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Czar Bomba aka "Opnemr Pehie"

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Baifa Monü Zhuan
Intent: To create a weapon to combat saber users
Development Thread: Valen Dominions
Manufacturer: Baktoid (Through Bellalika's partnership)
Model: Cortosis Bomb
Affiliation: The Galactic Empire (Atrisia)
Modularity: Yes logo's can be applied to the sides
Production: Unique
  • Quadranian steel
  • Durasteel
  • Cortosis
  • Uranium
  • Lead
  • Plasteel
Description: Before the Galactic empire pulled out of Valen they managed to snag enough of the cortosis to create something. Or two somethings, in this case at the behest of Je'gan the cortosis was ground down into a fine powder and housed in a shell. Roughly the size of a grown man. It can be used once so a key reasoning behind it is when best to utilize their trump card. The effects are similar to a neutron bomb with low explosive yield but massive spread of the contents. Instead of massive amounts of radiation and devastation there is a cloud.

The bomb still explodes with the equivalent force of 1 kiloton of tnt to get the proper spread needed to covers an area of 500m's in diameter. The blast at the epicenter and surrounding area for 10ms would suffer destruction while the major component the cortosis dust is released to coat the area and linger in the air. The effects of minimal radiation can be prevented with a pill while the effect on sabers not immune by event tech is shut down as the energy feeds back deactivating it. The codes to activate the bomb are located with the emperor.
@[member="Junko Ike"]

Before the Galactic empire pulled out of Atrisia
One would hope you mean Valen?

I…can’t see the point of this weapon. You have a nuclear weapon exploding with the force of the Hiroshima event. That alone is enough to devastate miles in every direction, added with the radiation released it is a catastrophic weapon.

So…why bother with the cortosis? Even in the Force user rich environment of SWRP there just aren’t enough Force users to justify knocking out the lightsabres, possibly, of a few Jedi or Sith. A nuclear blast would kill or disable virtually any Force user in existence far more handily.

What’s more, I strongly suggest that the force and heat of the explosion would either vaporise or scatter the dust to such a degree that it’s useless.

Overall, this is an inventive use, but far too convoluted by half. If I might suggest, a conventional explosive in an airburst would be slightly more effective, but even then this is not a practical weapon.

This is denied. Feel free to second chance it if you feel I was being unfair.
Not open for further replies.