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Approved Starship Custodian-Class Star destroyer

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  • Intent: To create an Auxiliary ship for TSA
  • Image Source: Deviantart
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


[*]Defenses: Extreme

[*]Hangar: 2 squadrons
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Low
[*]Speed Rating: Very low
[*]Hyperdrive Class:
  • 4 (Regular)
  • 10 (Backup hyperdrive)


[*]Escape pods
[*]Gravity generator
[*]Distress beacon
[*]Targeting laser
[*]Holonet transceiver
[*]Hyperwave transceiver
[*]Navigation computer
[*]Long distance radar systems
[*]Long distance sonar systems
[*]Communication Laser


[*]​Radiation dampening shielding (Present only near nuclear reactors)


[*]Medical systems:

[*]Power generation
  • Nuclear reactor


  • Guns blazing - ​an extensive armament gives the ship both offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Command core - by nature of design, this ship is central to the battlefield and will always be protected
  • Can't touch me - extensive shielding/defensive capabilities
  • Support ship - a majority of the free space is taken up by medical bays, bacta tanks and stasis pods, providing large recovery zones for injured troops
  • Lights out - If the central control computer is destroyed, any connected droids will be rendered useless. Obviously a primary target if possible
  • Support ship - Despite its heavy weaponry, it is just that. A support ship. If for some reason it is by itself, it will easily be overwhelmed by large amounts of smaller craft due to not having appropriate systems to deal with them.
  • Small hanger - The only thing you'll find in them is unarmed support vessels. Any smaller craft will be coming from designated carriers
  • Shutting down - If a nuclear reactor goes bust and the ship somehow survives, it will essentially be unusable since all of its weapon systems depend on both of them working. The only thing that will remain functional is basic life support, shielding and the nuclear propulsion systems.

The Custodian-Class Star destroyer was designed out of necessity for the numerous amounts of Ascendancy troopers being shipped back on less-than optimal crafts. For this very same reason, the ship depends on a roughly 50/50 mix of sentients to droids to keep it functionally operational.

In some aspects, it is much like a traditional starship, providing weaponry which has general use against other starships. In an even fight, it might even be able to go toe-to-toe assuming no smaller craft are deployed, but its real strength is in long range weapons which can be used at long distances to deal reliable but weak damage. In the same vein, it was really meant for ground support in the form of firing its Orbital Strike cannon at marked targets and T-1 Grand batteries to provide inconsistent but suppressive orbital bombardment.

Although not typically designed for this, it can also be used as a staging ground for smaller craft such as transport vessels, but the majority of the ship's space has been taken up by medical bays and nuclear reactors required to power its extensive defensive shielding capabilities. Surprisingly, it also contains a number of rooms designated to battle plan drawing and communication for troop order relaying.

The ship requires around 10,000 beings, whether it be droids or organics, to man effectively. All of the weapons on the ship are automated by the Central Control Computer on-board. This is heavily protected, infact, probably the most protected point of the ship, located behind various blaster doors, shielding and guarded by on-board defense systems.
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