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Cybercrime Coruscant (attn. Jedi Council)

Tavjurn Phil


I'm about to start a few threads dealing with counter-terrorism and homeland security operations solely on Coruscant. Many of these operations will have the Jedi Order playing an active role, so I'd like to get Council Permission to handle these operations as I see fit for story purposes.

Is the Jedi Council cool with letting an Apprentice coordinate anti-terrorism operations in cooperation with Republic Security Forces? If so, I just need a shout out or a signature from a Council Member below. Thanks.

I promise not to blow up the ship. :D :p



Current Council:
Selena Halcyon
Joshua DragonFlame
Kiskla Grayson
Carn Dista
Phylis Alince
Sure, @[member="Tavjurn Phil"].