than most and does not seem to ever consider giving up when there is a goal before her.
  • Emotionless Girl: Not that she is without emotions, but she goes to lengths to suppress them.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: In line with her stoic personality.
  • Lady of War: When not in a rush, Daella's style of fighting keeps her in graceful control her body.
  • Mixed Martial Arts: From the perspective of one used to Lightsaber Forms, Daella's fighting style is a mix across the entire spectrum.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Of the solitary kind.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Few adult, humanoid characters are as short or even more so than her, and just as few seem as strong as her.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The cool Blue to @[member="Diana Moridena"]'s passionate Red.
  • The Stoic: Her face barely shifts in tone.
  • Waif-Fu: She cannot fight with pure strength, and thus has to resort to high mobility moves that require exceptional control to pull off.
  • Sigil of Hope - Not unique. Kept in a trunk in her residence at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
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