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Approved Lore Crimson Devas

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The Restless

Out of Character Information:

General Information:

  • Army Name: Crimson Devas
  • Classification: Mixed Droid and Organic Ground Army
  • Affiliation: Kyrel Ren, Crimson Hand, First Order
  • Army Symbol: The Red painted FO-2 Armor is the most distinct sign of the Crimson Devas, with the symbol of the Crimson Hand being recognizable on their armor.

  • Description: The Crimson Devas are the primary fighting force of the Crimson Hand. At Kyrel's beck and call he is mostly seen fighting amongst the frontlines with them. Made up of a mix of Men and Women, supported by Droid Units. Makes it a deadly fighting force to be reckoned with.

Social Information:
  • Headquarters: Mustafar, The Forge, Fortress Vader , Gahenn Droid Foundry
  • Goals: The Crimson Devas do not have many goals, besides being at the beck and call of Kyrel Ren. Fighting the enemies of both the Crimson Hand and the First Order respectively. Fighting in the most hostile of environments against all those that dare destroy what First Imperials have built.
  • Reputation: The Crimson Devas do not carry much of a reputation, being a newly trained army led by Kyrel Ren. They hope to inspire fear into the hearts of those that strike against the First Order

  • Army Size: Huge
  • Composition: The Crimson Devas, a legion mixed with that of Organic units, and Non-Organic alike. Follow the same rank structures of the First Order, in order to keep the fighting spirit of First Imperial forces intact. There are large units within the legion, and even specialized units, some used for Infiltration behind enemy lines, and some are highly trained Commando Units. Following the classic First Order structure of the Stormtrooper Corps

  • Kyrel Ren- Leader of the Crimson Devas
  • AX-0021- Private

Historical Information:

Following the collapse of the First Order in 856 ABY, Kyrel Ren one of the last of the Masters of Knights of Ren. Fled Dosuun with a fleet comprising of both Military and Civilian ships. Fleeing the wrath of the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium that had caused the destruction of a once great empire. They fled to the fringes of First Imperial space. Forming an uneasy alliance with the fleet Admiral. They had retreated back to the world of Mustafar, where Kyrel now an Imperial Warlord had established his own small empire. Forming the Crimson Hand. An extreme doctrine founded not on securing the Galaxy through Order alone, but through the total military subjugation, total warfare would be the key. Kyrel would not allow himself to lose to anyone, as he started to settle the world with what forces were left, using the vast resources of the planet to build his war machine. With the reemergence of his Assassin Droid HK-42. He was placed in charge of a newly constructed Droid Foundry. Using designs found from the remains of an old complex. Designs of CIS Droids dating back to the End of the Clone Wars by Separatist Gizor Delso. With the Men and Women who now pledged allegiance to Kyrel, wearing Crimson Armor to show the blood that had been sacrificed to the enemies that dare drive them back, it was a part of the new beginning.

With the Heavy Losses sustained, and to bolster ranks left by that of the SsI-Ruuk. Kyrel later commissioned an army made of elite female warriors to help in increasing the losses sustained. Made from the Cloners on Kamino, they had arrived to Mustafar to serve along with the Droids, and Stormtroopers of the Crimson Hand, becoming one of the most savage units to be. Be it from Mustafar or the very ends of the Unknown Regions. The Crimson Devas while Nascent, they quickly prove themselves as one of the most deadly weapons at Kyrel's Command.



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Kyrel Ren said:
Affiliation: Kyrel Ren, Crimson Hand, First Order

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