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Czerka Arms

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"Anytime, anywhere...We're there."

  • Corporation Name: Czerka Arms
  • Headquarters: Korriban
  • Operations: Droid and Personal Weapons manufacturing
  • Tier: 5
  • Korriban
  • Tatooine
  • Trandosha
  • Taris
  • Dantooine
  • Mutanda
  • Kalee

Prior to the rampage of the Gulag Plague across the entirety of civilization, Czerka Arms was one of the most well-known weapons manufacturers in the Galaxy. However, when the Plague eventually caused the complete and utter shut down of borders and interplanetary transit, the Galaxy-spanning corporation was literally cut into pieces; as its numerous holdings were unable to reach out to one another. This did not deter the company from maintaining its presence in the Gulag-stricken era, as instead of simply fading into the annals of history, Czerka Arms's segregated holdings began to sell and produce as much as they could and sold to the planetary populations that housed them. They armed the worlds desperately seeking to maintain order, or the regimes vying for power as chaos reigned. In earnest, the company cared not for who they sold to or what they stood for; they only cared for profit.

This trend continued for the centuries of Darkness which characterized the Galaxy, and when the borders finally began to open once more, there were seven main incarnations of the company known as Czerka Arms. Each incarnation grew in the era of Darkness so much so that their holdings on their worlds were relatively strong, and once the Galaxy began to rebuild, the seven began the process of reuniting the corporation. This was a problematic situation, of course, as each and every leader ultimately sought complete control over Czerka Arms. As such, unscrupulous businessmen began unscrupulous practices in the name of securing total control over the company as a whole. Three of the leaders, those whose holdings were centered on Korriban, Taris, and Trandosha respectively, banded together as a "power group" of sorts and resolved to take down the competition before turning on themselves to see who would ultimately control Czerka Arms.

One of these individuals was one Les'Tral Tsu, an Echani businessman who led the Korriban branch.

The power group made quick work of their adversaries through any means necessary. The head of the Kalee branch was framed for a series of crimes she did not commit, the head of the Mutanda branch was ultimately bought out along with the head of the Dantooine branch...but things took an unexpected turn when the head of the Tatooine branch was assassinated. While this caused the entirety of the "loose" holdings to be congregated under the power group's control, it did lodge a single fact in Les'Tral's mind: there was an enormous possibility that he would not live to see Czerka Arms under his control. As such, he began the process of creating a fail-safe; a plan to unify Czerka Arms under one who could carry out his will. Thus began the grooming of his grandson, Tyri Lsu. He guided the young, and excessively "slacker", man along the path of a businessman and literally teaching him everything he knew.

In time, that which Les'Tral feared came into fruition and he met his end at the hands of an assassin sent from the head of the Taris branch. As per the arrangements he had made prior to his death, all of his corporate assets were transferred to his grandson and the young man ascended to the position of leadership of the Korriban branch. He, furious from the passing of his grandfather, immediately targeted the head of Taris for extermination first; but did so in a more cunning manner. He befriended and showed with gifts the wife of this particular businessman, then revealed the Head's infidelity when the time was right. This prompted a rather nasty divorce that cost the head of Taris the entirety of his corporate shares, in addition to a literal fortune of credits. Out of spite, the shares were immediately transferred over to Tyri, thereby giving him a majority control over the company.

Then, as an act of benevolence, Tyri brokered a deal with the final head of the company. In exchange for a Vice Chairman position within the united company, this head would sell the entirety of their shares. Tyri immediately accepted this offer and finally brought to reality the aspirations of his grandfather: a Czerka Arms united under a Lsu's leadership. From that point forward, the reformed company began the production of arms and droids in earnest, so that they could capitalize on the potential business at the hands of the various factions.


Prior to the outbreak of the Gulag Plague, and the subsequent Darkness which crippled civilization, Czerka Arms was one of the largest manufacturers of personal weapons and droids in the Galaxy. Once the outbreak had ensued, as aforementioned, the corporation had literally been split into numerous incarnations centered around its holdings on various worlds. While some of the "countless" worlds upon which Czerka Arms had holdings saw an eventual collapse to the presence of the corporation, seven incarnations managed to survive the Darkness and enter the new era of galactic reconstruction anew. After a period of internal maneuvering, the company was ultimately unified under the leadership of Tyri Lsu, and under his guidance the company soared in a new direction.

The policies of the past revolved around turning a profit through any means necessary; even to the chagrin of various races across the Galaxy. However, this particular train of thought came to an end with the previous generation of Czerka Arms' leadership. Instead, Tyri decided to make a slight adjustment to the manner by which Czerka Arms conducted business; as opposed to casting scruples to the wind in order to turn a profit, the company would now make it a priority to cater to the needs of the various worlds throughout the Galaxy. As such, the entire corporation conducts business openly and will sell to any and all persons with the coin to purchase their products. The primary source of income seen by the company is the same as it has always been: personal weaponry.

Unlike other arms production companies throughout the Galaxy, Czerka Arms' personal weaponry generally consists primarily of non-energy firearms. This means that slugthrowers, heavy ordnance, flamethrowers, and the like are common products manufacturered by the corporation. In addition, the secondary product created by the corporation are various lines of droids; with most designed for combat. As a whole, Czerka Arms' goal is to turn a profit through legitimate sales to any and all individuals and the production of quality arms and weaponry that the Galactic community, upon seeing what they are capable of, would not want...but need! However, at the end of the day, the company's driving goal is to make money, so prices can and will selectively fluctuate depending upon the buyer and the state of the Galaxy.

At present, and for the foreseeable future, Czerka Arms fully intends to serve the Galaxy through the production of quality arms. However, business is limited in only a single regard. All purchases must be made directly from Czerka Arms, with the approval of the company ownership. Of course, this stipulation is minor at best; as it is the full desire of the corporation to sell to as many individuals as possible in order to turn over a large profit.


The purpose of this submission is to bring to life a canon corporation with a colored history and a unique flavor. Furthermore, the goal of this submission is to provide quality, non-energy based weaponry and droids to the various factions, in addition to the individuals populating this site. The final purpose of this submission is to bring new life and thriving storylines to this character, Tyri Lsu.

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