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Covert Exfil From Nar Shadaa (PM to join)

I'd recently reviewed a request for extraction for a young woman on Nar Shadaa. While I knew her name was Serenity I didn't have much to go on other than that. So now I sat at the helm of The Morrigan with stealth drives engaged and the cloaking active breaking atmo in Nar Shadaa. She told me to meet her at the largest port on planet and while I wasn't going to argue about where I landed I had the feeling that there was more to this job than I'd been told... With the link to her message still open I typed out some quick instructions and gave her coordinates fro where to meet.

She may be wanting to meet at the largest port but I always made it a habit to park out of sight. So after landing in the port complex I gave her coordinates to meet in the lower docks by the smuggler's freighters and to look for someone wearing a black Mandalorian helmet with gold trim and a maroon visor. Pulling on my helmet I locked my sabers against the ribs of my armor and slid a silenced pistol, and my trusty DC-17m into place on the magnetic strip on my right thigh.

Opening the doors of my dropship I pulled my cream colored cloak on and walked outside the ship where I leaned against the door waiting for her to show up...

[member="Serenity Loveheart"]
Gotta run. That's all she kept saying into herself making the way through the slums of Nar Shaddaa, by now, everybody who's anybody in the city is out to get her for a presumably large bounty. Her sister was already off planet, her assistants abandoned her in a planned move to make getting here the least suspicious way of getting off the planet as possible. With no means of transport, she looked to the black market to hire a personal envoy, or at least someone to make sure she wouldn't be dead when it came to rendezvousing with Carina.

Panting, exhausted from running through the streets, she had finally made it. Coordinates? Typical. The woman didn't want to be seen with her, possibly she was even out to collect said bounty. Catching a glimpse of the ship that had been advertised, striding over she looked cautiously and spoke in a quiet tone.

"You're uh..."

"You know?"

But inside she felt something... strange, emanating from this woman. Being used to being around powerful Sith was one thing, but this was... almost entirely the opposite. It confused her, but more importantly intrigued her. Although she hadn't subscribed to the entire Sith ideology of 'All Jedi must die', hearing many tales of their cunning and backstabbing ways from a biased source made her nervous around them, although not being sure of this initially, this is what she asssumed.

Turning off the voice filter I said "Yes I'm your ride Serenity. Perhaps we should move aboard though as the reason I parked out here was to keep an eye on all possible approaches and you my dear have been followed." Putting myself between her and the area behind her I gently nudged her towards the cargo door. Then I got an alert from some probes I'd discreetly sent out too. Several small groups of heavily armed people were approaching quickly. Flicking a higher denomination credit chit to one of the smugglers nearby I said "Thanks for keeping my spot open Chronos." Getting a quick nod I moved up behind Serenity who still looked unsure on whether or not to trust me and brushed past her.

Sitting down at the helm I closed the loading bay doors and re-engaged the cloaking systems as I switched thrusters to the smaller ion drives. As much as I would've like to simply jet out of here I couldn't risk using the main drives as they'd show up on scanners. So I slowly took off and used ion thrusters to move us back off the docks. While I began easing up past the main skylines I looked at my new passenger taking the controls with one hand I removed my helmet and placed it on the console while turning to look at her.

My green eyes with the flecks of gold and flaming crimson looking her over. The crimson flecks had recently been able to be seen I'd stopped carrying the filter I kept up around the Jedi over my face. Darkness, light it was all just The Force. "So Serenity, who exactly are you on the run from? Also are there any outstanding bounties on your pretty little head I should know about? Not that I'd try for them mind you, I've already taken the job to get you wherever it is you're going. I just simply don't care to be ambushed in transit or have holes blown in either of my ships."

I switched back from simple thrusters to the main Ion sublight drives as we broke the tops of the skyline then with fingers dancing over the controls I engaged the stealth systems of the sublight drives. Grabbing the twin yokes I pushed the throttle gently forward while pulling back on the yokes angling us towards the upper atmosphere. Pushing the throttle forward yet a little more we began breaking atmo and heading into the vacuum of space...

