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Cult of OMNI AMA (Ask Me Anything)

K'Dan La'Roi

The Cult of OMNI has, since its creation, raised a lot of eyebrows from older players and newer players alike, so I've made this AMA as a way to ask me, as the factions creator, anything you would like to know about the faction, or what my intent for it is, etc etc.

K'Dan La'Roi

Tracyn Ordo said:
did you kill my wife
If you mean did Omni do so, and thus us, then no. That was an outdated corrupted Omni, not the true, just and peaceful OMNI who has since been upgraded and changed for the better.

Tricia Kalamack said:
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

What is the intent of the faction? Is it just another one like the Ember of Vahl?
As Omni says, "The centre of our amusement should not be the goal, if the journey to the centre is more exciting."

The intent of the faction is, on one hand, to have a droid/species army, one where droids and humans are seen as equals; on the other hand, the goals are a peaceful collective, a religious organization based around droids and humans, who only engage in dominions and peaceful support missions, while trying to defend themselves against invaders and pirates.

Circe Savan said:
Will there be any actual OMNI? Or is this like an imitation meat patty made of tofu?
IC: Of course there is an actual OMNI, for He is grand, He is great, He is Omni.

OOC: The goal here is, while we can't actually have a real OMNI, the plan is to develop a non-droid AI that is programmable by K'Dan and has a false visual image of a kinder-looking OMNI. Of course this wouldn't be public knowledge, but he could pull a "Wizard of Oz" as the man behind the curtain.