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  • Image Source: Battletech | With Edits by [member="Srina Talon"]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Workshop Name: Crimson Designs
  • Location: Aboard the Colossus-Class Carrier 'Exodus'
  • Specialty: Personal Weapons & Armour
  • Tier: I

Crimson Designs exists as the Research & Development sector of the Crimson Dragons mercenary outfit. Operating out of The Exodus, the command ship of the Crimson Dragons, the primary role of Crimson Designs is to develop and provide the outfit with weapons and armour for use in its operations.

Providing its services exclusively for the Crimson Dragons, the workshop is located securely within the mechanics bays of The Exodus, staffed primarily by those in the unit of a more technical prowess. As well as designing and providing new and unique weapons and armour for the use of the Dragons, Crimson Designs also takes on the major role of providing maintenance to the outfit and to The Exodus itself.

Though a cramped and relatively isolated affair, Crimson Designs has been funded and set up largely using funds siphoned from the collapsing Galactic Alliance, and retrieves the majority of its new supplies usually through salvage rights it secures from factions and organisations who hire the Crimson Dragons.


Initially, Crimson Designs was set up by Aryn Teth with the sole intention of serving as the maintenance arm of the Crimson Dragons mercenary outfit, considering the significant effort that was required to keep The Exodus functional. It was after a number of former-GADF engineers joined Crimson Designs and began creating their own weapons that it became the workshop it is today. Despite its more experimental and developmental leanings, it retains its basic intentions as well, serving primarily to keep the Crimson Dragons both equipped, and functional.