[member="Serenity Loveheart"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Nar Shaddaa. A great place to get lost in the crowd, to vanish without a trace. Such was the reason that Milo Ren was there. He was evading the sights of some very powerful people, the type of people who wouldn't have second thoughts about killing anyone, even a Knight of Ren such as himself. Still, the Ren thought that the reaction was a little overzealous. He had just stolen an ancient artifact, dating back to the Galactic Civil War era. It was purely for the study and advancement of his knowledge of history, and now he was wanted dead. Was. Milo suspected that the last wave of attackers, an arrogant group of Duros, would be the last of his pursuers. They weren't a problem anymore. Thus, it was time to get off of this cesspit. Milo had enough of the stink and commanding muggers to soil themselves with the Force.

The Ren had stolen a ship, a hunk of garbage that looked like it could get the job done. Inside, however, that assumption rapidly faded. It didn't have a hyperdrive. And now Milo was flying about in a stolen cruiser, leaving behind a clan of very angry-looking Trandoshans who would no doubt track him across the moon one way or another. It was time to abandon ship. But how would he get off Nar Shaddaa?

There. A ship, just about to leave the atmosphere of the Smuggler's Moon, going slow enough that a bantha could catch up to it. Milo flew closer, observing her. Yes, it had a hanger. He could easily fit the bucket of bolts he was currently flying in there. Now, to call the pilot...

With a few switches, Ren sent a direct transmission to the ship via two-way comlink.

"Greetings. This is Milo Re- Milo Zett. I am currently in need of transportation off of the Moon. My ship's hyperdrive is, uh, busted. Do you think you can give me a lift? I can pay credits, up front."

There was no need to reveal that he was one of the Knights of Ren. No telling who was on the other side of that comlink. Still, anyone with common knowledge of the Order could make an educated guess. The black robes, the mask hiding snow-white hair, a chiseled jaw and eyes as green as a spring lake on Naboo. Milo looked more like a holovid-star or a model than a practitioner of the Force, and that had it's advantages, like being able to blend in when someone was particularly looking for a Sith-like figure. The lightsaber would also give away some information, but not the entire puzzle. Was he a Jedi, Sith, or just someone with a penchant for collecting abnormal weaponry?

The Ren started slowing down, matching the trash compactor with the speed of the vessel he had just hailed. Hopefully they let him on, and quick. There was a group of fighters rapidly approaching that didn't look at all friendly...

[member="Celiana"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"]
An incoming transmission came in and I played it over The Morrigan's PA system. Tapping the comms button on the control panel I said "Acknowledged Zett. I just broke atmo but based on my sensors you'll have company sooner rather than later. Can you break atmo and will your ship hold together for 10 minutes so that I can escort it to my hangars?" Taking the helm I jerked the control yokes back turning in an arc while engaging thrusters to position The Morrigan for a rapid re-entry down to the lower atmosphere of Nar Shadaa. Couldn't be easy could it? The fighters were closing and I jammed the throttle to full power sending Serenity and I rocketing back towards Nar Shadaa...

Tapping the control cluster by the throttle I engaged the combat settings and enabled the weapons systems. There was jerk and outside of the ship there was a boom as we re-entered atmo. Having engaged the targeting systems as well I picked two targets from the squad of fighters and fired at them. Flak cannons ripped through the wing of one as I sent The Morrigan into a spin and firing another burst of flak fire through the wing of another. Well subtlety was gone out the window now so I looked towards Serenity and said "Serenity best that you buckle up dear."

Tapping the comm system I said "Zett, that's two fighters down but the other two are going to be back soon. I can keep them off you but you have to break atmo and get that bucket aboard my ship. Look for The Valkyrie in orbit I'm transmitting codes now that'll recognize your ship as friendly and begin providing you cover fire on your way up." I still was cloaked but the fact was that I was in Nar Shadaa airspace and we needed to leave as soon as possible especially due to the Serenity's pursuers...

[member="Milo Ren"] - [member="Serenity Loveheart"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
"Understood. I'm on my way."

Weaving and ducking about as best as he could in the death trap he was stuck on, Milo felt the ship shudder and moan as it struggled to even escape the Moon's gravity. With a popping sound (not good) the ship finally broke Nar Shaddaa's atmosphere. The Ren breathed a sigh of relief. It was a miracle he wasn't careening back to the surface in multiple pieces, but the ship wouldn't be able to take the pressures of space for much longer. Already, several hull breaches were detected, and oxygen rapidly started to deplete. An alarm went off, then another, their whines and drones becoming muffled as the cockpit depressurized. Milo took a deep breath, calling upon a Force technique to sustain him as the last of the ship's air escaped into space.

