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There are always those unwritten muses and stories in everyone's head, right?

Those ones that you want to flesh into a full blown character, but there are so many reasons why you shouldn't. You have too many, they might not work as you think they will. Or maybe they're just a face that created a loose concept. Mundane to Jedi Masters, repeat faces or new fresh faces, post them here!

Post them here

Lara (Creative Last Name Goes here) - Investigative Reporter for Galactic News Network


That one kid

Jonathan Henderson, retired soldier, bartender, and questgiver extraordinaire.

Chiara Viren - Jedi Healer/Empath - Loses everything in her life that is of importance, yet manages to keep the fires of hope and kindness burning in her heart. Commits her entire life to the Jedi in effort of bringing about a brighter future for tomorrow. Changes the lives of those she touches.