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Approved Tech CS/BX-04 "Clanker" Battle Droid

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  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the Confederacy of Independent Systems with a capable, competitive battle droid with the capacity to fill a variety of roles on the field of battle.
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Geonosian Industries
  • Model: CS/BX-04 "Clanker" Battle Droid
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Armorplast, Durasteel, Agrinium
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 104 kilograms
  • Height: 1.93 meters
  • Movement: Bipedal

The CS/BX-04 Battle Droids, affectionately nicknamed "Clankers" as a homage to the battlefield alias of its Clone Wars predecessors, are an example of the ingenuity found within the current incarnation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Unlike the B-series droids of the past, which were incredibly cheap and excessively easy to defeat and destroy, the Clankers of the modern era are several times better combatants on the field of battle; though the cost to produce them is indeed higher than their inexpensive ancestors. To begin, the vast majority of the Clankers' bodies are composed of durasteel, which each and every surface given a thin layer of armorplast coating.

This results in an exceptionally durable droid who can easily resist various environments. Plus, due to its armorplast coating, the Clankers can withstand a few impacts from blaster bolts; though this coating does not provide the reputable reflection of bolts that it is relatively famed for. In addition to its durasteel and armorplast combination, underneath the frame, spanning from head to toe, is a mesh of agrinium. This was put into place in order to excessively minimize the potential damage wrought from electromagnetic pulse, or electroproton weaponry; as history illustrated their effectiveness against the B-series time and time again.

The Clankers come pre-loaded with a number of strategic and tactical operations, which can be updated in order to include different skillsets revolving around new weaponry, opponents, or terrain. In addition, the Clankers boast the ability to operate both, under the control of a central unit, or independently with great success on the field of battle. For large-scale operations, usage of a central unit in order to better coordinate massive troop movements is generally standard; but for smaller operations, or in the event that the central unit is compromised or destroyed, the Clankers can easily continue to fight on independently.

Lastly, in terms of armaments, the Clankers are generally deployed with a diverse load out compliments of Czerka Arms and BlasTech Industries. Generally speaking, the Clankers either carry, or replace their firing limb entirely with, a single firearm into battle, coupled with a wrist-mounted grenade thrower. However, the load outs can be changed to fit the combat situation prior to engagements.

*Denotes modular/optional load out.
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