The Force is my ally, and a powerful one it is...

Jerking the throttle forward, the Ren sped off to the Valkyrie, puttering along as the engines screamed for release. Then, they died. It was now just momentum carrying the vessel forward. He no longer had any control of the ship's movements, and judging by the trajectory, the trash compactor would miss the hangar. Calling upon the Force once more, Milo reached out, and using all his might, willed the vessel to move to right the course. Every nanofiber in his body screamed in agony, but he did it. It had only moved by a couple of feet, but that was all that was needed. It would now enter the hangar.

The ship went forward into the Valkyrie's bay violently. It barely made it, and there was now no way to make a safe landing, which suddenly dawned on the Ren.

This is going to be a rough landing, for sure!

Skipping across the bay's durasteel floor, the ship crashed into the hangar's walls, echoing with a massive thud that could no doubt be felt throughout the entire Valkyrie. Several containers and pieces of equipment were scattered in it's path. But he was alive. The hangar now had a huge dent in the wall and sparks flew about everywhere, but he was alive. Gasping for air, Milo ran a hand through his white hair and took a moment to compose himself. That was too close for comfort. But, all in all, it could've ended a lot worse.

Standing up from the pilot's seat, the Ren examined the wreckage around the interior of the shuttle he had stolen. Several hull breaches made it almost irreparable, the cost of fixing something of this magnitude far outweighing the value of the ship itself. Gathering his items, including a black case that was sealed up and secured tight, Milo jumped out of one of the breaches, not even bothering with the surely broken loading ramp. With a controlled landing, he jumped to the floor of the Valkyrie's hangar, ready to thank whoever saved him...

[member="Celiana"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"]
As the hunk of junk broke atmo the fighters returned and spinning back around in The Morrigan I simply launched twin ion charges to disable their engines. Flipping back around I Pushed the throttle forward and rocketed back towards The Valkyrie. Looking at the debris I scanned the hangar bays and saw that the wreckage was inside along with a life sign. Not knowing if he was wanting to keep the ship or not I settled for the landing bay in the next chamber down. Guiding us in I set The Morrigan down and initiated the docking clamps before speaking to the shipboard AI. "Ares, if you'd be so kind as to begin calculating a jump out of Hutt Space that would be wonderful. Also have the droids begin preparing two rooms for our guests with the female guest closer to my cabin and the recent arrival in the guest quarters near the lounge."

Standing up I grabbed my helmet and after clipping it to my belt I turned to look at Serenity. "Shall we go greet our other passenger? I'll need to meet with him anyways before we get you settled. Plus...I'm interested that you were trying to figure out where my allegiances lie I sensed that it was running through your head at least a bit before you boarded. But perhaps I was wrong, not long ago I was still a padawan so my judgement may be lacking a bit...

[member="Serenity Loveheart"] - [member="Milo Ren"]
"Somebody that you wouldn't be acquainted with. If I even mentioned it, I'm afraid that she might become aware of my position."

"And just to make you aware, every second we spend here increases both my and your risk of dying. I suggest we pick up your third guest faster than light, then get out of here at the same speed." Reaching to the belt buckle and strapping it in. As the flak cannons fired she began whispering. "If I die... honestly."

"If it's all the same to you, I'd rather us not stay here any longer than needed. Although you mentioned you were a padawan, I'm assuming that entails you are... ahem, a Jedi?" Beginning to follow the woman. "Well, I'd hate to be the barer of bad news, but I'm not subscribed to that Utopian ideology. Being around you, makes me... nervous. I'm sure we can set our differences aside for the sake of both of our survival, and I'm sure that you will agree with that. I know the Jedi are "Peacemakers" air quoting with her hands. "I'm still yet to see that."

Proceeding to make their way down to the hanger bay, the wreckage was a sight, although not on fire, the slightest incorrect bump would possibly cause a chain reaction, killing and destroying everything in the room. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, he too, was a force sensitive. Particularly not caring, but still being wary of the presence of [member="Celiana"], she began to make her way over to the downed ship.

"Are you alright?" In a plain, monotone voice.

