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Approved Tech CZ-BTN Bothan Personal Cloaking Device

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CZ-BTN Bothan Personal Cloaking Device
  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide specially-trained members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Phantom Corps, Joint Security Initiative, and Templar Infiltrators with a limited-production stealth device. Furthermore, this submission will allow for the administrative staff of the Faction to tangibly reward members of the aforementioned classes with a token of gratitude for service, loyalty, and activity.
  • Criteria: In order for a member of the Confederacy to be awarded one of these devices, they must have participated in no less than five faction threads and have demonstrated consistent activity. For Templar Infiltrators, in addition to the aforementioned activity requirement, they must attain or possess the rank of Templar Knight. All must demonstrate responsibility with their character's strengths and weaknesses through their roleplays as well; for we will not enable those lacking a clear understanding of logical limitations and so on.
  • Development Thread: Trip the Darkness
  • Manufacturer: Czerka Arms
  • Model: CZ-BTN Personal Cloaking Device
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited (20)
  • Material: Adegan, Durasteel

Inspired by the personal cloaking devices wielded by the Bothan Spies during the famous Galactic Civil War, the CZ-BTN Personal Cloaking Device, otherwise known as the Bothan Stealth Field, is a portable means of completely veiling an individual's presence from visual perception. Upon activation, the Device projects an elliptical field about the user's body, which completely masks the user's presence from organic eyes and the basic, droid sensory lense. However, this field does not, by any stretch of the imagination, hide the user from Force-based perceptory abilities, or the various perceptory lenses which come standard equipped with droids; such as the thermal lense.

Furthermore, unlike the cloaking devices installed upon starships, the field cannot be perpetually sustained. In particular, the field can only be projected in ten second bursts; each of which require a thirty second cooldown before the next burst can be initiated. These bursts, per engagement, are five in number; for the internal power cell can only produce enough power for that sum of projections before being depleted. The Devices can only be charged at specialized stations which are generally housed on capital ships, and the Device's casing is such that simply "cracking it open and replacing the battery" is not an option either.

As a whole, only twenty of these devices exist in the Galaxy today. This is due to the fact that the price of producing them is astronomical, thereby lending to the fact that they are poised to be distributed to only the best and brightest of the Confederacy's special operations personnel. While the cost is immense, it does serve as a deterrent of sorts should the devices fall into the wrong hands; for reverse-engineering and producing them will cost much more than one hundred thousand credits per unit; due to the fact that those persons attempting to reproduce the device may not have access to the resources currently utilized by the Confederacy.

*Image Source: Toraiinxamikaze
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