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Could need some friends

Making use of the new rules I made this character a knight and skipped the whole training part for now. But without the master apprentice thing and the quest to grow in the force I feel a little lost on what to do with Evoza.

Because of this I am looking for a few people that can become friends with her (or at least social contacts outside of being a cooperate hitman lol), at best a group of multiple people with which she can go on adventures and explore space or utterly destroy a nightclub on zeltros or whatever. More less just people that could get along with her and aren't opposed to doing more than a single thread if things work out.

Anyone up to it?

As long as it involves murder, mayhem, and wanton destruction I may be interested. Soryn is not exactly a people person so I can't promise warm and fuzzies between them but...................
[member="Benjamin Atlas"] Yeah do it.

[member="Dal Talonok"] Well we can also do a thread, former rival sounds intersting

[member="Alkor Centaris"] Yes

[member="Enyo Typhos"] Yes

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