[member="Milo Ren"]
Looking at her as we walked I said "Serenity, I'm probably the least Jedi like Jedi Knight you'll ever meet. And since you said her I'm going to venture a guess that this woman is a certain Miss Blonde? I used to be an assassin before I was ever a padawan and I can tell you that both Sith and Jedi alike have the idea wrong. It's not whether or not you use the Light or Dark side that matters it's all just The Force anyways. What matters is how one uses it. In terms of peacemakers...well one of the last big missions I was part of resulted in a Jedi Knight ordering the bombing of Korriban that's about as far from peace as you can get."

"What happened after, well another Master was sent to bring her back. He ended up turning to the darkness too... I used to kill people for a living probably the only reason I'm not homicidal or power hungry. I had enough of it then to realize a killer wasn't who I wanted to be forever. So I joined the Jedi looking for some peace..."

After finishing my rant I looked at the hangar....By The Force! She was right to ask if he was alright...Looking at him I gestured for him to come over towards where we were. By the Goddesses! Well at the very least I could use this hunk of junk to lay in some charges that wouldn't show up on scans if anyone were to search it to see where we'd run off to well...boom. I doubted he'd want to keep it but looking at it I realized there might be something of personal value to him inside.

Turning towards him I said "Milo Zett right? Well if it's all the same to you I'd like to plant a few charges in that junker and then space it because it looks like it's likely to explode in my main hangar. Also I'd like to leave a nice present for anyone that may have been looking for either you or this girl. That okay with you? If you've got anything of value to you or personal effects in the ship then I'd get them now. I can always arrange for you to get a transport at the next stop too if you need to."

[member="Serenity Loveheart"] - [member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo studied the two women standing in front of him. They were both Force sensitives, that much he could tell. Whether or not they were Jedi, Sith, or neither was a mystery to the Ren. But now wasn't the time to ask questions. That would come later. Now was the time to get off Nar Shaddaa.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you for asking. I'm Milo Re-uh, Zett. Thank you for taking me in."

The handsome man flashed a smile, showing strong white teeth.

"Everything that is of value to me is in this box." With that, the Ren held the black container out. His mask was in there along with the artifact, and his lightsaber was carefully hidden between the folds of his black robes.

"Go ahead and do whatever you want to that thing. It's useless now, anyways."

[member="Celiana"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"]
Folding her arms and looking at the man, she spoke once more.

"I hope I'm not paying for your ticket as well. The longer we stay here the more likely we are to die, more importantly, I am to die. Let's hurry things along please."

"What's in the box anyway?"

Outstretching her hands in an attempt to snatch it off of the man. It was very clear, he too was entangled in the force, in a test, not so much as an attack but a test of will, she took out her left hand as well, and began to dig into his mental state. In all honesty, he wouldn't need to resist it so much, more so it was a suggestion for him to do so.

"You should hand over the box." He would feel as though he had an obligation to do it, but whether he fulfilled it was up to him. It wasn't a strong attempt, but a noticeable one to catch his attention and draw him into the conversation, some small talk is what she really needed right now in order to diffuse the whole situation of being-wanted-by-a-l0t-of-people-for-a-lot-of-money. Then turning to her Jedi friend,

"You never did tell me how much this was going to cost, in full."

[member="Milo Ren"] I [member="Celiana"]
After getting consent to blow the scrap out the hangar airlock I walked over towards the wall of the hangar and after placing my palm flat against the wall I unlocked a gear case in the wall. Grabbing a variety of charges I rigged them so that any tampering, including trying to disarm them would set them off. After priming the frag, ion, and pulse charges and setting them in concealed locations on the ship i engaged the mini-thrusters aboard them. Getting back up I walked back over and re-sealed the gear box before heading back to re-join Serenity and Milo.

Once I had made my way back over to them I engaged the atmosheric shields and opened the hangar bay venting every part of the junker into space in a blink. After it was gone I resealed the hangar bay, restored the atmoshpere, and finally dropped the shield. Turning to Miles I said "Your welcome for the ride Miles. Though how you even managed to break atmo is a mystery to me. Let alone crashing it aboard and walking away in one piece...You must be a special kind of lucky huh? In any case now that you're aboard I can actually tell you're Force-sensitive at the very least. As long as you don't pull weapons against me in a threatening way or try to taek my ships, or try collecting the bounty she apparently has on her we'll be fine."

