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Cronos Aegir - The Inquisitor

Become the Crisis
Cronos Aegir - Clone #042289


NAME: Cronos Aegir​
COVER ID: Marcus Terran​
FACTION: Atrisian Empire​
RANK: Inquisitor | Knight​
OFFICIAL COVER: IIB Special Agent (Varies according to Op)
SPECIES: Human Clone
AGE: 24 Biological Years - 1 Chronological year(s)
WEIGHT: 176​
EYES: Dark Blue
HAIR: Blonde​
SKIN: Pale/Light Tan​


The average Jedi Knight is usually Competent in many arts, and Proficient in a several. A Jedi Master can commonly claim Competency or Proficiency over a dozen arts, is often an Expert of several, and a Master of one or two arts.
To become a master of four or five arts is rare. To master seven or more is the making of legend. Emporer Palpatine is an example of such legend, as is Luke Skywalker.
A Novice, or Level I practitioner, has padawan/beginner level ability.
A Level II practitioner has advanced to a level necessary for Trials and is considered 'adequate'.
A Level III practitioner has Jedi Knight level ability.
A Level IV practitioner has Jedi Master level ability.
A Level V practitioner has Grandmaster level ability. They are the epitome of their craft.

  • Telekinesis: Level III
  • Telepathy: Level III
  • Force Speed: Level IV
  • Force Strength: Level III
  • Force Jump: Level III
  • Force Sense: Level IV
  • Mind Shield: Level III
  • Control Pain: Level III
  • Pyrokinesis: Level I
  • Force Stealth: Level III
  • Force Healing: Level II
  • Force Illusion: Level I
Force Stealth is hiding one's force signature.

  • Shatterpoint Perception: Level II
  • Tutaminis (Force Absorption): Level I
  • Force Cloak (Invisibility): Level I
  • Force Lightning: Level I
  • Shii Cho - Way of the Sarlacc - Form I: Level II
  • Makashi - Way of the Ysalamiri - Form II: Level III
  • Soresu - Way of the Mynock - Form III: Level II
  • Ataru - Way of the Hawk Bat - Form IV: Level IV
  • Djem So/Shien - Way of the Krayt - Form V: Level III
  • Niman - Way of the Rancor Form VI: Level II
  • Juyo/Vaapaad - Way of the Vornskr - Form VII: Level III
  • Jar'Kai - Way of the Two Sabers - Form VII: Level IV
  • Teräs Käsi - Way of the Steel Hands: Level IV
  • Rek'dul - Way of the Jensaarai: Level II
  • Tae-Jitsu - Way of the Body: Level II
  • Gravik-Nex - Way of the Arm Strike: Level II
  • Wrruushi - Way of the Wookie: Level II
  • Sholân Kha - Way of the Dance: Level III
  • Echani - Way of Expression: Level III
For all my skill and strength, my mind is weak, susceptible to phantasms of the long forgotten past - deals and doctrines not my own. Passion is my weakness. The passion of a battle... the passion of a woman; I am weak to both. I feel more keenly than I should. I know more than I should. This means death for an Inquisitor such as myself.​
But what the Empire doesn't know won't hurt it...

"Blasters are for the inept."
I was 'born' in a bunker on Atrisia, ten miles beneath the planet's surface; born a full grown man, with dominion over the world around me in the form of an acute sensitivity to the Force. 42,288 clones came before me, but I am the only one to survive gestation. Only I can touch the Force.

Madeline Kahoshi, for lack of a better word, is my mother. My creator. It was her face that welcomed me to this existence. It was she who told me what I was, who I was, and what my purpose was to be. She was my only human contact for several months, while I was tested, poked, and prodded. I could feel the outside world, feel the majesty beyond the drab gray durasteel walls that served as my home, but for the longest time, I was unable to experience it, save through her. Neither she nor her superiors where aware just how much of my original's skills I possessed. Her joys, her frustrations, her delights... I was privy to them all, when her mind wasn't closed off. I lived through her, in those months.

I am an agent of the Empire, created to serve its interests, but it is with her that my first loyalty lies. It is to her that I owe my sanity.

I have vague memories a life on Naboo, centuries ago, before the Plague. They are sparse, flighty things, more dream than reality, but I remember them. Flashes of training with Jedi, of countless battles against Sith, of loosing myself to the dark... only to find myself again, walking a tight rope above an inferno of super-heated plasma. I remember love. I remember hate.

I was balance. I was a Knight. I was the Knight, a warrior to surpass all warriors. To fight was to live. To live was to love.

And then I died, only to be born anew, centuries later. I am not Cronos Aegir, ancient Jedi Knight of the Republic...

I am the Inquisitor.
I will do what I must for the glory of the Atrisian Empire... and for the pride of my creator.

Long live the Inquisition.




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