I saw the attempt from Serenity to sway him to hand over the box with The Force no less. "Serenity! No attempts at that on my ship what's in the box is his business not ours. As for getting out of here... Ares is the jump out of Hutt Space plotted?" A voice came over the ship's PA system saying "yes mistress, I'm initiating the jump in five seconds." Looking towards Serenity then back at Milo I said "My apologies Mr. Zett, that won't be happening again." I cut my eyes back towards the girl giving her a warning look before continuing "If you're both wanting to grab a proper meal before getting moved into your quarters then we'll get started with that once we make the jump. We'll also discuss payment for this ride then as well as why you were both being pursed and why exactly that was." There was a short jerk in the ship signalling we just had made the jump to hyperspace and I looked towards Milo with a smile and said "Mr. Zett, if you are of the Force wielding persuasion then perhaps after dinner you'd like to join me for a sparring session?"

[member="Milo Ren"] - [member="Serenity Loveheart"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo's bright green eyes squinted at the intrusion into his mind. He was trained, both by his tutor back when he was a slave in Tatooine and by the Knights of Ren to resist mental commands. The woman's technique was sloppy as well. Willing someone to hand over an item that obviously had a lot of meaning to the individual was a feat that only those strong in the Force and well-trained could accomplish. It was even harder to accomplish on someone who was capable of withstanding such commands, as suggestive as they were.

"You can stop digging into my mind, if you please. You won't get anywhere. If you'd like, you can actually ask questions, which is much more preferable than your crude attempt at persuading me."

The Ren's gaze shifted over from Serenity to Celiana, who he gave a kinder look to.

"It's all right, my dear. Perhaps some instruction on how to properlly will one to do a task is at hand. Food sounds marvelous, by the way. And yes, a sparring session would be interesting, to say the least. You'll probably beat me, though. I always prided myself as a better Force practioner than skilled with a blade, or lightsaber."

Milo was nothing short of charming, unexpected of one who came from an order where aggression and passion was rampant. Although the seen did contain such qualities, he knew when to use them, and a commonplace setting, such as being rescued, was not the time nor place.

[member="Celiana"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"]
"Geez, sorry mom. Anyway, look, you're both talking properly now; even if it took some controversial means to get there. So, are you going to tell me what's in the box? I am metaphorically dying to know your secrets. I can tell you some of mine, if that suits." Taking a step closer to Milo, while flipping her hair back with her left hand. "What side are you on again? Me and my business partner?" Looking back to [member="Celiana"] smiling before turning back "Were just having a discussion before you made your grand entrance."

"Besides, if I really was trying to dig into your mind, I would've tried a bit." Giggling to herself in a childish tone. "Anyway, what's for dinner, I'm absolutely starving. I must've run about.." pausing and then holding out her fingers, opening them and closing them at random. "Like a lot today, more than I usually do."

"Oh and I guess I'm sorry for trying to hurt you, mentally, but given the circumstances you seemed like you fended it off pretty well."

[member="Milo Ren"] I [member="Celiana"]
[member="Celiana"], [member="Serenity Loveheart"], [member="Milo Ren"],

Moving casually through the crowded mall, shouldering the duffel bag that carried all his gear. This was a relatively short coming bounty, he was just surprised to find out how big of a problem The Syndicate had with Sith. Actually kind of scary considering he was pretty close to becoming one. Would she have ordered his death too?

Now free of onlookers, he took off at a fast jog, tossing his cloak away from him as he opened his bag, multiple parts that made up his long range rifle floating around him. Snapping pieces together he checked his wrist, the screen showing him exactly where and how to get to the last traced signal for the girl was. Intel suggested she was in a ship, currently en-route to the exact planet he waited on; Concord Dawn. Masking his Force signature he slid under a few pipes, rising to come to a stop at a clearing, the vast majority of hangers now in sight. Propping up the bipod, he reduced the max range, giving him a wide overview as he waited.
Well at least they hadn't tried to toss one another out the airlock...Turning towards them I said "Mr. Zett I believe after dinner I can accomodate you with either hand to hand, bladed, or saber combat. Also hopefully both of you enjoy fried chicken because that's what's for dinner." With the jump underway and our scheduled stop at Concord Dawn before making the last jump to Malachor we had a bit of time to relax. Plus the fact was that even if Milo was a Sith he was probably the most polite Sith I'd ever dealt with. Serenity I still wasn't sure why she was being hunted but I figured we were safe in Hyperspace at least... Turning back towards them I said "Follow me please and we'll get your stuff squared in rooms and then dinner." With that I began walking down the hall...

[member="Serenity Loveheart"] - [member="Milo Ren"] - [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo followed his host graciously down the various corridors of the ship. Well, this had certainly gone better than expected. Most people would've looked at the Ren and either tossed him out into space or politely yet firmly told him to go kark himself. Odd. Was there a hidden agenda at hand here? Or was it just benevolence that guided the woman in front of him?

"Once again, I'm very grateful for you allowing me aboard your vessel."

[member="Celiana"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
She followed them to a point, until a boredom overcame her.

"I'm vegetarian. Any chance you've got, I don't know, chips?"

Stretching out her arms and looking down to her nails, which were looking rather worn, but understandable given the current situation.

[member="Milo Ren"] I [member="Celiana"] I [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
Milo was on edge a bit. As if he were expecting me to space him at any moment why he was leery of me I could understand. He had no knowledge of who I was nor of my temperament. Serenity was more anxious than anything...eager to be on Malachor of all places too. I wondered what it was that she'd done to irritate Miss Blonde to the point of placing a bounty on her. Then again, Miss Blonde wasn't nearly as forgiving as James was.

Reaching the main lounge area I gestured for both Milo and Serenity to be seated. Calling for one of the droids to begin preparing dinner I took a seat as well and simply used The Force to levitate a pot of tea along with three glasses and sugar over to the table. Pouring myself a cup of Jasmine peach tea I gestured for them to pour themselves a glass. Looking towards Serenity then at Milo I said "Serenity, first of all I said I'd take you to your destination though wherever that is I'm unsure of. What I'm more concerned about however is why you had thugs chasing you when I came to pick you up and why exactly you have a bounty on you from Miss Blonde. Be clear with me and I promise you both the same."

Taking a sip of my tea before setting the cup down I continued "While we're in Hyperspace you should be safe in any case but now I should inform you both that I'm scheduled to make a stop on Concord Dawn in order to have the plating restored on the ship and have docking clearances updated. I picked this ship up and it is still new to me but I need to update everything, also while we're there you'll have the choice to book passage with another ship if you so choose. Your fees will only include up to wherever you wish to be dropped, with that though I'd say that you also have the option to remain aboard to wherever your final destination is."

"With this in mind, you pull weapons on me or another passenger and you'll be dropped into unconsciousness by the droids about they're all equipped to stop Force users as well. So long as that's not an issue I have no problems taking y'all wherever it is you want to be dropped with the other exception. If either of you are transporting illegal weapons tech, weapons, drugs, Force artifacts of either Light or Dark side,or data files concerning such things you should inform me now that way if I'm stopped by anyone I won't have my ships taken and I can hide such things for you aboard."

Just then one of the droids finished reheating the food and after my having requested a special dish for Serenity with egg drop soup and vegetarian eggrolls it had faithfully prepared them. Trundling over it set plates of food and silverware for us and said "Enjoy your meals."
I had a nagging sensation that something lurked out of sight and waited for us on Concord Dawn but I wasn't sure what....

[member="Milo Ren"] - [member="Serenity Loveheart"] - [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
In a very serious tone, she replied. "I've got a bounty on my head because my Master is Blonde's boyfriend, they're having a kid, and apparently she has an issue with me being his. She's too jealous. Couldn't stand to see me succeed, a lot of people don't like to see my succeed. It's unfortunate, but true." While taking a cup of the tea, she didn't drink it, seeming kind of solemn.

"Well... I have a good personality, if that's illegal." Giggling to herself while looking down to the vegetarian food prepared for her. "Pretty good food. Better than what I usually get" Although in saying that, she wasn't quite sure, what did she usually get? Nothing like this. Organized meals weren't a luxury she could afford. Greedily, she scooped up the food and started eating it at a normal pace. Surprisingly, she had quite good table manners, not spilling anything, using her knife, fork and spoon as appropriate. When she was finished, she was almost immediately asking for more."Got any desserts?" After wiping her mouth of the remains.

"And also... may I ask you a more serious question? Where did you get this awesome ship! I've always wanted one, well, not this one, but I've always wanted a ship, like a proper one, to fly around on and do... stuff." Making gestures with her hands like flying planes.

[member="Celiana"] I [member="Milo Ren"] I [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]

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